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  1. what a pity!!Some colleagues recommended that I carry a saber in my hand and another strapped if approved by the 501st. Thank you 😉
  2. Hi. Do you know of any site that talks about 501st approved holsters for Darth Revan?
  3. Good afternoon: I wanted to know if it would be possible to make the leather strips that go on the armor in a simple way since I don't have spare parts and they have come off more than once. I’m pasting them with E6000 but I’m afraid that one day they will be lost.
  4. I would like to buy spare parts from Rob for the straps that go to the rim and the ones that go on the sides because although I’m sticking them on with the E6000, if one day they fall off, I have no spare parts and I can't go back to events with the 501st
  5. Have you had any problems with the straps? I had a strap come loose when I put the suit on the first few times and I had to glue it. If one day at an event a strap comes off and falls off I wouldn’t be able to wear the suit
  6. I'm trying to contact Rob to see if he has replacements for the leather straps that are attached to the rim and sides. Is there any way to get them? I don't know how to do them.
  7. I have managed to lower the armor so that the seam of the jersey can be seen but at the moment I haven’t managed to make it straight and rigid as in the game
  8. So can I take two sabers with the same hilt and have them approved? I was thinking that the two sabers had to look something like the sabers that appear in the CRL. If this is so. Do you know if you can consult the person who approves you? Or his only function will be to approve the saber
  9. Hello. I fit you very well. I have learned to stretch the soft gray part to make it look better by first putting the velcros on the bottom of the armor and then with a little patience stretching while I put the velcros on the upper part of the armor. I want to take advantage of the thread to ask about the sabers. I have approved the same saber as Chainberer but the other saber either doesn’t exist or is very difficult to find. I don't know how to use a 3d printer, if I order it from someone I don't know if they approve it. What do you recommend?
  10. Hi: today, they have been helping me with the armor and the ribbon that I round in white I don´t know if it can go to that height because if I put it higher it touches the piece behind.
  11. Could you please tell me how to put on the hood? If you want I can put photos so you know how it is
  12. Ok. I'm going to practice a little tomorrow because I got back from vacation today. I'm a little scared when putting on the velcros because it's my first time and I don't have anyone around to help me. If I made a mistake, what velcro would I have to buy? How could I learn to adjust the hood?
  13. Ok. Can you tell me in what order could I put on the suit?
  14. When you say to ask for help to put on the suit, do you mean someone who knows the suit or who helps me, for example, my parents?
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