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  1. Hi Nina, to effectively make certain changes to the C.R.L modifications, I can not do, I only can advise because of updating and building the props....I am not a GMO, however I can have a Back up adviser such as Chris, or Rob Rodgers from Wicked Armor from the merchandise that they sell. With Darth Malgus costume it is a very complex issue due to the low attendance of members making the costume. However, there are new builders from what I have heard that are also doing the animated Video Game Version of Darth Malgus.... Just from my part since im constantly working on the character prop, and have the original prop of 2 only made, I think its also better to keep pushing photos forward, so that at least someone from the T.F.E. has more added info to review and can make decisions from.... Regarding the Silicon Mask, as the C.R.L states that is optional, as the Under Wear Suit from Vader within the color content, Dark Grey or Black... The most biggest issue that I feel that need´s to be stated is the Safety precautions wearing the costume, within meaning of heat exhaustion... This is considered a safety precaution and should be mentioned within the C.R.L Guidelines. Which in a way is at least a fair warning. Again I can advise, but will wait til I receive a mail on the Subject for updating the C.R.L. Mike (SL 19290)
  2. One of my favorites, it has a very strong image......Long live the Galactic Empire....
  3. The Dark Over Lord, Sith Legend Darth Malgus! Known as the Deceiver and accomplished War Lord, has campaigned his sacking of Coruscant and Alderan to make a new attack on a Planet called Earth, way beyond the Outer Rim system! S.L. 19290 of the T.F.E. and German Garrison has finally taken on the leading role as the Only Darth Malgus in Europe for the time being, and is looking forward meeting new T.F.E. members and aiming his goal to premiering in a upcoming Gala Event Show if needed.... Upon any information that is needed I will gladly always offer my experience in the character as well in building and prop making aspects to the costume... From Health issue precautions and finance capabilities to acquire such a costume, feel free to ask any questions. The character is not a easy one nor should it be approached lightly, but has a magnificent characteristic to the Star Wars Expanded edition. Enjoy from Events 11.05.19 Power of the Force Con, Obershausen Germany 29.06.19 Comic Con Convention, Stuttgart Germany 29.09.19 Speyer XII Technique Museum Convention, Speyer Germany
  4. The best one that I found out trooping only 2 times as Darth Malgus was standing next to another SL Vader as Anaykin series.... People really get confused with both of us with facial burns and scars wondering who the hell is who? Until the breathing respirator factor comes in from Vader....lol
  5. The Dark Lord Approves, Danish Legends I am quite interested! Pass me your thread or Pay Pal account, Im working on completing my Complete T.F.E. Jacket! Sith Over Lord Darth Malgus....lol SL 19290 Michael Breunig
  6. Create CRL Development Forums: Utilizing the legion forums for open and transparent development of new the legion CRLs.. (Q3) Just to add to this topic, has there been a updated development for the Legion within the T.F.E? The C.R.L modifications to certain character standards needs a massive update, that includes the character that I have as an S.L. SL 19290 Michael Breunig
  7. Back Armor.... and processing getting ready...
  8. Greeting´s MichMx, Darth Malgus Armor. There is standard Props made bye Wicked Armor send a mail to Rob Rodgers, https://wickedarmor.com/. Also a Builder called Plaigeous from Ireland is most former known as the Cos Play Actor for Lucas Ltd, in the Video game shooting´s, Old Republic! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCguDbIcGXrM1n7wWwzVotEw Direct 3D schematics is a hard one to find but i combined mine in a run which i bought 2nd hand, then made my own templates peace bye peace and combined them to a Football Shoulder Pad to give it a total surround complete armor look. the front was made bye Wicked Armor 5 years ago. Im not sure if Rob is remaking the product at the moment, there was a stop production stage they did last year, but its best to drop him a mail to see what is available....i know he still sales parts, not sure about the complete package. about making a complete upper armor chest peace , front and back i would not advise due to the comfort and durability from heat and sweat, your going to have a hard time getting in and out, the more modification on heavy duty props the harder and more suffering you will go threw...the other factor is you need to make the material as flexible as possible for bending reasons . One stumble and that´s all she wrote like a T.K. uniform bang broke and your starting from square one. The mid stomach section i re-modified with original real Leather Belt straps so you can bend and lean in, the older prop was a vinyl synthetic strips and it became like Rice Krispy´s, snap crackle and pop! its broke, not once but many times, so please do not fall into that pitfall prop trap. with complete assembly for original prop and perfection your looking into a budget between 5-6 K at least. Its also depends which Darth Malgus your going to do? 1 Veradun without the Facial Scars, 2. Malgus Sacking of Alderan, 3. Deception and destruction of Coruscant. All 3 characters have different facial expressions and battle scars. My Darth Malgus is the last one in the Deceived novel. But I can do a Veradun as the Apprentice Darth Malgus is constantly becoming more Cyborg looking as well just Google him on photos and you will find many versions popping up. However you still need to follow the standard C.R.L. guideline rules if you wish to become an official member of TFE or 501st depending what Squadron your looking into. If it something that you want to do on your own then trial and error is your acomplishments...just beware you do not go to overboard and find out that all the work becomes not accepted and that happens often. There are 2 Darth Malgus members that have the original prop costume, that is Dominic Repper from Tampa Garrison and myself we both have the original prop C.R.L Costume... There are 2 other members from Texas and Virginia that have Malgus but a new edition in prop manufacture. Also there is the Under suite Darth Vader wear, Original Black or the Dark Grey Mesh.... If you need any assistance on further information just reply and I will gladly help. On Video footage on how to make a complete Chest Armor send me your mail and I can forward the data info. Hope this helps in a way. SL 19290 Michael Breunig TFE/501st/German Garrison. Photos included
  9. After experimenting on certain back side armor proposals I finally finalized the back side Under Body Armor Suite for Darth Malgus. The same body suit used for Darth Vader series but with flexible Armor Padding on the rear torso, and under legs... Makes it easy to sit down and is completed for a all round look with the front Legging Armor.... Will be worn for the Special premiere at Speyer XII in Sinsheim Germany (29.09.19), photos to come.... Enjoy...Rep. Commando Slayer SL 19290
  10. Ahh Yes ...A New Apprentice for the Dark Lord!.....lol

    1. VickyVic
    2. Rep.Commando Slayer

      Rep.Commando Slayer

      Vicky Vic, greetings Sith´ari.....

      How are things down under.   Definitely like the Red Hair Look it fits you well.

      Maybe One day we will troop as Sith Lords together, to bad distance is a virtue but within the galaxies far far away that is only a jump to hyper space...

      THe Over Lord "Darth Malgus" (Rep. Commando Slayer) Mike



  11. Greetings Flagship Members, I wanted to point out a couple of issues that I feel is important to review.... The C.R.L. Standard costume which I have the Original template from Wicked Armor, really needs to become updated in the description threw all 501st Legions Forum´s and Homepages World Wide. Since the character is an expansion Sith Legend, and is reviewed threw the F.E.D I think it´s about time for an update. Since Wicked Armor will be making new merchandise this year and had a dormant stage in the character, it is advisable to gather the complete information on parts and accessories of the costume. No disrespect towards other Cos Play builders who attempt to make there own templates and mold there craft in ideas, but i think the original prop issue is a delicate matter and a huge investment for those who want to go all the way. There for should be a standard of Integrity for the character before it becomes a Jawa prop issue, in meaning there is a definite big issue on people who attempt to make a Jawa costumes, which is one of the easiest characters to do for a reasonable budget to get in for membership threw the Garrisons. However not every Jawa really fits the bill. To my acknowledgement I think there is 3 original Darth Malgus authentic prop members, including myself at the time threw out the whole World. For those who are interested in becoming the character and are willing to invest a budget between 3,5-5,5 K, I think it is only fair to warn the people what they are getting into and have a complete updated information formula for those who want to invest. With Parts, Materials, Electronics,3-D Molds, and of course Synthetic Mask´s. Biggest issue the Health Hazards and safety warning precautions upon Trooping as the character, and getting dressed with help assistance. Do not think it´s an average Vader costume that you can get ready within 60 minutes time, forget it! Just being real and honest on the criteria of the character.
  12. Adult "Ahsoka Tano" Gear "For Sale", will be premiered @ Comic Con Stuttgart 2019 (Serious Inquiries Only) Boots,Sabre,leggings and Head Peace Not included! Chest Peace is upside down in the picture provided, can be changed right side up....https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=10219697032565396&id=1505004888
  13. SL 19290 Rep,Commando Slayer, Just wanted to know if anyone has started on Darth Sion Yet. Since I have completed Malgus, I was wondering what would be the issue with such a character to get approved! Actually the Costume is not that complicated in comparison to other Sith Legends! Give me a holler who has some input or feedback. SL 19290
  14. Just an update and photos on the featured Silicon Prosthetic Mask (Oneal FX Studios) made. Depending on the make up material you can work wonders bye scaring the hell out of people. Dripping Blood or Flesh Burn effects are the key eye opener. I try to do both. Had my 1st Premiere troop and people are shocked, same with the Garrison. Allot amazed that even such a character exist´s. Daniel Eghan (Rogue One TX) even spoke to me and stated Man I wish I could do that character, which he would fit the bill and mold totally because of his height proportion. Feels good walking bye all the Vaders who claim the supreme leadership and get gas fazed when Malgus walks bye.....lol Enjoy. Photos taken @ "Power Of The Force Con", 2019 Oberhausen Germany
  15. Greeting´s F.E.D. members or Sith Legends. Just a couple of updates, New Respirator´s VS Old Respirator´s. Here is the breakdown , Rob Rodgers still makes the Original format Respirator for Darth Malgus, and is working on a new silicon mask that is combined with the Respirator together, when it becomes released I will pass the info! Plaegous from Ireland also made a new template of the Respirator, which I got to copy bye his approval and had made threw 3-D Print, it came out kick ass. I can advise when purchasing the Silicon Mask bye Oneal F.X. Studios your going to have to re modify your respirator bigger due to the size of the mask. (length mainly) the old respirator will be to small and the chin will stick out. If your rocking make up without any silicon prosthetic then the official old respirator sill suffice and do the job.
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