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  1. Hi and welcome The MWA Revan hardparts are approvable. The soft parts I don't know. I bought the hardparts and my dressmaker made the robe. The hakama is a normal fight sport hakama. I advise to make it the same way cause the softparts aren't good in my opinion. Hope it will help you.
  2. Thank you Maybe but I hope so
  3. Approved!! Now I'm official a Sith Lord Thanks to my dressmaker who make that possible
  4. Now it's finished. Approval pics are send and I'm now waiting for a message of my GMO. Hope you like it.
  5. Thank you I hope the result is speaking for itselves. I choos this for my cape. Now I wait for my dressmaker and the first try on.
  6. A litle update. My cape and other softparts will be made by a dressmaker and hopefully done at the beginning of the next year. Move along!
  7. Uuuuh nice pictures!! I like the armor and would like to do it I didn't know that Revan will be in TCW. I'm a bit confused because Revan is a Old Republic character so he isn't in the new canon. That make me sad that they will reactivate delated characters.
  8. Chris

    Revan V2.0

    I don't like it so much as you do. There are so much irregularities for me. But I'm a perfectionist. If some things will be corrected it will be a verry nice prop.
  9. New updates: Parts arrived last week. Softparts: Now two pics. Are the parts on the right place? Sorry for the bad quality of the last pic. If you need a better pic please say it.
  10. Hi to all out there in the world. My name is Christian and this will be my second costume. My first is a 327th Star Corps trooper http://www.501st.de/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=958&rowstart=260 My armor is ordered and will be send in the next weeks to me. It's a MWA Deluxe armor with mask and undermask. Boots I will order a pair of Knobelbecher, old boots which are used in the WW2. The Hakama only must be cut cause it's to long. The cape and hood I want to do by myself. Are there any sewing patterns which I can use? I want to combinate both things in one because I don't think he wear a two pice robe and it will be easyer to put it on by trooping. I hope some of you can help me. Thanks Christian
  11. ABS? Is he making thermoforming now? I only saw kits cast with resin.
  12. Chris

    Sculping help

    Hello, I'm still trying to sculp a head from Star Wars (what head is a little secret ) Now my question: I use super sculpey but it's verry expensive so I have to take a head and mold on this. Super sculpey is a molding mass which will be solidify in the oven. What material I can take to sculp on and live after heat on 130°C? I hope you understand my question and you can help me Cheers Christian