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  1. rostwortrooper

    Leather armor for Revan

    I was trying to contact you through your Legion email.
  2. rostwortrooper

    Darth Revan Lightsaber

    Maverick V2 from Wonder Force is acceptable for Revan?
  3. rostwortrooper

    Leather armor for Revan

    Quick question, do you know anyone who is making Revan's leather armor, which can be approved? I heard someone from German Garrison. I like this Propcorn/Outcast costume, but it can't be approved. Any ideas or recommendation?:)
  4. rostwortrooper

    Raven's Revan

    It means that for 501st Revan we can use only "savoir" version, but not "butcher" form Ultrasabers?
  5. rostwortrooper

    Revan from PropCorn/Outcast Props

    Hello everyone! Before I decide if I will go for new costume, I would like to get some information from you. I found Leather Armor on Etsy, which looks great and I like idea not to have hard armor parts. But checking with the CRL it looks tha it needs some modifications. I thin it is the same as Few things which I noticed: - can leather armor be approved - Armor bridge doesn't match CRL, I think it should be more like TD neck seal - Hood is not going under chest armor - Hood fabric is too thin - not sure about the mask but these are just small things. I would like to know something regarding armor. If it can be approved, needs small modification, or doesn't worth it... Soft parts are much easier to arrange and get from different source. I will be grateful for your help #rostwortrooper
  6. rostwortrooper

    501st/SLD and/or TFE Detachment Access Requests

    Requesting for 501st access
  7. rostwortrooper

    Introductions and Pending Forum Member Approval

    Greetings from Jakku! I'm Rostwortrooper TD90006 of UAE Outpost Jakku Patrol Sandtrooper and Red Rain Chapter in UAE. And you can also call me Pawel. Polish boy living in Dubai,