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  1. I don't know if there is or not, I did not 3D print my mask. I know there are others who have, but I believe they made the file themselves.
  2. That style is definitely too flat to be the COTF version of the Nihilus mask. That one is the KOTOR II version.
  3. This is awesome! I can't wait to see the progress on this.
  4. They are just a standard gauntlet style glove. As long as they don't have any stitching on the back of the hand they should be good. I'm pretty sure I just got mine off of ebay.
  5. I personally used raw black silk for pretty much everything. The sleeves I made out of a black cloth I found at the local fabric store.
  6. There have been no changes to the CRL for the COTF Nihilus recently. As for the rest of the costume it has been a while since I've seen the WA version of the costume, so I can't say for sure what would need to be changed. I know there has been changes to it recently that has made it better for approval.
  7. I'm not able to say for sure if it's approvable as is. The pictures don't show enough to make a for sure determination.
  8. Those gloves look good to me for approval. The boots need to be leather. They can have a zipper on them, just as long as it's not visible.
  9. At first glance it looks like it would be approvable, but it's hard to make out all of the details. I would say that the mask looks good for this version of the costume.
  10. Hello again Gemma, glad to see you two making progress on your DN build. The majority of the boots won't be see anyway so I would say the height of them isn't a problem.
  11. Welcome to the forums, I look forward to seeing your progress. When I made my Nihilus I purchased 20 yards of fabric all together. I never ended up using all of it and had quite a bit left over. For reference I'm 6'3" tall and not skinny lol. For the saber I wouldn't worry about it for your approval since it is not required. I personally use a Bellicose from Ultrasaber for mine because I feel it has a very KOTOR look to it.
  12. I personally use a red day blade I got from Vader's Vault on all my troops. You don't have to worry about having to light up the saber, and it usually looks better if you are trooping outside in the sunlight.
  13. If you're not wanting to make the boots yourself you can look into Crowprops, they are a bit pricey but are great quality. For the lightsaber I've only ever hear horror stories about ordering from Saberforge. I know that Vader's Vault makes a great Revan saber, but again can be a bit pricey.
  14. I'll have to think if I know of anyone locally. Meanwhile you should start a WIP thread in the Visas Marr section, I'm sure there are others that have done the costume that can help you out.
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