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  1. Ancient Sith Lords Rule the Galaxy......POTF 02-03.04 2022 Cologne Germany, (All Rights Reserved Lucas film Limited)
  2. video-1574713228.mp4 The Constant issue is always questionable to hold , who ,what and for how long. Lets be Honest Darth Malgus costume Old Republic 2007. 2022 is a hard handle to get a hold of since Wicked Armor (Rob Rodgers) put a hold on production molds. Year to year I myself improvise to maintain the complete armor, front and back models. But must admit there is updated new models and formats appearing this year in 2022 on the Short mini video film exclusive threw (LFL) If you hit the lottery, go for it, but honestly the character is awesome, but other wise hard to do without help or team, your going to be hurting, on time and space to get ready. Average Malgus time is at least 2 hrs pre prep time with another person , (knowing and reliable) on how to get you dressed.... Please do not think it´s a vader Costume, nor comfortable to do event´s with! "Darth Malgus" is original Prop Costume, if others wear it it´s a cheap fabrication. SL 19290
  3. March 2022 Embarks on the "Power Of the Force Convention" in Cologne Germany. (02,03.04.22) From the Ashes of Korriban many Ancient Sith Lords arrived. Always a eye opener for the Expanded edition Star Wars fans. S.L. 19290 "Darth Malgus", "Sith Acoylte" & "Darth Revan" are always a delight. WE HAVE RETURNED (All rights reserved Lucas Film Limited) https://www.instagram.com/p/CcEH0j9qaxr/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CcEEVzYqz7Q/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CcEGdQdKhum/
  4. Mrs, Marley i do apologize for my statements but they were real from the heart, the tireless dedication towards Star Wars, should mean something to you. In that note and on true statement , S.L. 19290 feel that the Armor on Character Darth Malgus" is not complete to standard terms. It is however acknowledged to me that Rob Rodgers has concluded the front template, however i Have completed the back plate to all definition..... yet the T.F.E has not accepted in 2 times to the description, within a 2 year timeline. After the manuscript on definition i do not acknowledge the result in terms, self on photo as a demo but yet have the finalization 2 BackArmor.......Seriously S.L 19290 video-1574713228.mp4
  5. The Master and His Apprentice, Darth Vindican with Darth Malgus, I am the DECEIVER,,,,,,WE HAVE RETURNED! (Ultimate "Sith Lord" Legacies), Photos taken bye "Ayşe Hür"..all (photos are non exclusive any copyright Infringement is prohibited...Lucas Ltd. 2021! Actors Marco Boßmann and Michael Z K Breunig, Speyer Science Fiction Show 26.09.2021.
  6. (From L-R) Actor Marco Bossman, (Darth Vindican), Mimi Mainka, (Sith Queen Mimi) & The Old Grumpy man who escaped Carbonite again....Sith Lord (Darth Malgus)
  7. © All rights reserved TM Lucasfilm Ltd. Photos taken @ Speyer XIV Sept 26 2021 Germany

  8. © All rights reserved TM Lucasfilm Ltd. Photos taken @ Speyer XIV Sept 26 2021 Germany

  9. © All rights reserved TM Lucasfilm Ltd. Photos taken @ Speyer XIV Sept 26 2021 Germany

  10. © All rights reserved TM Lucasfilm Ltd. Photos taken @ Speyer XIV Sept 26 2021 Germany

  11. © All rights reserved TM Lucasfilm Ltd. Photos taken @ Speyer XIV Sept 26 2021 Germany

  12. S.L. 19290 "Darth Malgus" 501st (German Garrison) Arma Candida , T.F.E.
  13. The Dark Over Lord, Sith Legend Darth Malgus! Known as the Deceiver and accomplished War Lord, has campaigned his sacking of Coruscant and Alderan to make a new attack on a Planet called Earth, way beyond the Outer Rim system! S.L. 19290 of the T.F.E. and German Garrison has finally taken on the leading role as the Only Darth Malgus in Europe for the time being, and is looking forward meeting new T.F.E. members and aiming his goal to premiering in a upcoming Gala Event Show if needed.... Upon any information that is needed I will gladly always offer my experience in the character as well in building and prop making aspects to the costume... From Health issue precautions and finance capabilities to acquire such a costume, feel free to ask any questions. The character is not a easy one nor should it be approached lightly, but has a magnificent characteristic to the Star Wars Expanded edition. Enjoy from Events 11.05.19 Power of the Force Con, Obershausen Germany 29.06.19 Comic Con Convention, Stuttgart Germany 29.09.19 Speyer XII Technique Museum Convention, Speyer Germany
  14. Hi Thomas, I read the Old Post on Trading Card Run, and left a reply . I wanted to know if you could help, Dani Elli from the Luxembourg Garrison advised me to contact you, she informed me that you did numerous trading cards for the TFE and Lux Garrison.


    I´m in Germany, we have a Trading Card team as well, but I liked your work and Gloss Cards Better , so I have 3 Characters to do. 1. Darth Vader 2. Jawa (Chief Nebit) 3. Darth Malgus.


    Let me know if this is possible, we did the photo sessions in Green Screen Background...as the example.

    There are many photos that can be used but 1st i wanted to check.

    I have plenty more over 650...lol 






    1. The Clone Emperor

      The Clone Emperor

      Good evening,

      I can help you make a card for your Flagship Eclipse character.

      If interested please use my email thecloneemperor@gmail.com to continue the conversation.

      Be well,

    2. Rep.Commando Slayer
    3. Rep.Commando Slayer

      Rep.Commando Slayer

      I sent a mail... Passed it yesterday , please check your email. 


  15. Wrong Boot Original Malgus Prop Is Milwaukee Motorcycle Boot
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