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  2. Darth myth

    Hello from idaho falls, Idaho

    Can I get any tips please
  3. Elodya

    Darth Zash

    SO. HAPPY.
  4. Naasad Tal

    Names Called While Trooping

    In my mando I've gotten everything from Boba/Jango to Power Ranger I got called Darth Vader once in my Republic Commando (to be fair, I was in black armor holding a red lightsaber)
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  6. ID19085

    Newly Approved Members Post Here!!!

    Hello! DZ-19085 requesting membership access. Thank you!
  7. DarthMel

    Question About COTF Mask

    So, I tried looking at pictures of the actual miniature to look for clues, but even with the high quality pictures, the ovals weren’t showing up, so I can’t tell from that either. To illustrate my point about the CotF box picture, though, if you look at the picture of Nihilus here (this is not the CotF version): it is difficult to tell that there are 3 ovals on either side. It looks like 2 to me. But that picture is a high enough resolution that you can zoom in to it and tell that there are indeed 3 ovals on each side. That’s about all I have to illustrate my point. If we had a high resolution picture, it’s possible that the 2 ovals could actually be 3. The available pictures are just too blurry to tell for sure, in my opinion.
  8. Kali

    Betrayed Ventress

    Hello fellow darksiders, I'm up to start working on my second approvable 501st costume (I already have olive green Imperial officer) and I choosed betrayed Asajj Ventress ('cause I'm such a fan of CW & prequels era in general + I like this version of Asajj the most) The silicone bald is already in making & I also have leggins and boots, now I wanna start to work on clothes more so I started with skirt- and there's the first problem. Since there's no specifications for fabric in CRL I bought theese two fabrics for skirt and now I really don't know which one is better to use so I hope some of you guys may help. (both fabrics are black of course, I just took a photo of them on the bright light, to see patterns better). I also gonna buy some fabrics for top, I think some elastic fabrics would be fine for this + some black leather like materials for collar, forearm bracers and belt I already have home from my last costume, but I think it won't be enough, so I'll probablby buy more soon. I'll post the updates if you will be interest, hope this will going well also if you have some advices I'll be happy for them! Here's the first one for skirt: And here's the second one for skirt:
  9. DarthValkyria

    Revan update. Blood-dragon, SL 4953

    Currently on hold until we figure out how to manage the fact that some costumes have crap references and some have crystal clear shots. Have to figure out a way to make it accurate and fair without creating an unbalanced system!
  10. Blood-dragon

    Revan update. Blood-dragon, SL 4953

    Hey there fearless leader. Do we have a process for level 2 approval ?
  11. DarthValkyria

    Obelisk armor bane

    That is the issue as there are limited references for the armor.
  12. DarthValkyria

    My Darth Revan

    You would submit to the GML of the Garrison you would be joining and they can walk you through the whole application process. You can find the email for them here.
  13. DarthValkyria

    Darth Revan (New Builder)

    I have yet to see any manufacturers of SWTOR style Revans. They have all been self-built costumes. I also just want to point out that if you are wanting to do SWTOR Revan, it will need to be the beat to hell and shredded version of Shadow of Revan, as the normal Revan model doesn't meet the requirements for the 501st (though they have it in RL already, I believe).
  14. DarthValkyria

    Possible Calo Nord Build Research

    The only issue with these references is that we would need the specific references from KOTOR (screenshots) as the main source. Since the character isn't actually IN SWTOR, the game outfits can't be used as a main source given their inclination towards not being 100% to the original game sources.
  15. DarthValkyria

    Question About COTF Mask

    The actual box art was used for that call, though the era in which that CRL was created did not have the same requirements as now for validation of references. If you can show a contrasting point to it not being as such, we can look it over.
  16. DarthValkyria

    Newbie Needs Help!!!! Darth Revan Costume

    I just want to clarify that this version of the helmet is missing the, "prongs" that point down from the bottom of the mask that is the KOTOR I/II mask.
  17. DarthValkyria

    Revan update. Blood-dragon, SL 4953

    Enclosed hoods give me the warm and fuzzies. <3
  18. DarthValkyria

    Lictor-von-Doom's Great Revan Ramble

    The mask looks very long in the front. I would cut it down by at least 30% for that section. It should only be maybe an inch below your chin. I would also recommend using a lighter fabric for the tabard, and it is quilted! TECHNICALLY the split skirt would also be quilted, but the box pleats create the necessary real-world interpretation of the game files, so it works. I know the MWA bridge is strips sewn together so that the seam areas create the crevasse/weathered creases you see on the model. Being a female myself, I can tell you that I have had no issues to date with the chest section, and that is with a 36D chest. The black sections mitigate a lot of the bulge you would see, though you could always supplement with a sports bra for non-restricting compression, as well. For the other issues, the armor would sit right above your hips, so you could always fake a silhouette with padding for the midsection, and the shoulder thing could be modified with padding in the shoulders and adjusting the straps that go over the shoulders from front armor to back armor. Hope that helps!
  19. DarthValkyria

    Revan updates

    Just seeing this. Level 2 has been postponed for structural reasons, but technically yes, you are supposed to at least get the approval of your GML to major alterations of the costume.
  20. Elodya

    Darth Zash

    The last details are kind of tricky, I think I know how I'm going to attach the shoulders but still have to actually make it work. Everything else is almost finished. What I was most scared about was the battle damage, I didn't want to mess up my pretty paint work! Does it look okay? Painting with a toothpick was definitely a new experience but I'm quite happy with how it turned out. Fun fact: both her shoulders have identical battle damage. Not very realistic, but I tried to stick as close to it as I could without looking too calculated. Submission picture day is planned for the 1st of September!
  21. mdwilson606

    M's Seventh Sister WIP

    Finally some progress on the soft parts. It has been a long road but we are starting to see the light at the end.
  22. mdwilson606

    M's Seventh Sister WIP

    Original files were purchased on CGTrader I believe. But then we have modified the files and then again the prints.
  23. DomCDA

    Newbie Needs Help!!!! Darth Revan Costume

    Its definitely a closed helmet. I found this .stl version on thingiverse. Its a full helmeted version of a fan-made Hasbro action figure. Model was combined by jace1969. Both parts were made by others. Here is the link:
  24. DarthMel

    Question About COTF Mask

    The CRL states that there are two small ovals on either side of the center top large oval on the mask. I was looking at the reference pictures on this site and am wondering how that amount is known for sure. The pictures blur in that area, making it impossible to tell the exact amount. Is there another reference picture that was not posted here?
  25. Earlier
  26. Tarok

    Newbie Needs Help!!!! Darth Revan Costume

    Nice start. Is that a face mask or full head version? do you mind if I ask where you found the 3D files?
  27. 'Lo there folks, I'm Mike Thompson from Missouri, brand new to the Legion and joining up as (would you believe it?) Darth Revan. Looking forward to making some new friends and taking over the galaxy enjoying trooping from the costuming side after helping handle at several events previously. I'm excited to be able to enjoy the full experience and in my spare time I am a professional geek of many fandoms (and master of none), casual gamer, and am currently learning the glory and wonders of 3D printing. I also am hoping to eventually expand my costuming repertoire both inside and out of the Legion, and am eager to learn how to improve costumes to the best of my ability. May the Force serve us well!
  28. Does Calo Nord from Kotor fall under this detachment as well? He was a bounty hunter from the original gam e . I have chosen to use the costume from SWTOR as I think it is clearer to see the costume.
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