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  1. ionicdesign

    Introductions and Pending Forum Members

    Welcome Greg, glad to have you here.
  2. ionicdesign

    Darth Nihilus sounds

    It is PM replied to. Best of luck with it.
  3. ionicdesign

    Darth Nihilus sounds

    The link does work. If interested send me a pm, happy to share.
  4. ionicdesign

    Mortis Ahsoka Tano

    Be sure and take them without con badges and in the best light and simplest background possible. Posting here is fine, be sure and also email to the LMO address @ Thanks.
  5. ionicdesign

    Emperor Roan Fel (Legacy) Question

    I agree. I think it would be fine to have gauntlets optional on the first. Also I would keep the gold, comic are quick and have fast turn over and I would concur that it was probably an accident to not include those details. The IK is another outfit as noted and would have its own CRL.
  6. ionicdesign

    Asajj Ventress Dark Disciple

    and do tell if LadyB or can can assist, happy to do so.
  7. ionicdesign

    Asajj Ventress Dark Disciple

    If you love the character / design, do it. Between the Character Style Sheet, Cover art and pre-vis this one should be fine for approval if done well. It has several things in common with her Bounty Hunter outfit, but is unique in many ways. It would be a Legion first so you'll want to work with the Detachment and me to get a CRL together. Very best of luck with it.
  8. ionicdesign

    Traitor Barriss WIP

    Yankee71 is right, this one does have a blank CRL and can be approved pending LMO/DL Review. To clarify, the rules concerning New to Legion costumes have not changed, but this specific costume was a grandfathered costume from before the rule was enacted. So how we handle it is a touch different. It is great that the content is being worked on so that it can have a complete Reference Library. Nothing has been received at for review. Do let Dawn and I know as content is available for it.
  9. ionicdesign

    Asajj Concept neckseal/collar

    No problem, happy to help. I know sewing that piece was one of the things my wife did several times to finally get how she wanted it (DS-7998 LadyB).
  10. ionicdesign

    Asajj Concept neckseal/collar

    Hello, Legion Membership Officer here. The Ep. 2 Concept Asajj can be seen with the collar armour going over her shoulders and also smaller and not overlapping like the Sideshow figure. Both are perfectly viable for approval. So long as it is well fitted and not bunching it should be fine. It should have clean lines etc. Feel free and have the GML post in the GML thread or contact if there are questions, thanks.
  11. ionicdesign

    Darth Nihilus sounds

    Very good. Best of luck with it.
  12. ionicdesign

    Darth Nihilus sounds

    PM sent.
  13. ionicdesign

    Darth Nihilus sounds

    PMs sent to the new ones.
  14. ionicdesign

    Traitor Barriss

    Agreed, the chest area is wider spacing. The sides and arms are tighter between lines / ribbing.
  15. ionicdesign

    Asajj Ventress: Nightsister (Complete)

    Will do.