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  1. https://www.facebook.com/outcastprops/ Good company and good quality products!
  2. I’m looking someone who have this armor. I will have some questions regarding armor and leather vest, because I’m thinking to make Starkiller Inquisitor for TDE.
  3. Any file recommendation for this helmet?
  4. thanks for reply. already found old topic about it. so lets wait and see what High Republic will bring us...
  5. Is there any Dark Jedi or regular sith costume? Something like RL have, no named Jedi. I was thinking to make Zabrak costume, but not Darth Maul, more simple. Unfortunately I can't find any information about that.
  6. Pachstore just released new Revan’s saber with neopixel for around 300$. I heard good reviews of this stick. It’s not same as Vader’s Vault, but half of the price.
  7. It looks thanks to TROS Revan is Canon. if it’s true, than we might get some more information about Disney’s Revan in the future. But it doesn’t mean it will be same Revan from KOTOR...
  8. Requesting detachment access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=25187&costumeID=2
  9. I think it should work. Good for SWGoH Dark Bastila reference picture for new CRL!
  10. Thanks for picture! After trooping, Do you feel it needs to be attached to armor part? Will it work to have it separate, as a belt under the armor? Movement should be easier, but I’m not sure
  11. Can you show us picture of bridge only? I'm wondering where you putted Velcro, all way around or just in few spots?
  12. Great news! It is always fun to troop and help others! You are strong with a Dark Side!
  13. I'm not a sith yet, but already started some lightsabre training. I was checking some YouTube channels about saff/saber manipulations (Michelle Christa Smith), Kung Fu movements (Sifu Kuttel) and some others to get some basic knowledge about movements and technique. At the moment I have only one lightsabre, but as a Revam in the future, I want to play with two, so I made training sticks from PVC pipe, each 1m long. I just started and don't have much time to practice, but it gives me so much fun. It is also good physical activity (but remember, before you start, you have to worm up!).
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