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  2. Lord of hunger. Yumyum

    Make sure you keep the hood/cape part pulled back over your shoulders!
  3. Nihilus Tunic

    Since it gets confusing depending on which point of view people are talking about, just remember that as you are wearing it, your left side should be on top of the right side.
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  5. Revan Updates and Improvements

  6. Revan Updates and Improvements

    Ooooooooooo. That stand [emoji7] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Revan Updates and Improvements

    Vader's Vault.
  8. Revan Updates and Improvements

    Who is the maker? Just ordered two from saber forge Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Revan Updates and Improvements

    Finally also received my Vader's Vault Rev-N as well.
  10. Revan Updates and Improvements

  11. Revan Updates and Improvements

    Front and back both
  12. AhsokaFreakingTano Seventh Sister WIP

    So, for my final project in one of my classes, we have to 'design a look' well she only needs 1 piece of said look and my Jacket is going to need help only draping can satisfy. The only way I can justify why these muslin test garments don't fit well in several places is the following: I made the patterns digitally for another class, I was also 3 weeks post-car wreck and barely functioning like a normal human being, and I hate drafting on the computer I found out, I like doing it by hand on paper so I can see my lines first. Anyway, here we go. So the pants: overall they're really not awful, Any fit issues, all the pulling at the crotch is from the fact that this is muslin, and my fabric does have some stretch in it so I'm not worried about that. Waistband looks like it fits, and if I taper in the sides, we'll be golden. That's easy. Simple. I got that. Pfft. The jacket... okay let's do this the old-fashioned way. Pros: Overall it fits pretty good, I'm not going to touch the sleeves, I think they fit really nicely and will be better again: out of my actual fabric, oh and hemmed. I think the overall length is also good, I didn't hem this, I know I factored one into my patterns, but I didn't do it here. I think the overall fit is okay. I'm not going to mess with my princess seams until I fix the side seams, I want to fix all this extra stuff on the sides and doing that will change how the jacket hangs, I'll also take it in slightly at the side seams, After that I'll see if I need to take in my princess seams but I don't think that I will. The seams on the back look amazing, they seem to fit really well and I'll be able to tell more once I fix those side seams. Until I get to that point: my updates will be slow, I'm running around like a crazy person all the time trying to finish up my final semester of college and get all my personal costumes done (there are many) by October in order to prepare for Celebration. *sigh* may the force be with me. But: If I can help anyone else in any way, please don't hesitate to ask!
  13. Sokar's Revan build

    Ok thanks, will do.
  14. Flashheart gets Savage

    Painted all armour today. Acrylic primer followed by a coat of Ironlak 'Battleship'. Then splatterings of Ironlak 'Chrome' & 'Melbourne' to finish the top coats. Next is 'weathering' and giving it the raw metal finish it needs (blacks, greens and yellows). A few final touches on the vambraces (leather bands around the wrists) and it should be ready for first suit up. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  15. Last week
  16. Revan Updates and Improvements

    THIS MAKES ME HAPPY TO SEEEEEE. Also, do you have both a front and back set or just front?
  17. Sokar's Revan build

    Yes, it is in editing phase. The photos that were going to be used were lost before upload. If you look at my WIP, you'll be able to see things as they should be. Please, PLEASE do NOT do pleats on your shoulders or in the back of the hood when you make your soft parts!
  18. Names Called While Trooping

    My favorite one to date is a dad who, when trying to explain who I was to his young son, called me, "That one Jedi dude from the Battle of Endor".
  19. Flashheart gets Savage

    Things have been a little slack on my behalf in updating this so here goes for a nice big update. Have been putting in some hard work in making everything look 100%. All armour parts are complete and ready for paint (reshaped the shoulders as they were a little bit off in appearance). Toe caps are made by papier mache and then covered with automotive body filler and sanded to shape. All foam armour parts are covered with fibreglass resin to seal in prep for painting and also to give a surface to scuff and scratch for pre weathering. Fixed the shoulders to the vest via press studs and same with the shin guards to the boots then covered all press studs with body filler and sanded. Skirt, pants, tabard, obi and vest all painstakingly made by the awesome Mammasith of the Redback Garrison (i wouldnt ask her to make one for you in the near future as she may refuse hehe). Belt is made by using leather contact adhesive and joining a 50mm (2 inch) black belt to 2x 38mm (1.5 inch) black belts that are reversed to utilise the grey raw leather. Then buckle and belt greeblies are 3D printed and all fixed via press studs on the reverse that are superglued in place. Undershirt is just a cheap one from China that has no markings on it. Vambraces are clone trooper ones that have been modified to look like Savages by using more body filler and shaping accordingly. Bicep armour is held in place by press studs on elastic straps that just go around the arm. Thats about it really. Will post another picture and update when i have all armour painted and ready to go. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  20. Names Called While Trooping

    My wife usually gets "Laura Croft" in her Aphra
  21. Sokar's Revan build

    Greetings, I'm Laurent ''Sokar'' from the Luxembourg Outpost, and I'm planning to expand my costume collection with one of my favorite Sith. For the most parts I intend to make the costume at home. I ordered some black fabric which I want to use for all pieces except the red part. I purchased the WA V2 Mask and for boots i want to use my jackboots that I already use with my tie/gunner costumes. For the armor/handplates/vambraces I plan to use Worbla, leather (for the armor bridge) and foam. Or does anyone have any 3DP files? Still need to get and modify the shirt and get the gloves. For the Lightsaber, i'm looking to get something from Ultrasabers as i already have one saber from them. I saw that people recommend the schock LE or the normal schock with a repainted guardian pommel. In some parts I find the CRL confusing. Is the CRL in the process of being updated? For example: Capelet to Cuirass connection. In the main picture I see rings and the crl says rings with different sizes but in the detail chest armor picture i see rings and swivel snaps? What can be used? Another difference I saw is concerning the lower ab/kidney rings. In the detail picture they are connected with a very fine metal line to the armor, whereas in the main picture i see the 1'' leather connection which is mentioned in the crl. Well anyway quite some more research required to kick off this build. My current timeframe is to have the costume ready to go by the end of September.
  22. Names Called While Trooping

    As Aphra Most often question is "Are you Rose?" My new name is Not Rose according to some of my Garrison mates
  23. Revan Updates and Improvements

    I used hot glue myself. It works well, but be careful on the side rings, makes the fit a bit tighter where the front and back armor come together.
  24. Names Called While Trooping

    As Revan I get Kylo Ren and then told I have the wrong saber. Non canon kylo Vader Nobody in a proper costume Muslim (normally by the older generation) Best one though is when I get called the grim reaper. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  25. Revan Updates and Improvements

    I am really needing to update my armor and I thank you so much for your photos. Did you attach the leather for the rings with glue or another type of adhesive?
  26. Revan Updates and Improvements

    Having just recently purchased from you, I appreciate this a lot!
  27. Revan Updates and Improvements

    Due to the elastic straps snapping that held the gauntlet armor in place, I used industrial velcro squares to attach them now.
  28. Revan Updates and Improvements

    Update, removed the strings attaching the rings and replaced with leather.
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