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  1. Generic Sith?

    One could also look at several Sith NPC's (*creeeeeeeeaaak opens Pandora's box ) in Star Wars The Old Republic. Take several in game screen shots, go from there. This comes from a coder/ graphic artist that has worked on every Star Wars game since KOTOR and Galaxies (no...you can't blame me....Sony took over and killed it). If you go for thr NPC's, then they can't get you on the "specialized/changed/modified" thing and there are several in SWTOR. Look at each trainer even. I'd go for it. If you have the reference and it's a named NPC and it's a look you like. I know I personally could live vicariously through a few of them.
  2. New to The Legion Detachment Assignment

    I was just considering her today, seeing that someone is 3D rendering her hard parts. I have a friend making her and I feel either here or SLD.
  3. Mandalore The Ultimate

    Beautiful work!,,, I have a mask myself ( sculpted then cart...actually 3) and haven't figured who of the e I want to make. You are inspiring!!!!!!
  4. Both shoulders. The snake shoulder rolls up and over the other shoulder when she raises her arm
  5. Soft parts complete (not wearing arm wraps however in This photo)
  6. Still need to fix the paint and dirty up the yellow. The dark looks darker it's really a dark grey not black. Just bad lighting I'll gat some outside tomorrow
  7. Trimming. Tab bards will go over. Just getting length
  8. The smoky grey body suit with the black short suit on top with high collar. Embroidery being done today.
  9. Had some fittings yesterday and more work on the helmet. Should be done by Tuesday
  10. This next one we lightened so don't worry about color. Clone Wars is sometimes so dark i t is hard to see detail so it's lightened just so we could see detail better