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  1. Oh yeah I did! Haha!! Great catch @Darth_harold i didn’t even notice until now. Will flip them over thx again
  2. First0rder

    Revan WIP TK62000

    @scottdm62 is here? I know you from SpecOps, haha. Great choice on the Revan. Do you have any more pics, would love to see them. Andy
  3. First0rder

    Newly Approved Members Post Here!!!

    Hi All, My name is Andrew, SL-19736 and as of writing this greeting I hold a few titles. Im on the Detachment Staff over at FISD as a costume advisor, an Executive Officer over at CTG (Garrison) and the head GML / GWL at CTG. So where do I find the time to build this newest Amazing Costume? Well its too Awesome and Really wanted to Join TheFlagshipEclipse so made as much effort as possible to be here!! All of your Builds are AMAZING and what better place to be then here! So thank you all for inspiring me to build this Sith Acolyte Lord Adrass. Hope you enjoy it as much as I will. Andrew
  4. Hi All, Think I might been added but just incase, Requesting Detachment Member status Here is my Profile (GWL Pic Upload Pending): Thanks Kindy Andrew
  5. Hi @DarthValkyria I just emailed 44 individual photos enclosed within 5 separate emails. let me know if anything missed or need anything more and thanks again. Andy
  6. Hi Nina. Which pictures should I email. Thx kindly Andy
  7. Thank you everyone and it’s official!! Approved !! i just have to get pics to the GWL so can load them up to my profile above. Fantastic!! Andrew
  8. Pics of the individual parts -
  9. Hi All, ive finally gotten the fitting right and just submitted pics for approval with my garrison. Fingers crossed ill be part of the FlagShip Eclipse soon. Enclosed are some of the pics ive submitted. hope you like them
  10. I havnt done anything to prevent the hood from falling but i saw Taras (MynocksDen) placed a small square of velcro on the top of the helmet and inside the hood and guess thats been working for him. i was going to try that out too Hope that helps Andy
  11. Thanks @TK Keith!! I personally like the hood up, Makes it look more mysterious. How about yourself? Andy
  12. First0rder

    New to 501st, Sith Acolyte Build

    Agree that extended tab off the thighs is incorrect as the reference pictures don’t have that. If you go with this kit, would suggest removing those. Hope that helps
  13. First0rder

    New to 501st, Sith Acolyte Build

    Maybe I can be of some assistance. Eelco from 3DPropsNl is pretty good offering quality in detail. Looking over the 3D files , they look pretty good. Only thing I didn’t see are the elbow armor which is required to have so you might be finding yourself making them. Besides that all looks good In finishing the parts, definitely sand down the print lines. Can’t wait to see whIch you go with and progress
  14. Thanks everyone!! So close now I can feel it!! Here are 2 selfies I was able to take. Time to change my Sig Pic to one of these and look proper on the forums