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  1. Done and done Ref:53550296KA6717326
  2. Debate over then, not enough detail
  3. I know its the KoToR version, but if you look closely, he's got random wrist guards. A different costume to normal means...Well...Pretty self explanatory really, when you think of Nihilus you think of KoToR or CoTF version. Therefore anything else would be different to what you would normally expect
  4. To be a little more specific, the XCOSER mask isn't right or really even close to being right. It's got a strange orange tint to it and is just far to big. There are several alternatives out there that are clearable. I'm not sure on the rules of mentioning vendor names here so I wont post any until I'm told it's ok.
  5. Unlocked Nihilus last night and noticed that interestingly he has a different costume to normal. My question is simple, do people think that GoH costumes should be clearable as well? I've not looked into the others to much to be honest so the other characters may not have different costumes to normal.
  6. All done Well Wisconsin Garrison it was fun while it lasted!
  7. Not much to add but its an alternative. I wear a long sleeve turtle necked top and a morph suit hood. As for trousers, its largely down to preference as you cant see them...I used to wear leggings with bones on them as I kept getting called "skeleton man" by the public lol. My one piece of advice though is definitely wear something! The one day I didn't was a really hot day and some kid pulled my robe up lol.
  8. Ooo I'd be interested if these are still available.
  9. KahnP

    Hey All

    Yeah from the sounds of things it's only a recent thing, but I now need a saber.
  10. KahnP

    Hey All

    Hey all. I just thought I'd drop in and say hi. I've been with the UKG guys working on my first costume for awhile now which is coming along nicely. One of them mentioned I might like to make an appearance over here. I'm currently working on a Nihilus (KOTOR2) which is pretty much finished, just in talks with a guy who is going to build me a Nihilus saber.
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