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  1. So are these official CRL references? I'm in the process of making what I hope to be final tweaks for approval and this seems to be the clearest images of some things.. In particular, there's discussion about whether the ring the red sash hangs from is centered or off center on the body (here it is obviously off center) as well as how the knife pleats hang on the cape. My current cape is pretty much completely vertical because it's stitched every foot or so to hold the pleats together, but the cape I'm making to replace it, I intend on allowing the pleats to fan out a little from the waist down like they do in this image. I just think it looks better..
  2. Just ran out to the store, took some interior pic as I was leaving I usually wrap the hood/capelet/cape around the chest pieces and put them in the big compartment on the right.. blade storage on the lid I had intended on driling holes and riveting the sheet metal to the lid, but I couldn't get in at the right angle, so just wound up bending the corners so they kinda spring clamp on the frame of the lid.. they don't stay on 100%, but probably about 95% efective.. boot storage under mask tray..
  3. I bought a DeWalt contractor box from Home Depot on sale for like $65.. it has slots where you can add boards inside to section the areas off.. I painted it to look like a star wars universe shipping crate: (Digital image found from a google image search) I put my boots in the very center all by themselves in case they get mud or dirt or whatever, so they won't get the rest of it dirty.. I have pull apart foam in the far left skinny slot, I pulled out enough to put my saber hilts there. my skirt and bracers and other small things go in the second one. I cut out foam for the tray to hold my mask, and the chest plate and bigger things go in the far left.. I also fabbed some pieces that attach to the inner lid out of sheet metal with clamp things meant to hold rakes and stuff. I store my blades there.. I'll try and remember to get some pics of how it looks now.. I thought I had pics of the finished product, but I'm not seeing them..
  4. I was at an armor party for my local garrison yesterday trying to get my Darth Revan approved and my wife brought up the Marie's Cosplay Shop Dark Bastilla (https://www.etsy.com/listing/805832514/inspired-by-star-wars-fallen-bastila?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=dark+side+bastila&ref=sr_gallery-1-1&frs=1) my GML thought it looked pretty good from looking at my wife's phone.. not quite under $300, but looked like it would need minimal tweaking..
  5. Hey everyone! So I purchased a Wicked Armor Darth Revan full kit, and I'm a little confused on some of the final set up things.. Hopefully some other Revans here can help me out.. For the cuirass pieces, the WA instructions say to wrap the 3/4" web belt around your hips and buckle on the other side. Initially, mine didn't have a belt attached, so I emailed WA and they sent me a buckle with about 2 inches of belt on one side, and an extra piece about 10 inches long. I'm a super skinny guy, but there is no way that will "wrap around" my hips.. The kidney armor attaches to the front plate with the velcro, is this webbing just to connect the kidney armor in front of my belly to help everything maintain a snug fit? Can I thread a web belt through the inside of the loops that hold the rings and put a buckle on each side to achieve the same result? It would be hidden, so I don't think it'd be a CRL hit, but I'm new, so I'm not positive.. Also, the grey straps that the ring is suspended from. The instructions specifically say not to attach the adhesive to the leather detail on the back plate, but it seems like if I put the straps below it, they are almost parallel with the ground, and if i angle above it, it's almost vertical.. I'm sure I'll have other questions, but I'm kinda stuck at this point because I don't want to (semi) permanently attach anything until I KNOW I'm doing it right.. Any help or tips/tricks would be greatly appreciated! (also, in no way should this post be considered a negative review of Wicked Armor, they've been super helpful and respond to e-mail reasonably fast, i'm only asking here because ultimately, it's going to be a 501st person approving my kit and not the craftsman who made it..)
  6. So my Ultra Sabers came with XTAR brand rechargable batteries. I used to use Energizer rechargables for a camera flash, but never really took the time to understand any of the numbers since I didn't own the flash and didn't care if the batteries damaged it.. I actually bought the sabers, so I want to make sure I'm not messing anything up now.. The batteries they came with are the Xtar 14500 3.7v 2.96wh 800mah ones.. do I HAVE to use those particular specifications or can I get a larger mah for longer charge without overloading anything? I know this is probably a dumb question, but I'd rather ask and get laughed at the fry something ya know?
  7. DarthValkyria hit my point exactly.. the way it's worded implies so long as they aren't seen while your are in costume, it's ok.. In costume, I'm not going to be hiking up my pants leg, so why should it matter what at the very top of my boots? I totally understand if it's visible or bulges and detracts from the appearance, but I can't see that being the case.. I should get my Revan kit next month, we'll see if I get dinged for the same thing..
  8. Right? I want to get mine as soon as possible, but I also made sure to tell em, i get it, everything on the planet is delayed right now, so if i have to wait, i'm not gonna be upset.. Hopefully they help you out! and thanks, I look forward to getting set up! :)
  9. the longest i've waited for a response is over a weekend, and and i think that was because I e-mailed late on a thursday, but had a response on the following monday.. E-mail wise, they've been very good to me so far. This is their response about the fabric: "No worries. We had a hard time obtaining fabric with everything going on and we were trying different fabrics. We are now using a much thicker material. We will be updating our photos very soon." sounds like it's different than the original, but hopefully thick enough to meet the CRL.. haha, I'm trying not to piss em off and tell em how to build their costumes, but like we agreed, also want it to be as "turn-key" as possible for 501st acceptance..
  10. No worries, they said that with everything going on worldwide, they were having some trouble getting the right materials, but have since moved back to a thicker fabric and will be updating the photos soon.. Hopefully the new fabric meets the CRL. I should be getting my kit around mid-november, so i'll post pics once it arrives as well.
  11. I sent a screen shot of your post to my local garrison guy and he doesn't think it qualifies.. Since I just ordered mine last week, I e-mailed Wicked Armor and brought it to their attention.. I don't wanna be a "problem customer" but I also don't want to pay $1200 for something I have to rework after delivery.. hopefully everything works out.. Mine should be delivered mid-November so I wanna do holiday events :)
  12. I just placed my order last week... hoping someone responds with enough time for me to contact Wicked Armor if this new hood style is against CRL...
  13. Just to clarify, they are having you remove the "pull on" straps at the very top? the part of the boot that is hidden by your pants? that no one should ever see anyway? is this standard or is this particular GML just being SUPER picky?
  14. bringing this post back up because I placed my order with Wicked Armor yesterday and wondering the same about the CRL stuff..
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