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    Darth Traya

  2. Congratulations [emoji322][emoji324][emoji898] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Names Called While Trooping

    Bounty Hunter Ventress!
  4. Really stunning work! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. BHAsajj

    Names Called While Trooping

    Need pictures for social media of the two nightsisters above!!!!!!!
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    Names Called While Trooping

  7. BHAsajj

    Presentation and advice on Visas Marr unsenn version

    Welcome Lara! I look forward to following your WIP!
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    Trading cards

    Right here:
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    Flagship recognize the dark empire?

    I also believe we have several members in TDE. @Tulak Hord @ladyb @Kharneth @oldgamefreak
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    Flagship recognize the dark empire?

    They are part of the Galactic Senate. 501st, Rebel Legion, Mandalorian Mercs, Droid Builders, Saber Guild, The Dark Empire, The Galactic Academy. @ionicdesign would know more.
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    Names Called While Trooping

    Bumble Bee??!? Yup. I get called Bumble Bee at parades!
  12. Excellent progress! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Woot Approved

    Welcome and congrats!!
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    Darth Zash

    Looking fantastic!!
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    Concept Asajj from Upstate NY

    Beautiful job!
  16. This is exciting! Looking forward to seeing your progress!!
  17. I would love to see this!
  18. BHAsajj

    BHAsajj’s BH Ventress Guide

    My helmet. I made/have stencils you can make reverse decals to do these. For the shoulders too! If any one needs these I’d be more than happy to email them to you! I dry brushed graphite to weather. Used liquid latex as well. I used MTN Hardcore “graffiti paint” ( don’t knock graffiti art paint. They are amazing, last forever, and the color choices are so much more abundant than your local home improvement store or art store if you like spray paint! I use these for my mando as well) in Beach Yellow for the yellow/gold section. Matched the rgb perfectly when weathered. Several coats of Gunmetal steel primer underneath and the darker parts Négro/Black (they are made in spain) MTN Hardcore for the rest. Used steel wool on the edges to rub down to the gun metal steel color. This was the most fun.
  19. I thought I’d start first with pictures of the tunic, since it’s pretty complicated. Here are photos of the front, back, sides, and each step of it taken apart.
  20. BHAsajj

    Bounty hunter ventress

    Me! I have the print uploaded up to I ordered the Faux suede as it was the most durable.