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  1. Thanks everyone!! So close now I can feel it!! Here are 2 selfies I was able to take. Time to change my Sig Pic to one of these and look proper on the forums
  2. First0rder

    Woot Approved

    WoW! Your Revan looks mad awesome! Congrats!!!
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    Names Called While Trooping

    Haha! In what costume?
  4. 02/15/2019 - Update Well the build continues and its closing in for completion. Last thing im working on is the Neck Seal and Undersuit. Heres where i am Belt Boxes - Completed Made from leather and fully matched to the CRL and functional Robe - Completed Painted on the Red stripes, required 3 coats for get it looking correct Close up of the fabric Shins - Added Rubber Belt 1" straps to both inside and outside Neck Seal - In progess to mimic the Reference picture as close as possible I wanted the seal to be a bit more rigid then the simple cloth from what its made from, so i took reinforced 3mm vinyl and stitched it to the cloth seal next I glued on a some layers to build up the seals appearance Next i sanded the seal to knock down the ridges of the reinforced vinyl. it dulled it down as you can see but it will get color. Here is a Rough look at it with Helmet on: Next up - 1) complete the neck seal 2) complete the under shirt 3) Share pictures of the boots 4) submit for pictures
  5. First0rder

    Sith Acolyte Do3D stl files (Czech Garrison)

    Fitting seams ok but can you provide a straight on closer picture of the chest and ab plate? one of you pics is a bit dark and too far away to see the details. thanks
  6. Thanks @DarthValkyria and @TK Keith!!! working away on the robe, boots, and leather pouches. Should have pictures tomorrow. Andy
  7. Welcome and Congrats!
  8. Happy Birthday!  hope you have a fantastic day!


  9. Update - 01.28.2019 Boy this builds starting to get big. Robe - Sent back for some slight alterations, should have it back today Belt Boxes - Bobby over at Darmans Probs made these for me and were working to get them completed. So far they are coming out nicely and will be fully functional Boots - Boots are in Helmet - Helmets in and ready to wear. Thank goodness another things done. Knee Strapping - Ive made the knee strapping out of EVA 1/16" foam. Will see how they hold up What i did here was reinforce the EVA with Mesh fabric glued on using CA Glue. Then i cut another sheet of EVA foam and closed off the back, thus sandwiching the reinforced mesh between the 2 halves I then sealed the EVA using Brush On Platic Dip. 3 coats on the front and 2 coats on the back Set to dry Then using 3/4" velcro, i affixed them to the Shins. They can be easily removed when needed. Thigh - One down, one to go Thanks for viewing and please ask questions
  10. Update - 01.18.2019 Robe - Arrived My Robe from Sharon Honey has arrived so will take pics and share. Now have to paint the sleeves. Will share too. Boots - Ordered Finally found boots that look right and complement the Acolyte. When you see them, its be pretty obv as well why these were chosen . Should have them by the 25th so will take pics and share. Geniune Grip Mens Twin Gore for $58.50 - Whats left Neck Seal - Ordered and waiting on arrival Leather Belt Pouches - Working with Bobby to make them
  11. Update - 01/09/2019 Gauntlets - So i wanted to mimic the receiver tubs on the top of the gauntlets , but i couldnt find any rectangular tubes at my local hobby shop, so i gave these a try. At some other point, ill replace these for more correct ones: Soft Goods - I went on the hunt for the undershirt and shoes, found these at my local target. the shirt looks great, but the shoes i realized once looking at the boot armor, that they should be smooth to begin with as need to be painted silver. So the hunt for shoes continues while the shirt looks perfect. Close up of the weave on the shirt Thighs - Ive wetsanded the seams here. you can see the transition between the halfs with the remaining filler Ive also glued on the Greeblies and set those aside to cure. Next on the list - Check on Mask status from Taras Check on Robe status from Sharon Shoes - Hunt continues, then paint and glue on armor plates Knee Strapping - Make a strap for the backside of these to replicate images
  12. Update - 01/03/2019 Thigh - With the 2 halves glued and secured using 1.25" wide ABS from the rear, I filled in the seam using Bondo Spot filler. Ill sand this smooth using 1500 grit paper then prep for paint Shin - With the shins at the second stage of paint, Still needs 3 more stages, ive cut out the outside facing facets where the straps go. Then prepared and cut 1" x 4.5" rubber belt strips to be inserted into these slots. Here i inserted the rubber belt strips to gauge the look. While i like the ribbed side out, believe the straps should be smooth side out. Strapping - Using 1" wide flexible strapping, ive sewn loops into them and attached quick release adjustable buckles. One end of the straps attaches to the Hex Key Cylindrical screws attached to the armor. Glued on 2"x 2" Snap Pads were affixed to areas where i didnt use the Hex Key Screws. For the Belt, i used the same Rubber Belt cut into 2" wide and riveted a quick release adjustable buckle For the Shoulder bell, i used the same 1" flexible strapping used above.
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    Acolyte Q&A

    Oh I can imagine! Cause you guys look Killer together!! I’ll be happy if I can troop with any other Sith from KOTOR haha!! Will definitely post once I get pics
  14. First0rder

    Acolyte Q&A

    Amazing Picture of you three!!! wow!!! Thank you so much for your feedback. As of writing this, im still hunting for the Boots and neck seal so your findings will help tremendously. For the Robe, im close to commissioning it from a seamstress that Taras provided me and the Belt Pouches from Bobby over at DarmansProps. Will post pics once i get them Andy
  15. Hi All, Thanks for your patience. Ive started the build and moving along, Learning a few new Technics in painting and what works and what doesnt. Hope this build helps you along the way and comment along as you see fit. thanks kindly. First of, I needed reference pics and collected these off the SWTOR still frames. These will provide me with the Colors needed and also any modifications needed to the Armor. BBB Day Unwrapping - Everything showed up fine with no damage to either the box and or contents which is great. Packaged very well preventing the parts from knocking around. Theres alot of trimming needed but the lines are very visible as where to cut and a very helpful instruction manual. Paint - For all the Armor parts, they each received a 5 step paint process outlined below. Each of these steps cured for 12 to 24 hr between stages. 1) Krylon Fusion Flat Black (Primer and Paint) 2) Rustoleum Universal Flat Antique Nickel 3) Liquitex Heavy Body Black Acrylic mixed 50/50 with Liquitex Heavy Body Rich Silver. This was brushed on using a chip brush 4) Liquitex Heavy Body Bright Silver. This was applied using a soft terry cloth 5) Liquitex Heavy Body Black ( used for shadowing). This was applied using a soft terry cloth Glue - Loctite Ultra Gel E6000 Craft Glue Ab / Cod - Trimmed out the part and sanded the edges. First with 120 grit to debur then 240 to smooth Belt - Here ive already trimmed out the part then painted with Krylon Fusion Flat Black., At this point, I took a piece of 1" leather and glued it to the backside of the ABS to both enhance Rigidity and hold its curve. I used my FO Ab plate to hold the curve. Belt Boxes - Taken measurements of provided boxes, ive sent these to have them commissioned into Functional Leather Pouches. Bobby from DarmensProps will be making them. Saber - Temporary, ill be using this one from UltraSabers until the accurate one shows up from VadersVault Chest - Ive trimmed out the plate and using 1/4 Sintra, ive added these reinforcements to the back side of the plate. Not that there was an issue with weakness, but i wanted to avoid any future issues since the 2 half's of the plate are connected at this one bridge. The 2 lower adhered pieces will be used to adhere the Fuzzy side of velcro so to allow the ab plate a soft surface to ride on avoiding the paint from scratching. Next i painted the plate with Krylon Fusion Flat Black After Drying, i added the next layer of Rustoleum Universal Flat Antique Nickel Here , I blended Black and Rich Silver and applied using a chip brush. My goal was to create a brushed metal look to use as a base g Here i allowed the part to dry overnight Next i applied and blended Bright Silver to Enrich the color Gauntlet - After trimming out the 2 halves, i glued them together using Loctite Gel SuperGlue. For the greeblies, i sanded the back of each part then used the same Gel Superglue. Gloves - After hunting approx 100 pairs of gloves on Amazon, 5 hardware stores and various other outlets, ive finally located a very suitable pair of gloves. Purchased at Ace hardware. These will work great to allow the adhering of the hand and finger plates. Hand Plates - Here ive trimmed out the plates and adhered the claws and greebly to the plate. Dont forget to sand the backside of the resin parts to promote maximum adhesion. Next i sanded the tips of the claws to a point. Then using Bondo Glazing Putty, i filled in all of the porous holes from the EVA Foam. Painted them using the 5 step process described at the beginning of the thread Shoulder Bells - I wanted to do something different with the bells and since im doing the Lord Adraas version and they are hidden from view due to the robe, i felt they would look great if i tied them to the Mask. Using 1/8" EVA foam, i cut out the parts and adhered them to the bell. Note ! I should had asked if i was permitted to do this as i may find myself stripping them back down and starting over. Painted black Then Nickel Then other stages Painting - Progress - Thigh - Here im gluing the 2 halves using a butt Joint with 1.25" wide ABS adhered from the backside.