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    Brent Libby
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    Starwars, starwars legion, 3D printing, painting minis, creating armor from starwars.
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    Garrison Titan

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  1. 98% done with my split skirt just got some prettying up to do:)
  2. Dude my jaw is dropped absolutely beautiful! You did a fantastic job on it congratulations:)
  3. I’m going with the second picture that’s the one that I got approval to go ahead and print. Also I just am gonna use the picture as a visual image/ reference I know how to sew and I have all the tools I need the last piece is to just see someone else’s work then I’ll be good to go
  4. Do you have a picture I can see? I’m very visual when I come to learning things. (Also sorry I’m getting back to you so late literally just got the notification that I was messaged back)
  5. How do I separate the panels? Do you possibly have a picture I can see for a reference? I’m a very visual learner.
  6. How do you add the split? Also that sucks you didn’t have enough I truly hope everything works out in your favor:)
  7. When you made your split skirt did you make it so it wraps all the way around you or did you make it so your thigh and leg is visible?
  8. Ok thanks:) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Is the helmet 501st approvable?
  10. Are there any good stl files for Darth Revans helmet I want a file that looks just like his helmet from KOTOR so I can get 501st approval on my costume. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I’m making a Darth Revan costume and I wanted to 3D print my chest plate and vambraces also I’m new to this app so sorry if I’m not going to the right place to ask for help:) but anyway anyone know a good place to find stl files for some darth revan armor? Let me know thanks!:)
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