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  1. Looks great! Good luck with your approval.
  2. kracker98

    Hello from Australia

    This is the mask that I use. In my opinion it's the best mask for the COTF version of Nihilus.
  3. kracker98

    Hello from Australia

    Welcome to the Flagship! I have not personally purchased the WA version of Nihilus, but I can tell you that the costume is not approvable as is. You'll have to make some adjustments before you submit it.
  4. Looks awesome, great work!
  5. kracker98

    Darth Nihilus KOTOR fabric

    If it does have a little shine to it then I would not recommend it. The cloth for Nihilus should be a matte color.
  6. kracker98

    Darth Nihilus KOTOR fabric

    Not sure if it's the lighting or not, but it almost looks like it has kind of a shiny look to it.
  7. kracker98

    Feedback on my Nihilus COTF project

    No problem. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask
  8. kracker98

    Feedback on my Nihilus COTF project

    This is the front side of the knot on my costume. and this is the backside. You can see how i sewed the piece of fabric that went around the sewed together ends. I also used a straight piece of fabric for the cape, no special cut out.
  9. kracker98

    Feedback on my Nihilus COTF project

    Unfortunately I can't get the link you shared to work. For the knot what I did was sew the ends of the fabric from the cape together. Then I wrapped another piece of fabric around those ends so you can't tell the are sewed. It shouldn't look like an actual tied together knot with loose ends.
  10. Looks great. I've always loved that costume.
  11. kracker98

    COTF Nihilus CRL wording question

    I agree that the wording can be misleading. We could definitely look into that to make sure it's more clear in the future. I personally have my cape and skirt just barely touching the ground.
  12. kracker98

    Flagship recognize the dark empire?

    From personal experience in MN we have a local costuming club that is not attached to the 501st at all. We have always invited them along on troops, unless it is a LFL exclusive one.
  13. kracker98

    Feedback on my Nihilus COTF project

    First off welcome to the Flagship! Speaking as a fellow Darth Nihilus I can understand the troubles getting the hood and cape to look right. From the pics you linked front of the hood looks pretty good. The knot in the front should be a little better defined, with no lose edges. It shouldn't look tied together. Also the cape should drape over the shoulders, not in front of them at all. For the pic you took of the back it looks like you have 2 separate capes, which is not right. It also looks like there's a seem down the back which shouldn't be there as well. I used Scott's tutorial as well and it worked great. I have the majority of my cape around my shoulders connecting with the knot, and the single piece of fabric trailing off my hood that's also connecting with the knot. Hopefully I have helped you out with your questions. If not please feel free to post again and I will do my best to help.
  14. kracker98

    KOTOR Nihilus mask

    The CRL should always be the first place you look, if you still have trouble then ask questions in the detachment. That's what the costume mentors are here for