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  1. Nice little update! Hope you feel better soon, & good luck with your class! Don't feel too bad if you can't work on this thing all the time. Real life has a tendency to get in the way of these kind of things! Believe me I know this all to well! Lol! Do what you can, when you can, & try not to rush too fast through this. Quality parts take time to make. It's better to take it slow, & make sure you do it right the 1st time. It looks like you have acquired pieces that will get you where you want to be. Good luck with your build! Looking forward to continued updates when you can.
  2. I am following your progress with interest! I am especially curious about how your leather chest piece comes out, as that is something I still want to remake on my son's costume. My biggest concern with using anything overly stiff as a filler inside the leather is that it may limit mobility in the waist & chest while wearing the costume. Hope yours works out. I am also curious how your gloves & boots turn out. If you don't mind me asking, what are you using for your boots & gloves before modification? I am also not completely satisfied with what we currently have on my son's suit. Keep the updates coming!
  3. Glad to see someone else trying to tackle this costume! I sent you a PM with info on the gloves. As far as questions regarding the 501st CRL, that's a tough one, as some of the info & pics aren't correct IMO. Believe me, I have poured years of research into crafting this costume for my son, & I can tell you that there are numerous things in the CRL that aren't accurate, including the boots & saber hilts pictures. I believe the boots pictured in the CRL are actually a black version of Anakin's ROTS boots. I have MANY screen caps from in game that CLEARLY show that the boots being worn in the game are NOT Anakin boots! Black Anakin boots could be used as a base, with the outer covering removed, but there are MANY details that would still need to be added to make them accurate to what appears in game! I am currently working with Gio on coming up with custom leather boots for my son's costume that will be VERY accurate! Gio has been CRZY busy with doing Kylo Ren boots lately, so this little side project is currently on hold. Hopefully it will still happen at some point. They won't be cheap, but nothing on this costume is cheap or easy! You should know that going in. This costume can get close to as expensive as a Vader or a Fett! It's not a costume for the faint of heart or on a shoestring budget if you don't want to compromise quality! If I can be of further assistance, please let me know, & I will do my best to assist as much as I can. Time is in short supply for me, as I work 3rd shift at my job, & have full care of my elderly father who has advanced stage dementia. Please be patient with my return response times. Welcome, and good luck to you on your build!
  4. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL build!!! Been following this since the beginning, & this is by far the BEST Acolyte build out there IMO!!! WELL DONE Taras!!! Looking forward to your kit & my saber from VV!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!
  5. Thanks Dawn. Can't wait to see the updates! I'm sure it'll be AWESOME as always!!! Keep up the GREAT work!!!
  6. Dawn, again GREAT tutorial!!! I was wondering if you could show us any additional details on how to go about making the hood and capelet, as well as the belt? You've gone into so much FANTASTIC detail on how you made all the other pieces of the costume, but these two parts seem to be lacking the details that the other sections have. Some pics or pattern drawings of these parts, along with info. on how much material is needed to complete these parts would be VERY helpful, and would really complete what is otherwise a very THROUGH and AMAZINGLY HELPFUL tutorial!!!
  7. Dawn, thanks so much for posting this PHENOMENAL tutorial!!! Your contributions to the community are VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!! I'll DEFINITELY be referring to this thread for building my Kylo Ren costume! AWESOME STUFF!!!
  8. Looking good so far! Keep it up!!!
  9. AWESOME JOB on this!!! I've been following your build since the beginning, & it's been GREAT seeing this thing come together so well! JUST AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME WORK!!! You should be VERY PROUD of what you've created!!! It's a WORK OF ART!!! I TOTALLY have to get the rest of the pieces I need from you to complete mine! PM sent sir! WELL DONE!!!
  10. NICE! I just received the same gloves recently from Claudio for my son's costume. Very nice. Any further updates?
  11. You should talk to Dawn (Amidala) on here. She did a GREAT Starkiller Dark Apprentice costume. You can check her build thread out here: viewtopic.php?f=73&t=2588 Hope this helps!
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