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  1. Ciao a tutti. Vedendo che ho un costume da Visas Marr (approvato) mio marito vuole fare il costume di Darth Nilus per farmi compagnia. ora sto scrivendo per chiedere un consiglio: quale tessuto useresti per realizzare questo costume dal momento che non è specificato nel crl? se avessi usato la tela di cotone, potrebbe andare bene? Grazie in anticipo per le tue risposte.
  2. Good evening, I need advice. I have a visas marr costume already approved, I have painted the designs on sleeves and veils and they are perfect; the problem is that in this way the veil is not very transparent and therefore I see only from the bottom and I find it very annoying, so I looked for an alternative solution and I think I found it; I found someone who makes embroidery to be applied and I would like to put them on the veil and on the sleeves. in this way I would see better and I think that the result does not change. I am attaching photos of the costume as it is now that of the embroidery sample so that you can give me your opinion. thanks in advance for your reply. P.Š. I hope I explained well.
  3. hello Satya thanks for the reply and congratulations your translator works very well. sorry actually the photo is small now I send you a larger and even the veil seen from behind. your advice is very welcome. have a good day. See you soon.http://
  4. http:// Hello. Thanks for the reply. maybe you're right the decorations are a bit lit but with time and sink will clear. in the meantime, the work on the costume is over and I would like your opinion on the finished work.
  5. hello this is my costume of Visas Marr unsenn version I would like to know your opinion on the work done and any advice for the costume is approved in 501. thanks to those who will answer me
  6. hello heavy 1973 thanks for the reply, I have not yet opened a discussion wip, I do not know how it is done and it's the first time I use a forum and I'm a bit clumsy with these things, you'd be kind enough to explain where and what to do. I would have a doubt about the size of the sleeves of the leather dress, in your opinion is right or you have to change the sleeve, thanks for the answer.
  7. Hello! My name is Lara and I am 48 years old. I'm Italian and I live in Milan. I almost finished the costum of Visas Marr unsenn version and I am to ask you for advice and opinion on thr work done si far. Thanks to those who will answer me and I hope you can help me
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