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  2. Azrayel74

    Azrayel's Revan Build

    Because i enjoy having my kit identifiable, and maybe because im crazy enough to try painting Husky Totes < not recommended for the weak of heart as paint doesnt stick well> I finished a repaint of my smaller Husky that now houses my Revan < as well as my 2 Imperial kits> and thought id share for entertainment, or ideas for others.
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  5. TI-12230

    Working on an imperial Knight

    I believe KW is about the only maker currently for the Imperial Knight armor.
  6. DarthValkyria

    Arica blue dress build

    This one is just now crossing my desk. This specific one would need to include LMO input on if it would be approvable as we have required 360 views of costumes that are different from existing approved costumes, which I believe it is only this picture. It doesn't tell us what the boots look like or what the back looks like, and given that it differs from the approved version, we can't assume similarities. I would say it would be difficult to be able to validate this version.
  7. DarthValkyria

    Revan Saber?

    501st requires a, "New to the Legion" process for approval of costumes that are not publicly viewable on the official CRL page. It is probably similar to the RL one as you need to provide the 360 degrees of official references to denote accuracy to the references in the build. Once the costume is made and photos submitted with the references showing the 360, it goes to the LMO and DL to decide on if it is approved or not. After it is approved, it joins the public CRL list as approvable. It is just more work to do the new costume than an established one.
  8. DarthValkyria

    Traitor Barriss Offee build up

    If i recall, there were some specific differences in the dress, itself as the chest area is, for lack of a better term to come into my head right now, "pleated" differently, along with the sleeves.
  9. I was camping out of town and was unable to change permissions, but everyone should be updated now!
  10. DarthValkyria

    Revan update. Blood-dragon, SL 4953

    Upgrades are coming along nicely!
  11. Azrayel74

    Azrayel's Revan Build

    With as much velcro as i have on it... it really becomes part of the hard armor parts for me... gives a bit of flex and movement i wouldnt have in full armor. but i definitely like having the full bridge instead of parts the can gap at the sides. I actually now have it setup so that my skirts ALSO velcro onto the inside bottom edge of my bridge as well so in essence my bridge becomes the center point to the whole kit, holding the skirts up, keeping armor in place and still giving me some flexibility.
  12. darthshinzu

    Starkiller Patch Run

    $7.00 each & includes US shipping. PayPal Please use family and friends or include fees to make up the difference. Thanks!
  13. Helmet modeling is finished and ready for 3D printing. Still a long way on soft parts, spandex plan didn’t work so well think. Maybe just black spandex and add white fabric later may give better results and also need to change shape of front of tunic v to more of a trapeze shape I feel.
  14. Dacile

    Newly Approved Members Post Here!!!

    Congrats! Looks great!
  15. Blood-dragon

    Revan update. Blood-dragon, SL 4953

    Finally getting around to updating my Revan to the new CRL. Changes so far from the bottom up. new boots. Leather, square toe , cross strap, silver gray weathered. Split skirt to replace hakam abdomen and and kidney armor updated with red stripe, 2 in rings , repaint. rebuilt back armor and clasps replaced with rings on the chest armor silver weathering added to armor bridges. still working on vambraces aces to single piece and new hood and capelet. Still a work in progress , but progress is good. Hope to submit for new approval soon.
  16. Glory530

    Newly Approved Members Post Here!!!

    I just got my Mara Jade approved yesterday, and this is my first approved costume! I'm super excited!!! DS 50191, Great Lakes Garrison
  17. Requesting Detachment access please
  18. Hello, I would like to request detachment access. The link to my 501st profile is below. Thanks!
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  20. Sokar117

    SL-34300 Darth Nihilus Kotor 2 WIP

    Got the shipping notification from Wicked armor today, so hopefully the mask and gloves will arrive in the next few weeks, for the saber i went with a vaders vault rev'n standard in silver, so that should be here hopefully still this year. The last one i ordered from them took 6 months to arrive, but the quality is definitely worth the wait. I expect the boots to be shipping soon as well, with everything on the way I hope to have this finished for the autumn/winter season of trooping. and of course i'll bring it along to Anaheim next year Much easier to transport than revan
  21. Mitthrawnuruodo

    AlphaZulu Starkiller Concept Build

    WOW! Excellent work
  22. AlphaZulu

    AlphaZulu Starkiller Concept Build

    I really didn’t want to leave for work today. I made some great progress.
  23. hikuro1983

    Lee's Sith Acolyte WIP

    Thanks maybe I'll get lucky with the suit somewhere....I got to travel an hour or more to another town to find anything good for things to build these kind of costumes. Thanks Keith! Sith Acolyte's been something I wanted to do for a long long time but could never figure out where to get the armor....closest was 3D printing or EVA I have the files for an EVA Foam build but I never have a lot of great luck with that kind of building. But I'm also quite use to being called Vader in my Tie....god that was annoying. As for my robe, I asked for the red to be sewn onto the sleeves, my biggest fear is that the size won't be correct and end up being to big. Worse case scenario will have to rip the seams off and paint it by hand. But that undersuit is gonna kill me, I just dunno what is gonna work for me being a bigger guy around the middle.
  24. TK Keith

    Lee's Sith Acolyte WIP

    Hi! Congratulations on your two year anniversary in the Legion. You’ve picked an amazing Sith costume- the Acolyte! (Be prepared for fans to debate whether you are Vader or Kylo. Haha) It seems like you have made a lot of progress in finding your materials. The Mynock’s Den armor is beautiful. I don’t have any advice on the undersuit- I just use my TK suit. One question for you- did your order the robe with the red stripes sewn onto the sleeves or will you be painting those on yourself? The sewn on stripes are able to be approved, but I personally enjoy the appearance of painted sleeves myself. Here’s the paint I used, on the advice of others in this group.
  25. TK Keith

    WIP Sith Acolyte

    I’m enjoying seeing your progress. A question- what will you do to create the grooves pattern on the thighs?
  26. AlphaZulu

    AlphaZulu Starkiller Concept Build

    Don’t know how it shows up in pics but the Gum Tragacanth and some burnishing works wonders and really makes it look professional. Foreground belt has been burnished, background has not. I used Fiebing’s brand from for only $6
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