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  1. Yea I noticed the different when I looked closer... I do love me some Nihilus... so worth bearing in mind. Thankyou
  2. I understand Lak will be an underworld costume, but with the GML's go ahead I am seeking any and all advice for the build... I am hoping to base the build off the movie and so far I managed to find a shot that shows Lak's lower half. Now sure if this is enough to go but I am hoping and if anyone has full body shots that would be awesome. To begin he appears to be were black gloves, simple brown pants, we see what appears to be a knee... Looks like a monks cloth style poncho, and a white shirt. Going to need a bigger shot to get an idea of his lower body. Failing that all we have is the action
  3. now to wait on mask and belt.... ; /
  4. I just mean it's goOd to know this mask will work for KOTOR Nihilus. I may go whole hog and build two Nihilus.
  5. Nice, debating building both versions of Nihilus.
  6. Would a KOTOR Sith Officer be considered EU or would the just fall under the IOC?
  7. Does this mask look appropriate for a KOTOR Nihilus?
  8. Mask ans gloves will be soon... just waiting on the belt and I will be set for submission.,
  9. This is my first Nihilus built using the same fabric. Natural lighting is always better,
  10. Gabradine isn't shiny... The light in the room may be to blame... as you said. We haven't been able to get pics with natural light, by the time the wife gets home it's too dark for outdoor photo. ; / Mask should be shipping next week, dunno about the gloves or belt though... so may be in for a wait.
  11. How would Wampa wear gloves be for Nihilus?
  12. Tags

    Nihilus Art

    Will have to update it with my new build when I have the pics, but I'm happy with the work.
  13. I have read the CRL, this is actually my second Nihilus build... I had one a few years ago but took a break. Just Gabradine for most of it, I forget what we used for the sleeves.
  14. Sounds easy enough to remove the dot just have to take it slow and easy...