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WIP: Dawns **Starkiller Concept Sith Robes** (Complete)


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Ok so I want to do FAR to many costumes. With that said I also want to jump in and join the 501st! :D So I am going to start with the "easiest" (for me) to do :)


I want to make: http://www.501st.com/databank/Costuming ... er_concept



* The above image appears to be concept art but its a "good" turn around and VERY close to the in-game colors


I have bought a pile of material. Anyone see any glaring color issues?

I feel like maybe the vest color is a touch on the "not" DARK Charcoal side.. Anyone made this costume and know what they bought?? Hancock Fabrics had this one and I felt like it was perfect. Its super shiny IRL and it seems tp be the warm Charcoal Black color, but just not dark enough maybe?




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Finally got started last night, heres my progress. Still need to cut the back of the skirt to the correct length and make the Obi do what I want it to do.





think your fabric choices look pretty good. It's always a challenge to judge based on pictures since every computer screen shows them a bit differently... but they look spot-on from here!


Thank you! Totally agree. Theres so many variables on top of that!


TV screens, Comp Screens, Printed colors to factor in. Especially on a costume thats not "real" I find it a larger challenge in that sense.


Then on the In-game models you have to factor in 3d Lighting (which is as far from natural as you can get)

Thank gosh most this costume is black! :)

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The material is quite literally propped up on here for the cloak. Its not even pinned, ive tacked it under the armor




If anyone starts to see any glaring issues please feel free to start yelling.

I feel like my armor on my chest is a touch low, when i start working on the main leather portion, I think that will solve the issue but in comparison its to low to what it should be

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Thank you so much Alan! This of costume is a blast to sew! Its a lot of pieces I have always enjoyed making throughout the years (cloaks and "doublets": form fitting chest pieces etc)

SO funny you should say that, my and the hubby were just cracking that joke last night.

Now I have an Altair (Jedi Adventure Robes) and a Etzio

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Sloppy looking images sorry, didnt adjust things to well here.... and I ran out of fixative (buys more)









__ Finish chest armor (glue it) and affix hooks for cloak

__ Finish shoulder pads/armor

__ Make boot covers

__ Make Belt

__ Hem skirt and cloak

__ Finishing work (remove touches of glue and thread)



x Wait for gloves to arrive.....

__ Take photos

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this looks awesome! I've been trying to improve my sewing skills lately, structure and layering specifically, and you made it look so easy (:

are the skirt layers all connected? and do the upper parts connect to the waist at all?

keep up the super work!

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this looks awesome! I've been trying to improve my sewing skills lately, structure and layering specifically, and you made it look so easy (:

are the skirt layers all connected? and do the upper parts connect to the waist at all?

keep up the super work!


Thank you so much!

In reading over the costuming standards pertaining to the second skirt it says you can "tack it in" to keep it from moving around.


So thats what I did. I built it as a "second skirt" then I have attached it to the over skirt. I sewed a small section at the top and bottom. It seems to be keeping it in and not moving back and fourth :D Ill take a photo and show ya!


VERY NICE! Keep up the good work! Looking forward to seeing more!


Thank you! I should be finished with it today. I did the finsihing on the chest armor and im almost done with the boot covers. All I have left to start and do is the belt (assuming this only takes a few hours to do the belt)



Can someone offer me any advice on submitting my photos?? Also can someone link me to the info on the steps to being approved? As soon as I am done (and before pics) I will go searching for this info but if anyone has any tips its most appreciated! :D

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Can someone offer me any advice on submitting my photos?? Also can someone link me to the info on the steps to being approved? As soon as I am done (and before pics) I will go searching for this info but if anyone has any tips its most appreciated! :D


When submitting pics, I'll offer some advice. Take full on head to toe shots in front of a neutral background, making sure your background isn't the same color as your costume - (ie: If your costume is white, don't photograph it against white, if it's black, don't photograph it against black.) It's kind of common sense really. You want your costume to stand out against the background. Have someone take high quality pics, getting your full costume Front view, Left side view, Right side view, & Back view. Then have them move in for close-ups of some of the important details, such as armored parts, boots, gloves, belts, lightsabers, etc... If you have it, you should also include at least 3 reference images that are a good representation of the character, ie: digital models, action figures, comic book images, screen caps from the game, etc...when submitting your pics for approval. If you have a local branch of the 501st near you, I would advise contacting them, & find out who their GML is. This is the person who does approvals of costumes that are submitted for Legion approval. As this character is EU, they will probably refer your App. to Legion level for review. If changes are needed, they'll notify you. Once any requested changes have been made, you just need to resubmit pics of the changes. Once approved, they'll notify you. From there, it's pretty much just a matter of picking out your TKID. Don't be frustrated if your submission isn't approved on the 1st try! This happens frequently. Don't let it get you down if it does happen. Just make the requested changes, & resubmit. I'm sure you'll do fine! You can always post your pics here too, so members can critique your work, & give you advice on what may need changing before you actually submit your pics for approval. We're all here to help that happen, so post away! I'm not sure if you can submit your pics here for approval or not? If there isn't any 501st Garrisons in your area, this might be a possibility. Maybe Pam or someone else more in the know than me can chime in here, & answer that question. GOOD LUCK! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOUR FINISHED PICS! 8)

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Thank you so much for this information!


Also I am done!


I am going to a nice industrial building area (in medium light, its kinda hazy today thank goodness) so we can get good shots


I have a Fuji X100s. Against a White Concrete Wall, then take some action shots in some slightly more "busy" Backgrounds

I was going to do side by side comparisons with the original concept art when submitting


Oi I hear you on the NOT being approved 1st time, I expect it in fact. With my senatorial costume for the RL they had me moving clasps up and down 1.5 inches LOL. Nothing short of "Start again" is going to get me down haha.The level of costuming required is intense. I want that. You don't make jokes about joining the 501st and show up in subpar costuming.


I am "Southern California Garison" area. I contacted them 2 weeks ago now (asking about me making Revan). I think I will write again? I asked a couple of locals at an event I was at and they advised me to do the same and gave me the name of my local GML etc. I hate bugging people. I know this is all volunteer. :) i think at this point though the mails been literally missed! :)


*writes down all poses etc* My husband can get lazy while taking photos, he doesn't understand its possibly the most important part to this and he skims, doesn't line up my costume EXACTLY like the reference shots from the original (i even go as far as to print up the original ref). He did both my costumes photos for the RL , and while he did a good job, I still had to show him both times when I got the photos just what was wrong. When he did my Jedi adventures Robe, The darn belt was tied on the wrong side!!! I was like.. come on you have 20 ref images!!? and your LINING UP my body with the red images and you didnt notice??! lol. XD That costume takes FOREVER to put on....


BELT WIP (to show all the darn buckles!) I REALLY hope I got em all.....

a><!-- m -->

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**these are NOT the images I am turning in***


WHY: They are mostly action shots and my backyard is a terrible backdrop of not awesome.

I did these today to....


1. Show you guys to see if you have ANY advice on the costume

2. Show myself to find any issues (found some)



And without further ado.......







....and Oh my Sith... my husband put my Darn BELT ON BACKWARDS AGAIN, its ANGLED TO THE LEFT NOT TO THE RIGHT!!!!.......Seriously... -.-



I want to thank EVERYONE here for their continued help, you all are a blessing. I am so glad you all are so nice in helping this N00b!


Ive contacted my local garrison forums, Ive got the email to my GML, I will be submitting tomorrow or Tues :D Ill show you all (or many) of the pics I send in!


Just in case anyone wanted to know why I am not submitting these images (besides the BG)


My Critique

-My foot covers are not working like I want them to. they are bunching to much. I want them to lay flatter

-I am going to attach the RED arm band into my arm pit instead of around my arm, this will keep it stable and where it should be, Its moving around to much and not to my contour.



Anyone see anything else wrong?

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I've only got one change before I would approve it - I like the depth of the armor pieces - i.e. the thickness of them, but they're a little flat. It looks like you used foam, so really you just need to take a heat gun to it all and curve them to be more close fitting. (this goes for the chest and shoulder bells - the collar piece looks great)

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Thank you so much for the feedback!!

Funny enough I noticed that yesterday with the shoulder bells (they just plain looked awful (and flat). I tightened the chest armor as well. Ill post pics for ya tomorrow to see! Can I PM you an ask your op on them when I post?

Im going to go take a heat gun to it to, thatll really set it in, your right.

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Thank you for the advice. The armor now practically stands up on its own! haha. I lined the inside with aluminum strips and gave it a contour to my body, wow it looks sooo much better (on me) It grips to my body and lays like it should! I will post pics tomorrow and turn in my images to my local Garrison!



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Thank you so much Lord Vader (Jeff)! :):o




Heres the costume on me now (I took these this afternoon), It looks "right" to me, but I am the "artist" so I might be missing something very needed.


Update: I turned in my images to my local Garrison :D

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It looks REALLY GOOD to me! If I were to make any constructive criticism, it might be regarding your boot armor. It appears to be made from vinyl, or something similar. You might want to consider remaking this small piece out of Sintra, or something similar, to give a more solid look to the pieces. You even might be able to use EVA foam or something similar to what you did for your shoulder armor. Either way, these materials are light weight, easy to cut, & easy to form into different shapes with a heat gun! When I look at the computer model pics you have of the character at the beginning of your thread, this small armored boot cover piece on the front of the boot appears to be a solid piece of armor. I can tell that what you have is a duel layer of gray vinyl. I know you may have used this material out of convenience because it's flexible, & it matches the grey greaves you have for the upper part of the boots, but it still looks like what it is, namely a double layer of vinyl attached to the front of the boots with elastic straps. It doesn't look horrible the way it is, but to my eye, based on the available reference material, it's not the correct material for the piece. This is in no way a slam on your costume, as I think it looks pretty SPOT ON in most other regards! I'm sure your local GML will tell you if you need to make such a change. It's just some "food for thought", & if you are approved without having to make changes to your gear, this could be a potential future upgrade, as these things are never truly finished! LOL! Again, GREAT JOB & a WONDERFUL COSTUME! 8)

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Morning: Thank you m'Lord for your help. I HATE my boot armor. Its tacky looking. (specifically the silver) I have to fiddle with it to much. I think ill make it this afternoon out of aluminum instead. It sound like am AMAZING idea to do that (and/or something else). Thank you! :) I will be buying Centra or wonderflex soon (I am making a Revan VERY soon) So I WILL be buying the product. I am on the fence about which one :)

You guys are awesome!

I already got my my mail from my local GML (on Friday. but I was trooping @ legoland all weekend.... I hung out with a Pre-Armor Ani the entire day, was the best day ever! All the patrons loved seeing the Amidala/Anikin Pair haha, but thats a different story for different places)




My GML said to turn in an application and send larger Rez files :) I met sooo many Amazing 501sters this weekend! I had an amazing time. Our RL Garrison and our 501st Garrison get along super well, so everyone plays so well together.


Evening UPDATE: Thank you again Lord Vader, you inspired me to redo ALL my armor. Since my GML was calling for giant Rez photos it gave me a great chance to redo the entire thing! I replaced ALL of the foam with aluminum. (including the boots)

Whatcha think?




I love my husband, but for some reason he doesn't line my costume up correctly the way it should be...... So I had it get in there and do the setup exactly how it should look myself. I feel like the pictures I sent my GML are junk.. so I hope that someone looks here and sees these to know IF The costume has a proper Wrangler this is how the back will look on me.




I dont know how many times i told him, the leather piece hanging off my arm is LOWER than the metal armor..


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