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  1. Squall Lionhart

    Revan update

    Good Lord it's been a while since I've been on the Forums (Got my masters in the meantime) But now I can finally do a long overdue update of my Revan armor. Going by Hobby Lobby to get leather straps for the rings
  2. Squall Lionhart

    Names Called While Trooping

    Kylo Ren is the name I am called the most in my Revan costume. Yesterday was my first time being called Darth Vader, and one guy asked me "How are those daddy issues Kylo?" until I turned around and he quickly backtracked to Revan
  3. Squall Lionhart

    Revan Updates and Improvements

    I have the same lightsaber, but with a silver activation switch. Now I just need to wait on the purple version. So worth the purchase
  4. Squall Lionhart

    Revan Updates and Improvements

    I am really needing to update my armor and I thank you so much for your photos. Did you attach the leather for the rings with glue or another type of adhesive?
  5. Squall Lionhart

    Dark Side Bastila

    Just a thought for this, but my girlfriend was recently approved in the Rebel Legion as Bastila and I was wondering if it would be possible to have Bastila be a 501st acceptable costume. The robe she would need would obviously be a Dark Jedi robe from Kotor 1 unless we could use her regular robe and do a darker recolor. I think it'd be interesting since Mortis Ahsoka has just recently been approved.
  6. Squall Lionhart

    KOTOR Sith Officer

    I'll install the mod and begin taking the pictures. How many would be needed?
  7. Squall Lionhart

    KOTOR Sith Officer

    I believe these are the ones.
  8. Squall Lionhart

    Is this a good vender??

    I was recently accepted with this one, with a few modifications. Some GMLs will generally accept you with this pending those modifications. He's updated his armor to include rings on the chest armor for better accuracy and a new mask.
  9. Squall Lionhart

    Darth Revan WIP

    I need to make some modifications to mine, like the piece of red fabric around the bottom of the armor. Always happy to help in anyway I can
  10. Squall Lionhart

    Darth Revan Lightsaber

    I'd say that one would be more for Luke. The lightsaber you're looking for would be something like this.
  11. Squall Lionhart

    Darth Revan lightsaber

    I'm wondering the Rev-N from Vader's Vault would meet approval, since I've taken a liking to the look and the blade plugs they offer. Here is the link: http://store.vadersvault.com/rev-n-elite/
  12. Squall Lionhart

    Darth Revan: KOTOR

    I take it the back armor is now no longer an optional accessory?
  13. Squall Lionhart

    Newly Approved Members Post Here!!!

    Greetings from the Central Texas Squad of the Star Garrison, SL-96995 here and joined on November 5th. Had a lot of fun at a Halloween costume contest at work where I got called... Kylo Ren
  14. Squall Lionhart

    Darth Revan Upgrade WIP

    I'm eager to see this V2, wondering if it will include the red strip at the end of the armor. Would the hood be attached through the leather pieces again or would it clip onto the armor?
  15. Squall Lionhart

    501st/SLD and/or TFE Detachment Access Requests

    Here is a link for my profile and my Darth Revan costume. Requesting Detachment access and I'm assuming 501st and Sith Lord access as well. First time doing this so if anythings out if place I apologize. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=26141&costumeID=105 TKID is 96995 XO Edit: Done.