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  1. Hello! Requesting Detachment Access - Approved Sinya. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=29836
  2. I wanted to give an update on this and show my progress I'm almost done I just need bracers - so I guess my question is where did you get your bracers from and does anyone know where I could purchase some from? Thank you!
  3. I am back to working on this I cant wait to show pictures
  4. So my sister would like to start working on the Naa'leth build but as there is no CRL to work with I am wanting to see who we can work with this on it to ensure it goes in the right direction for approval. Thanks for all the help! Here is the pic we were going to use:
  5. Actually they really did work on some for about an hour and then we had a great time. I enjoyed getting to know them.
  6. Going to my first armor party - though its mainly just to socialize I wont really get to do a lot of this outfit until Summer!
  7. Thank you! That is helpful!
  8. Tiana: what did you use for your material for the lekku?
  9. My ((twin)) sister has also decided to start doing this with me ((along with a friend of ours!!) but right now its not letting her register - I assume from the new move - so once she can she can start posting for herself but she is going to start working on this. She likes very girly things so this one really fits for her. Heres the only picture I found, and from reading on here it looks like this will only be the only one, so we hope to do it justice: http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110127021145/starwars/images/0/01/Viqi_Shesh_NEGTC2.jpg Can't wait to get this started for all of us!!
  10. I'm starting one too! I asked them for a separate section for Sinya it is up now. As I start searching for fabric I'll try and keep you up to date where I find it!
  11. I will. Very excited to make it and have someone to talk to about it!
  12. That's what I thought I as thinking Id use the other for the Visas Marr. Next question for the head gear/white skin. I was thinking the parts where the 'skin' showed through the head piece I can use the same material I use to make the Lekku. Would this be okay or would it have to be painted like my face? Thanks again for all the help.
  13. So my first question is going to be about boots, or more to the point which is a better boot to use for Sinya. I have two choices, I'm afraid the first choice is not going to have a big enough heal but here they are: http://www.widewidths.com/oliviasuperpluswidecalf.html http://www.widewidths.com/alexissuperpluswidecalf.html
  14. shatteredrose

    WIP Sinya

    Despite this being listed on 501st as an approved no list for it yet so I'm just going to add one here for now so I can start getting opinions. Here's the 501st page: http://www.501st.com/databank/Costuming:DZ-Sinya
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