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Everything posted by TI71186

  1. Please send a PM for Wolfgangs mailadress
  2. SL 71186 Finally approved
  3. Here a upgrade (color and weathering) Maybe my acolyte is now good enough for approve
  4. Final pictures for the request.
  5. Here the complete Armor
  6. Last part are finally ready
  7. Bags and cylinder on the belt
  8. @Emperor i'm a member since 3 years and i love the 501st. If i spend many time for a project and i cant wear it for the 501st events then the time was invested for nothing
  9. Not every bag has a silver closure
  10. You need both because there is no visor on the mask (i see no visor, maybe somebody have better screenshot) A red face defenetely...
  11. Update: working on more pictures with more details in high quality but it's really really difficult because only the battle scene shows the back. Here the first results
  12. Can someone please confirm that the color of the armor is ok? I get not much feedback here I work and work on my acolyte and dont now if my job is ok...
  13. More parts ready to rumbly
  14. Ok I play the game yesterday and makes a lot of screenshots. I think we are wrong with the story. Starkiller wear the tie pilot dress after the cursed. Directly after the first mission. He want to find out if he is a clone and heute will find the lady Juno. This is why he have to rescue Kota. He is defently no jedi in this time! Maybe no sith, rather a dark knight! Sorry for my bad grammar i hope you understand my justification. I realy think we can make them approved. It will be a big big waste if we are bureaucrats now
  15. Yes I know the story. I love this game! I tell them a second time. Same answer...maybe they have a problem with the EU.
  16. Hi all, here a special question. Is this a dress for us or for the rebel legion? They say the starkiller with this tie pilot suit is no jedi...they won't it in they list.
  17. Puuuu this is pity because I search for a long time for 360 degree view but find nothing... Thanks for the answer I will find a other second sith project
  18. Hi all, have some question about Darth Vindican. Is it possible to make them official approved? Is there not a rule with 3 source? If yes, what is with vindican's face? You see a little bit under the mask... Did you need a red silicon mask?
  19. I'm so happy when this project ends:)
  20. More pictures from my work
  21. Second Mask and cloves are ready to wear
  22. Yeehaaaa. Today comes the complete armor
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