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  1. S.L. 19290 "Darth Malgus" 501st (German Garrison) Arma Candida , T.F.E.
  2. The Dark Over Lord, Sith Legend Darth Malgus! Known as the Deceiver and accomplished War Lord, has campaigned his sacking of Coruscant and Alderan to make a new attack on a Planet called Earth, way beyond the Outer Rim system! S.L. 19290 of the T.F.E. and German Garrison has finally taken on the leading role as the Only Darth Malgus in Europe for the time being, and is looking forward meeting new T.F.E. members and aiming his goal to premiering in a upcoming Gala Event Show if needed.... Upon any information that is needed I will gladly always offer my experience
  3. Hi Thomas, I read the Old Post on Trading Card Run, and left a reply . I wanted to know if you could help, Dani Elli from the Luxembourg Garrison advised me to contact you, she informed me that you did numerous trading cards for the TFE and Lux Garrison.


    I´m in Germany, we have a Trading Card team as well, but I liked your work and Gloss Cards Better , so I have 3 Characters to do. 1. Darth Vader 2. Jawa (Chief Nebit) 3. Darth Malgus.


    Let me know if this is possible, we did the photo sessions in Green Screen Background...as the example.

    There are many photos that can be used but 1st i wanted to check.

    I have plenty more over 650...lol 






    1. The Clone Emperor

      The Clone Emperor

      Good evening,

      I can help you make a card for your Flagship Eclipse character.

      If interested please use my email thecloneemperor@gmail.com to continue the conversation.

      Be well,

    2. Rep.Commando Slayer
    3. Rep.Commando Slayer

      Rep.Commando Slayer

      I sent a mail... Passed it yesterday , please check your email. 


  4. Wrong Boot Original Malgus Prop Is Milwaukee Motorcycle Boot
  5. For All the Vader Fans out there, another Troop Photos taken at the Star Wars In Concert (R.O.T.J) In Frankfurt Germany. S.L. 19290 and 14199 Of the German Garrison (Arma Candida) 21.02.2020 Enjoy
  6. Also a total surround Video clip of the completed armor front to back and saber use. video-1574713228.mp4 video-1578353269.mp4
  7. Some more updated photos. from Nov and the T.R.O.S Release in Dec 2019....
  8. Original Props for Malgus sequence is Milwaukee Motor Cycle Leather Boots.
  9. Hi Nina, to effectively make certain changes to the C.R.L modifications, I can not do, I only can advise because of updating and building the props....I am not a GMO, however I can have a Back up adviser such as Chris, or Rob Rodgers from Wicked Armor from the merchandise that they sell. With Darth Malgus costume it is a very complex issue due to the low attendance of members making the costume. However, there are new builders from what I have heard that are also doing the animated Video Game Version of Darth Malgus.... Just from my part since im constantly working on t
  10. One of my favorites, it has a very strong image......Long live the Galactic Empire....
  11. The best one that I found out trooping only 2 times as Darth Malgus was standing next to another SL Vader as Anaykin series.... People really get confused with both of us with facial burns and scars wondering who the hell is who? Until the breathing respirator factor comes in from Vader....lol
  12. The Dark Lord Approves, Danish Legends I am quite interested! Pass me your thread or Pay Pal account, Im working on completing my Complete T.F.E. Jacket! Sith Over Lord Darth Malgus....lol SL 19290 Michael Breunig
  13. Create CRL Development Forums: Utilizing the legion forums for open and transparent development of new the legion CRLs.. (Q3) Just to add to this topic, has there been a updated development for the Legion within the T.F.E? The C.R.L modifications to certain character standards needs a massive update, that includes the character that I have as an S.L. SL 19290 Michael Breunig
  14. Back Armor.... and processing getting ready...
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