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  1. Rep.Commando Slayer

    Darth Malgus (CRL Update needed)

    Greetings Flagship Members, I wanted to point out a couple of issues that I feel is important to review.... The C.R.L. Standard costume which I have the Original template from Wicked Armor, really needs to become updated in the description threw all 501st Legions Forum´s and Homepages World Wide. Since the character is an expansion Sith Legend, and is reviewed threw the F.E.D I think it´s about time for an update. Since Wicked Armor will be making new merchandise this year and had a dormant stage in the character, it is advisable to gather the complete information on parts and accessories of the costume. No disrespect towards other Cos Play builders who attempt to make there own templates and mold there craft in ideas, but i think the original prop issue is a delicate matter and a huge investment for those who want to go all the way. There for should be a standard of Integrity for the character before it becomes a Jawa prop issue, in meaning there is a definite big issue on people who attempt to make a Jawa costumes, which is one of the easiest characters to do for a reasonable budget to get in for membership threw the Garrisons. However not every Jawa really fits the bill. To my acknowledgement I think there is 3 original Darth Malgus authentic prop members, including myself at the time threw out the whole World. For those who are interested in becoming the character and are willing to invest a budget between 3,5-5,5 K, I think it is only fair to warn the people what they are getting into and have a complete updated information formula for those who want to invest. With Parts, Materials, Electronics,3-D Molds, and of course Synthetic Mask´s. Biggest issue the Health Hazards and safety warning precautions upon Trooping as the character, and getting dressed with help assistance. Do not think it´s an average Vader costume that you can get ready within 60 minutes time, forget it! Just being real and honest on the criteria of the character.
  2. Adult "Ahsoka Tano" Gear "For Sale", will be premiered @ Comic Con Stuttgart 2019 (Serious Inquiries Only) Boots,Sabre,leggings and Head Peace Not included! Chest Peace is upside down in the picture provided, can be changed right side up....
  3. SL 19290 Rep,Commando Slayer, Just wanted to know if anyone has started on Darth Sion Yet. Since I have completed Malgus, I was wondering what would be the issue with such a character to get approved! Actually the Costume is not that complicated in comparison to other Sith Legends! Give me a holler who has some input or feedback. SL 19290
  4. Just an update and photos on the featured Silicon Prosthetic Mask (Oneal FX Studios) made. Depending on the make up material you can work wonders bye scaring the hell out of people. Dripping Blood or Flesh Burn effects are the key eye opener. I try to do both. Had my 1st Premiere troop and people are shocked, same with the Garrison. Allot amazed that even such a character exist´s. Daniel Eghan (Rogue One TX) even spoke to me and stated Man I wish I could do that character, which he would fit the bill and mold totally because of his height proportion. Feels good walking bye all the Vaders who claim the supreme leadership and get gas fazed when Malgus walks Enjoy. Photos taken @ "Power Of The Force Con", 2019 Oberhausen Germany
  5. Rep.Commando Slayer

    New Respirator (D.Malgus) Plaegous Version

    Greeting´s F.E.D. members or Sith Legends. Just a couple of updates, New Respirator´s VS Old Respirator´s. Here is the breakdown , Rob Rodgers still makes the Original format Respirator for Darth Malgus, and is working on a new silicon mask that is combined with the Respirator together, when it becomes released I will pass the info! Plaegous from Ireland also made a new template of the Respirator, which I got to copy bye his approval and had made threw 3-D Print, it came out kick ass. I can advise when purchasing the Silicon Mask bye Oneal F.X. Studios your going to have to re modify your respirator bigger due to the size of the mask. (length mainly) the old respirator will be to small and the chin will stick out. If your rocking make up without any silicon prosthetic then the official old respirator sill suffice and do the job.
  6. Rep.Commando Slayer

    Malgus Silicon mask, is it approvable?

    @ Ratchet, great to hear. Yes the Character is a dynamic Sith Lord, actually one of the most powerful of all within the story legacies that inspired Emperor Palpetine. Try to get the Book of the Sith to get detailed information on Malgus, or the Paperback Deceived, there you have great info on his characteristics, his issues as well envy and jealousy issues with Eelana. I get into the character because I actually almost live a lifestyle as such because of the respirator at night due to my snoaring and facial scars that I had received in Iraq threw O.P. Desert Storm in the 90´s. But enough about me, it´s up up to you how you bring the Sith Lord to life.... take care!. Mike
  7. Rep.Commando Slayer

    Malgus Silicon mask, is it approvable?

    To Reply to Ratchet, Malgus1438,Yankee71, All responses are correct, yet I must admit I have purchased the mask that is listed and shown above on the You Tube Video! Jeremy Oneal, Oneal FX Studios makes the Silicon Mask, your going to pay around $300-$350 with shipping and handling depending on where it is being sent! About the Mask you still will have to use adhesives to glue the sternum and jaw and lip area, if you have a mustache or beard not advisable with the glue adhesive. Depending on your make up skills you can make the mask look really awesome. There are 2 versions of Malgus as the Padawan before his injuries and of course the Battle of Alderan. Malgus 1438 is correct that silicon parts that are glued at certain parts of the face is easier to handle and less pressure on the head, the mask weighs a good 2 & half pounds that is extra on top of your face. For eliminating the sweating problem I used Silicon PVC Tubing that fit underneath the mask with air holes and 2 ventilators that goes underneath the armor around the belt area! Completely removing the sweat is impossible, within 15 minutes without the fans your ear holes of the mask will start dripping water out!. Trooping in the Summer with the mask is not advisable, im planning on a event this May of Power of the Force Con to see how it goes? You will need an assistant to watch over you while trooping with the complete gear on especially with the Mask (plenty of water with a straw, do not forget the straw). For Make Up you need to use Camo Make up that is water resistant preferably Black around the Eye areas. for the Mask Oil Based make Up that is removable later. There are ways to cheat the air flow bye making tiny holes in the latex silicon mask at the top of its head, but you can see the steam coming out especially if your in a cool area.... Other wise it´s all trial and error, big issue when wearing the Mask you will need to put a Fan within the Respirator that you can wear as optional. I would advise while wearing the respirator built a fan in the mouth area so you receive enough oxygen and do not pass out. Hope this helps!
  8. Rep.Commando Slayer

    Darth Malgus - looking for information

    I agree with Yankee 71! Try something that´s less in expensive to start and become a member 1st within your Garrison. Plaigus is a builder out of Ireland, has really top quality but you better have a heavy wallet. Another is Rob Rodgers from Wicked Armor. Between the both depending if you want to go half the budget I would advise Rob Rodgers from Wicked Armor, they have the 3D templates. With Plaigus, your going to have to invest in a package of a sum around 3-4 K depending on the € rate or $ rate! Both will take time and have allot of patience before they even start building. I got lucky buying a set 2nd hand because Darth Malgus was out of assembly for 2 years! There are updated versions and original versions as shown in the Video game! Its your choice wich style you want, Mask etc, or just Make Up!. For the Mask is Jeremy Oneal from Oneal FX Studios in Ohio USA! Or you can order Silicon peaces and attach them on the face, procedure 1-2 hrs time drying and make up etc. I do not want to advise on topics honestly defeat the matter, but your really going to have to chew on it and ask yourself if you have the time,dedication and finance to take it is not a Normal Trooper outfit!. SL 19290
  9. Hi Flagship Fans, Just wanted to pass some Info on the Complete Front and Back Upper Armor Display for Darth Malgus. The Original template is made bye Rob Rodgers from Wicked Armor. I purchased mine 2nd hand from a former member Kenneth Svingholm from the Denmark Garrison that was the official (C.R.L)! I designed the Back Side myself with updates and foam patterns to give it a complete look, under padding is a football shoulder pad peace, because the design from Wicked is not updated and complete, however they are interested in the design that I have made and would like to use patterns from the assembly. I scrapp´d the bottom mid section and used Leather belting rather then the Vinyl Plastic plating wich breaks easily, also to note with the leather belting it becomes more flexible to move and bend in If any modification problems accur with your set or your having problems with the armor please send a mail, I will gladly help if you need any advice! Enjoy!
  10. Rep.Commando Slayer

    Malgus and face mask

    Just to inform you on the spec´s for the Mask, there are 2 designe´s , 1 Prosthetic latex that are glue able with adhesive, wich is more comfortable , but time consuming to put on. 2 Complete Silicon Latex Mask less time to glue but also advisable to glue with adhesive on the chin brows and for head. (You will need PVC silicon tubing) inside the mask to stop the sweating, with the mask, within 15 minutes the water rolls out the ears all ready if you do not have it (believe me you need it), you definitely need a ventilation system built within the mask. also good advise make sure your respirator does have a fan in the front to supply you enough oxygen before you keel over and pass out!. The Malgus costume is awesome, no doubt there, but with original props you will find it very hard to handle, it does become a battle , for actual trooping as a TK would do is not advised it is a premier costume. You will need assistance to get dressed and need an aid to watch you in case you feel faint! Fair Warning if you live in a warm climate, forget about trooping in the summer time, it is not advisable! Hope this helps, and please do not become discouraged but be safe with what you put on!. SL19290
  11. Rep.Commando Slayer

    Malgus from Wicked Armor - acceptadble?

    Great to hear the News, same here finally got the approval.
  12. Rep.Commando Slayer

    Malgus from Wicked Armor - acceptadble?

    At the moment all modifications between Back and Front Armor are in process due to 2 series of definition build, including Vinyl Rib Cage armor which is easy to break, are being updated to Leather Belt straps, before purchasing any items or spending cash please be sure to research and wait until the CRL is updated! There are 2 builders Rob Rodgers from Wicked Armor and a Cos Play Builder from Ireland called Plaigeous mainly known from the You Tube Video "Darth Malgus" Costume Test Order 66! There are allot of new modifications such as Extended Upper Shoulder Blades, New Stomach Armor, Back Calf Armor, Leather Strap for the lower legs before the Boots, Original Boot Props are Milwaukee Leather Motor Bike Boots. Combat Hand Gloves, New Updated Facial Respirator. Silicon Prosthetic Mask etc etc List can go on, Im up to 5.5K right now and still waiting on approval! At the moment there is only 1 registered 501st member as Darth Malgus from Tampa F.L. Dominic Repper. Just an update (22.04.19) I am Finally approved and must state that I have the Original 1st assembly CRL ever made from Wicked Armor! The model was made in 2012 and sold in 2013 as shown on the 501st CRL! I will make a New detailed List on products for those who are seeking the correct props to follow the character so that it become easier to get approval, but must state this is not a Prop character like ordering a TK uniform! Good luck on your search......SL 19290