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  1. Darth Nihilus sounds

    Very good. Best of luck with it.
  2. Darth Nihilus sounds

    PM sent.
  3. Darth Nihilus sounds

    PMs sent to the new ones.
  4. Traitor Barriss

    Agreed, the chest area is wider spacing. The sides and arms are tighter between lines / ribbing.
  5. Nightsister Ventress WIP

    Congrats! Now you can sign up for being a detachment member.
  6. Darth Nihilus sounds

  7. Darth Nihilus sounds

  8. Nightsister Ventress WIP

    Best of luck with it.
  9. Nightsister Ventress WIP

    Sounds fine. Check relationships between other parts got get a good scale. If gathering the tabard be sure and do that first to compare its final position to the plate instead of where it is now (the vertical creases would be nice and it could be a little wide atm).
  10. Mortis Ahsoka Tano

    Yes, front back, and side against a plain contrasting background ideally with good lighting. Starting to get invidual photos of the various pieces would also be good (again against a simple contrasting background).
  11. Mortis Ahsoka Tano

    Yes, LMO team has been notified and will discuss. EDIT: If she submits adequate photos we can asses it. As it stands the current images are just con pics. Fun but not enough to asses the costume with proper feedback. A solid build of the costume would be fine for approval. As it is a "New to the Legion" a CRL would need to be drafted as well for inclusion. Keep us in the loop as to the progress of the build and a draft of the CRL.
  12. Nightsister Ventress WIP

    Check the reference and how much they contrast from the boot and or arm wrap. It should be less so. They can see seen but aren't much different in colour/value from what they're on top of. As Brita noted perhaps a wash of acrylic or something could tweak what you have to be a solid match, thanks.
  13. Nightsister Ventress WIP

    Sounds like a good plan. You could also stitch a little gathering on top as well if need be.
  14. Nightsister Ventress WIP

    I wouldn't add more weight because it looks nice when it can flow/move in the wind etc. Is there another way to get the effect you want?
  15. Nightsister Ventress WIP

    Looks good on the belt part. I'm glad the test went well. Gather the loin cloth/tabard in the same way and it will look excellent.