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  1. Thought I did this, requesting detachment access please. Attached is my info. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=24396
  2. Please delete if not in right spot. I'm looking to find a new home for both a wicked armor complete costume with a VV rev-n elite RGB saber with medium weathering. Never worn other than a at home photo shoot and saber has never been dueled with. Asking 1450 for all of it. PM me or hit me on FB Austin Johnson.
  3. Bigwater offers another version of the mask, that of which i went with. Offers more facial cover and easier to wear IMO than the MWA one i have. I have a large melon.
  4. Hey guys, pretty much done with the costume, just fine tuning it atm. Anyone know of a specific shirt that would be ideal? i've pretty much planned on doing a shirt and just having a fabric tubing added from a seamstress. I've ordered a few different shirts off of Amazon but theyre either not what im looking for or too heavy or hot. Whats everyone using or would recommend?
  5. I think the manticore or monarch IMO.
  6. Teraxis, I saw your YouTube video of the unboxing of Bigwater99's gear. Good stuff.
  7. True, I have read many similar statements regarding VV vs other sabers... I hate the wait but apparently it's worth it.
  8. If you don't mind id like to see a pic or two. I'm no seamstress but I'm trying to get a idea how I need to prep the cowl setup to somewhat wrap around my shoulders and attach to the chest piece. I love the idea of seeing it and the cape together as one. That makes it easier I think
  9. Would anyone be kind to share how they manage to attach the capelet? Obviously there's room for excess fabric, I have it currently pinned into a bundle so I can stitch it together and add clips to attach inside (or I can change the setup to attach to the top clasps on the front). Just would like to see how some of you that have already been approved decided to do yours. Thanks all
  10. Sounds good, I'll check out your becoming Revan threads for sure. Thanks
  11. Please delete, I found the appropriate area to post this. Thanks!
  12. Yes sorry, thats what I meant was to the bar,
  13. I have broad shoulders and am 6 ft tall and weight 230, I lift weights when I'm off work so getting the current setup I have from MWA is like trying to squeeze into skinny jeans.... The chest and back piece/armor are cool but the silverfish ribbing sometimes pops out the side from the back piece. Wonder if that is cuz it needs to be snug front and back together to keep that in.
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