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Member Program Fundraiser 2017


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Welcome to the 2017 Member Programs Fundraiser!

This fundraiser will be used to fund the patch, coin, and certificate awards that are given out to members through the different Member Programs the detachment has. These include Trooper of the Month, the Meditations Trooper Tracking, and Blood Member. All proceeds of the fundraiser will be used towards the production and shipping costs of the fundraiser patch rewards and the membership program rewards within the detachment. This fundraiser is open to anyone.

The Fundraiser will continue until all rewards patches have been given out. 

Rewards will include special forum titles, forum icons, and a physical patch specially designed for the fundraiser and assisted with by one of our own members, Arif Iqbal (SL-27787). The patch reward for all 3 tiers is below, and will be printed to show the high level of detail in the holocrons.


You are able to choose which tier you want based on the forum title and icon you want to have displayed. The rewards within each tier are exactly the same, otherwise. The choices you have for forum titles and forum badges are as such:
Tier 1
Forum Title- Jen'jidai
Forum Badge- imageedit_21_8054895464.png

Tier 2
Forum Title- Jen'ari
Forum Badge- imageedit_15_3553798969.png

Tier 3
Forum Title- Sith'ari
Forum Badge- imageedit_19_6989209357.png

The Titles and Badges will show up on your profile as seen below:
Badge Examples.png

In addition to the aforementioned rewards, 501st members get an extra bonus reward (sorry, nonmembers, merchandise rules!). For every $10 donated, you will get one raffle ticket added to a random drawing to win a rare Flagship Eclipse Detachment version 1 coin. The drawing will be held the day after the Fundraiser closes and the winner will be notified by email.
Raffle is completed! Congrats to Hideki Shima for winning!

The donation amounts will be broken down as such:
$5 gets a forum title and a forum badge
$10 gets a forum title, a forum badge, and 1 patch
$20 gets a forum title, a forum badge, and 2 patches
$30 gets a forum title, a forum badge, and 3 patches



How to Donate and What We Need
You can send PayPal donations Friends and Family (or Goods and Services if you can't, but add 4.4% of the total to cover fees) to Evighetensmorke@gmail.com with the following in the notes:
1. Real name and TFE forum name
2. Email address for contact
3. Donation amount and Tier that you are choosing
4. Address for patches

Thank you in advance for helping us provide rewards to our members for their dedication and passion towards the detachment and their communities!

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