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  1. kracker98

    Visas Marr WIP

    Welcome to the forums, and good luck on your costume. I personally don't know of any vendors for Visas Marr, but I know there are others on here that will. At first glance that costume doesn't look too bad, however there are a couple of things I noticed. The sleeves on the costume don't look long enough, or have a large enough opening for draping. The veil also looks a little off, like it conforms to the person face too much, but that might just be the way the person was wearing it. Just a few of my observations, but I'm sure our Visas experts can go into more depth.
  2. kracker98

    Darth Nihilus: COTF Update

    I'm not sure why this changed for the COTF version of Nihilus, but I would like to propose we change it back to the original. Blackout Mask Sculpted black mask with visible mouth details. The costumer’s eyes are blacked out, and must be hidden with the fabric or mesh fabric behind the eyes of the mask. Face Covering The costumer's face is blacked out behind the white mask. This may be accomplished with a sculpted black mask or a tight-fitting fabric blackout mask. The eyes are hidden with black fabric behind the eyes of the mask or the fabric of a blackout hood.
  3. kracker98

    Darth Nihilus WIP - So Cal

    Nice job on the saber, I look forward to seeing your progress on the rest of the costume. I do have to say that looking at you mask it doesn't really match the CRL. It should be white in color, and not weathered. Also it could maybe be a little more skull like than it currently is, but that will probably be a GML decision.
  4. kracker98

    Darth Maladi - Almost Finished

    Congrats on your approval!
  5. kracker98

    New Nihilus needing some feedback before submitting

    Not trying to discourage you in any way, and ultimately it is up to your local GML as to whether or not they will approve it. Work with them and they will let you know if they will approve it.
  6. kracker98

    Traitor Barriss Offee build up

    Welcome to the forums, and good luck with the build!
  7. kracker98

    New Nihilus needing some feedback before submitting

    You should probably show off that there are two tunics for approval, and if you can make it appear that way all the time it would be better. Not sure if you can make it work so at least it appears that there is only one cape but you should definitely do that. It really shouldn't be approved if it looks like there are two. I technically have two capes as well, but you wouldn't be able to tell unless you look very close. Unfortunately the mask that comes with the Wicked Armor set really isn't the correct mask for the COTF version of Nihilus.
  8. kracker98

    New Nihilus needing some feedback before submitting

    First of all welcome to the forums! Here are some observations I have of the costume that I think you could improve. 1. Looking at the cape from behind it almost looks like there are two capes all together. This could just be the way the cape is draping, but it should just be one cape. 2. I'm not sure if you have 2 tunics or not, but it should look as though you do. 3. I know you said the positioning of the knot is wrong and you'll be adjusting it, but it also looks too small. The knot should also not really look like a traditional knot, it should be one smooth piece and not really look like a true knot. 4. The boots and gloves look good, but could use some weathering. The gloves especially look a little shiny. 5. Finally the mask itself really is more of a KOTOR II version, not the COTF version. All in all these are things that can be pretty easily adjusted, and if you need any more help please feel free to ask.
  9. Congrats on your approval!
  10. kracker98

    Ready made nihilus...

    I can understand that, and don't worry you didn't offend me. Like I said I do know of other people that have gotten approved with the Wicked Armor Nihilus before. The biggest difference is the mask. Try talking to you local GML and see what they have to say about it too.
  11. kracker98

    Ready made nihilus...

    In my opinion the Wicked Armor is not a good costume for approval. That being said, I know that many other people have gotten approved with that costume. I personally made my costume from scratch, with the exception of the mask and crown piece. I think I spent only a small amount more than the Wicked Armor one is.
  12. kracker98

    Revan WIP TK62000

    Congrats on your approval! There's definitely a lot that you learn at your first troop.
  13. kracker98

    Ready made nihilus...

    I can tell you for sure that the mask is not correct for the COTF version of Nihilus. The way the knot and cape fit are not correct and would need a little adjustment. The belt is not correct either, and last I saw the skirts aren't completely correct.
  14. kracker98

    Darth Nihilus KOTOR fabric

    From what I can tell that one definitely looks better.