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Dave's Acolyte


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So here we go.


I will order my Lightsaber from Vader's Vault.

I hope to get a complete Kit from Mynock's

but I got noch answer.

My alternative supplier comes from germany (Wolfgang F.) but since some days, I got no more infos.


Not easy to get a kit from a acolyte:)

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Now I have a complete Kit from Wolfgang. He comes from germany like me. You can see his armor in the crl.

So I have to looking for the belt pouches.

Have somebody a idea?

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I also have his kit. Enjoy the build! I love trooping in this armor.


I ended up using black nylon glove duty pouches like these.








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That looks great.

I will make my own pouches with leather this weeks.

Mynock's Den pouches are my template.

Pictures comes soon :)

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I need some help. I see some pictures with very dark acolyte armor and some was in silver grey!


Is bouth colors correct? Gun metal and silver grey??

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That's a good question! I decided to go with a darker color since that matched the reference images I was using better. I was also getting help from another new Acolyte and I liked how his armor looked, so I decided to use the same dark paint he used: Duplicate Color Perfect Match Dark Shadow Gray.


(I tried posting a few pics but photobucket isn't being nice right now )



The CRL isn't super specific one way or another. Here's what the CRL says:


Must be painted a metallic grey that is weathered in a pattern consistent with the rest of the armor.

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Can someone please confirm that the color of the armor is ok?

I get not much feedback here :(

I work and work on my acolyte and dont now if my job is ok...

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