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  1. These look awesome. How long is the run open for?
  2. I have the WA COTF Nihilus and it is a fine costume very good quality work and I’m happy with it. Always keep in mind that a costume from a merchant isn’t always approvable you may need to make tweaks and changes yourself depending on what you GML says. For my Nihilus I had to change the skirt a little bit and dye my cape black as well as weather it just a bit more. If anything contact your GML and discuss with him about WA Nihilus. I love my Nihilus from WA and I troop with it. I hope this all helps and good luck on your Nihilus adventure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Congrats! looks good welcome fellow Nihilus
  4. made my donation Friday but couldnt post lol so here we go Transaction ID 2JG954314L7723332
  5. Hello I would like to have 501st access. Here is the lInk for my COTF Nihilus https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=25270 Thank you!!!
  6. I have one skirt with two layers to it. I commissioned wicked armor to make my costume (because I tried to make my own and failed lol) I tweaked it a little do I need to make the split a little bigger.? Now that I look at it you can't really tell I have two skirts
  7. That is a very good idea. ill add that to my shoulders
  8. Hi everyone! I was looking for some feedback for my Nihilus before I submit my pictures into the 501ST. Anything I need to change? Thanks!!
  9. well going to try and do the two caps method. We will see how it goes.
  10. Yeah I have been following that guide. it says there are two separate layers an inner cape and an outer. Is that still 501ST approve able ?
  11. Yes this is what I have too. I got it off of Etsy from twilek pam. I added two strips of velcro that attach under my chin so it's like a helmet and then my mask goes on. How did you guys do the cape? Did you just get a big long piece of fabric and sewed it onto the shoulders or something? How did you guys attach the hood and cape together? This part is really confusing to me and i know deep down it is probably just very simple lol. Thank you all for the fast replies though.!
  12. Hey guys im in the final stages of getting my costume for Nihilus done in time for Celebration -Insert massive sigh of relief here- I am going to tackle the cape and hood this weekend, Do you guys have any tips on how to go about this? Any suggestions on making it and putting it on the costume? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated thank you!
  13. Hey everyone just a quick question here. Do you guys wear black body suits /zentai suits under your Nihilus? Thanks!
  14. Happy Sunday All, I have a question pertaining to the tunics. Are they sewn closed in the front or does the obi and the belt help keep them closed. Thanks!
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