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  2. SL 19290 Rep,Commando Slayer, Just wanted to know if anyone has started on Darth Sion Yet. Since I have completed Malgus, I was wondering what would be the issue with such a character to get approved! Actually the Costume is not that complicated in comparison to other Sith Legends! Give me a holler who has some input or feedback. SL 19290
  3. requesting Detachment access Thanks in advance!
  4. Mitthrawnuruodo

    Knights of Ren CRL's

    First step is someone has to make the costume.
  5. Sindariian

    Hello from Garden City, MI

    Ohh that will be so cool! I hope so as well!
  6. Last week
  7. Sicario

    Hello from Garden City, MI

    Hola!Que bonito matrimonio y que buen gusto por los trajes,dos Lords Siths.Animo y a por el alta.
  8. The Snake

    Hello from Garden City, MI

    Looking forward to seeing you in the GLG! Hopefully you can make it out to Joliet Star Wars day, approved or not--it's gonna be great fun
  9. Sindariian

    Hello from Garden City, MI

    Hey there Az! Well, I hope to start trooping as soon as I send in my photos and get approved! I will be taking pics this weekend! I can't wait! I love the whole SW Universe so this is a great adventure I can't wait to join! Good luck on your first trooping and Revan is a great character!! See you soon and have fun!
  10. goldenhawk

    Knights of Ren CRL's does the CRL process begin?
  11. DarthValkyria

    Hi from Canada & Arihnda Pryce CRL

    Youb submit to your GML who will submit to LMO and DL and we will go over it.
  12. The Governor

    Hi from Canada & Arihnda Pryce CRL

    I have all 4 pictures of her outfit and pictures from comics. Where or who do I send theses too to start her CRl? Thanks
  13. Azrayel74

    Hello from Garden City, MI

    Welcome to the Detachment.. and look forward to seeing you join the ranks of the GLG and TFE. I just got my approval for my Revan a week or so ago and looking forward to trooping it at C4 next weekend in Traverse.
  14. kracker98

    Planning questions for DN Build

    Hello again Gemma, glad to see you two making progress on your DN build. The majority of the boots won't be see anyway so I would say the height of them isn't a problem.
  15. Hello there! I am Tracii aka Sin from Garden City, MI. I am a posting member of the Great lakes Garrison but I have to do a costume submission for approval. My husband is Darth Revan and I am Darth Nihilus. We both have been wanting to become more involved with the 501st ever since we found out that they came into existence but work and time were always factors that hampered us but now that our time has cleared up, I think now is the time! Currently, he is a die-setter and I am a graphic designer so with the summer months coming, we are finally getting a break lol Below is us at the Motor City Comic Con! I look forward to meeting, trooping and getting to know everyone better!
  16. good afternoon Im looking to buy the hard pieces, or full costume. I have a line on a hilt with no electronics but would also like lightsaber options if you know them.
  17. Imperial Knight

    Introductions and Pending Forum Member Approval

    good afternoon Im interested in making a imperial knight costume and then applying could use some help finding a hard kit provider. i look forward to starting my build and volunteering at some events
  18. blitz1027

    Traitor Barriss Offee build up

    I understand that feeling. I'm looking forward to seeing someone finish this costume and we get a CRL for it. Barriss is a cool character and I'd love to see her make some sort of resurgence in maybe the final season of Clone Wars.
  19. bdh1138

    Revan CRL questions and build WIP

    Been a while since I've posted, but in the endless cycle of my too many WIPs, I've circled back to Revan recently. I'm currently working on the mask, which was my first attempt at a clay sculpt. the other day, I made a junk mold and cast a copy that I now intend to clean up for a final mold master. I've also done a bot of work on my actual skirt from the mockup I posted back in december. More to come, hopefully in less than 5 months this time
  20. Sicario


    Wow!Que bonito,es sencillo y claro¡Muy buen gusto el diseñador.
  21. Avatar190

    Avatar's Imperial Knight WIP (redeux)

    Really sorry I missed your inquiry Christopher, I hope you'd already long found your answer. But, if you haven't, this is a KB Props rig I built. I'm thinking about ordering a new kit, a size down, which I think will fit me more appropriately. I think the KB large size kit is for someone of 6'2" or larger stature.
  22. Avatar190

    Avatar's Imperial Knight WIP (redeux)

    Gio can be hit or miss on emails, but I was always pretty lucky with getting a hold of him. However, I haven't had any direct communications with him since 2017, so I cannot speak for now. Though, as far as I know, he's still well spoken of in the Legion with reliability. I do know he's been working closely with the new Major Vonreg pilot costume, so his attentions might have been diverted elsewhere (though that really should prevent one from responding). You can get boots almost anywhere though... I'm wearing Han Solo boots, which are basically tall jackboots, which come to the knee. So don't feel like you need to special order boots, unless that's something you are really striving for (or need very specific sizing).
  23. Avatar190

    Lightsaber: Hilt & Blade color

    I did get approved with my Archon, yes. I had since had two different options come up, however. First, I had commissioned an empty Imperial Knight hilt through Ox Works sabers (on Facebook) out of Finland. It took a long time to get the finished product, but I kept good communication with Janne throughout the process and had no expectations of getting it the following week (which he was quite appreciative of and not accustomed to that sort of reception from customers). From design, to machining, to painting, and then international shipping, it took about 4 months and about $155 shipped (if memory serves). I do not know if he's up for doing any more of these however, but I imagine he has his artwork saved so the design is there. Next option I discovered at our C2E2 convention this past March. I happened to be walking the con floor, and I saw a saber vendor there and low and Imperial Knight saber. I couldn't believe my eyes. I had to ask them if this was an active run, or was it just a display. It was an active run. WonderForce Sabers and their Kishi saber. I bought the model they had available at the show, which was a color changer, with a few different soundfont banks (I believe it's three - I actually haven't bothered to figure it out yet because I don't really care). There isn't an actual white color in the switch, but the Cool Blue gets close enough to pass for now (they told me that I can plug the saber into the computer and edit the blade colors). I also bought it with their opaque white blade, so I have a white blade when the saber is off anyway. This saber is crazy loud too. It's the loudest saber I've ever can still hear it during a con. I had to tape the speaker port during my last hospital troop, because I felt it was too loud for that application. :p It uses 18650 batteries, so I bought a bunch of 3500mAh Tenergy batteries, and I'm all set to go non-stop. Here's a video link to the saber overview, if you want to see it. The switches are still a bit quirky for me, but I'm definitely happy with it.
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  25. darthshinzu

    Newly Approved Members Post Here!!!

    Newly approved Starkiller from Pennsylvania Garrison Carida. This will mark my 6th approved costume since 2016. Starkiller has been my favorite character and this costume was on my bucket list for many years. I am very excited I get to now troop and represent TFE. Looking forward to lots of memories, meeting amazing people in this detachment and recruiting younglings to the Dark Side!
  26. darthshinzu

    Darth Plagueis - a new CRL?

    Looks amazing!
  27. Meitru

    Planning questions for DN Build

    Oh hi Blane that was Derrick asking for my DN build. : ) Another question, meantime: do the boots have to stop at the calf, or can we go higher? I have a pair of boots that did not work for my Imperial Staff Officer but should be just fine for this except that they're knee-high, and it'd be neat to use what I already have ...
  28. DarthValkyria

    Revan Boot Material

    There isn't a consensus about the material, but I would say so long as the shape, lack of details, and heel stick to the references; and overall material use stays consistent throughout the boot (all one material) then it shouldn't be much of an issue.
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