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  1. After weathering I think I would have got it as close as possible to the references. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Redid the pouches, so much happier with the outcome. Finished preparing one boot just need to glue everything in place and weather. Need to paint the soles black. Tried to count each wrap from comic and wrap in similar way. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Finished belt and belt buckle, just waiting for new pouches.
  4. Belt Options is insane as he has many different styles the closest and best looking buckle that is available is Qui Gon Ginns buckle that looks close to his toy version. Or I found another type but it’s close to his appearance fighting Obiwan. Buckles I have found As I find a Anakin/Mace Windu style buckle far from correct references Food capsules + possible duel saber clips on either side of belt
  5. Noticed there is a seam down the back in the middle of his tunic.
  6. Working on boots. references Closest boots I could find are these Funtatsma boots but they will need to be wrapped and weathered.
  7. I am making this costume from references of the Obiwan and A’Sharad battle and the CRL seems not to match the references in some parts such as the pouches do not have four studs on them And his helmet does not always have red lenses in this version of the costume only during one frame. Pouches have only one button/stud on the pouch and not 4 studs. other issues showing having black lenses. Only instance of the lenses looking reddish other than the cover art that should not be included as no 360 image of that costume. As it has him wearing 2 sets of P-1903 pouches one across the chest and one below the belt. His lenses they are black or red in this version of the costume and only His fathers Sharad truly are red constantly in the comics. also his fathers light saber should be added to the CRL. As there are two versions of his fathers lightsaber also. One when his father has it and then gives it to him for the first time. And after such as him fighting Obiwan and then slowly turning to the dark side his fathers lightsaber had been modified. For example (just like Anakin’s ep3 hilt to ANH Luke’s hilt) Obiwan Duel After Obiwan duel please let me know your thoughts as I would like to make my costume as close to the comic.
  8. I found these Cheap Momin gloves sheepskin leather custom made size. can replace my other ones that are too small. https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/OtBkGl7a
  9. Helmet modeling is finished and ready for 3D printing. Still a long way on soft parts, spandex plan didn’t work so well think. Maybe just black spandex and add white fabric later may give better results and also need to change shape of front of tunic v to more of a trapeze shape I feel.
  10. Ok some spandex suit updates Need to add fingers and fingernails details. Maybe add back the muscle a bit in the chest. As for head debating to add black in for the helmet.
  11. I have been working with an artist to create the under suit, pants, shoes and skin. this is the ruff version a lot needs to be change and improved. Yes muscles will never been seen but hey awesome details for the changing room with fellow 501st members.
  12. A friend helped me with the belt so that is finished, just working on helmet 3D designs. For tunic feeling the grey part should be leather just seems more likely then plastic or metal. As it looks very felxable in the comic. Getting black leather gloves made soon.
  13. Momin Research this is every picture of him in each comic book in this costume. I feel there is enough references to base a costume off the character. Almost a full 360 of the whole character.
  14. Yes with the newest comic out now have 360 shot of his costume
  15. Warning! This page contains MAJOR spoilers from Star Wars: Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith Book V: Fortress Vader. Caution is advised. Momin is a Canon Sith Lord from Marvel comic book series Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith 23: Fortress Vader, Part V and possibly future part VI I have already started on the costume and I feel there is enough references to build a costume from. I will start the base CRL in a few days but here is my Plan for Costume parts Helmet - 3D print or cast Hair/wig - light blond in a spiked style Gloves - plain black leather gauntlet style glove and end just before end of forearm. Belt - 2.5” black belt with grooves 1/4-1/2” of the edge Tunic - black fabric and dark grey leather or pleather for neck part. Tunic has neck seal incorporated into the design closing at the back so can be hidden by hair or cloak. Cloak - black fabric and 2 3D printed disks to hold cloak in place by strong earth magnets. Spandex suit-Spandex suit includes arms, hands, head , legs and feet. Arms, neck, head, arms and hands- grey skin color with body details. Pants and shoes - With the correct design for pants and feet. Kung fu shoes will be placed inside of suit foot area with an added shoe sole on the bottom of both feet of the spandex suit. Duel sabers - two sabers both identical with a rapier style design for the hilt.
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