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  1. Drago Lordist

    Kylo Ren

    From this recent picture, I'm gonna say the inner coat should stop just shy of meeting the top of the boot on the wearer:
  2. Drago Lordist

    Kylo Ren

    Look closely at the holes around the cheek bones, it almost looks like it's just fabric backed air holes to me.
  3. Drago Lordist

    Kylo Ren

    pardon my shock but why in the world did you need 11 yards of basket weave? I can imagine using 4 of a 60" at most. Is there something I'm missing? From what you saw, what did you think of the basket weave I posted? I kinda figured as much on the boots and pants. Any ideas on the gloves so far?
  4. Drago Lordist

    Kylo Ren

    phew And that's what I've figured out so far on my own. I do agree after seeing your post over on SLD that they're keeping him at arms length, but I have no idea why. He would be the only other film version costume that they wouldn't cover, canon or not, sith or not. My swatch has shipped as of this morning, so I'll be keeping a wary eye on my mail box. (it has been murder to keep myself from just going gung ho and buying 3+ yards of it) I'm not entirely sure where you're getting brown from, everything I've seen looks pretty black, but I could always be mistaken.
  5. Drago Lordist

    Kylo Ren

    After staring at it for the better part of the day, I can confirm that there is a seam on the inside of the sleeve, and it's not just one long continuous spiral. buckle - looks like 3 layers of plastic staggered in size with the top layer split down the center. belt design is 1 piece of black leather with 2 smaller strips glued over the top and bottom edge. Unless there's a seam in the back under the shawl (unlikely given this pic and gif), the front buckle is also the closure. http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20141129005402/starwars/images/4/4b/KyloRen.png https://31.media.tumblr.com/58ab1a0d91618ca20210678b564ebb18/tumblr_nfrsq6lYYD1rlheeoo1_500.gif Still unsure what the lightsaber clip is. I am also unsure of the brand of gloves they used. Given the reinforced knuckles, I would almost bet on some sort of riding glove..
  6. Drago Lordist

    Kylo Ren

    I've been working dilligently on trying to figure things out on this one so I can hopefully have one ready by the premiere. I'm about to post all of the research I've done so far so bear with me as all of these were short facebook posts This page has the best quality pictures I've found so far: http://collider.com/star-wars-7-costumes-props-klyo-rens-lightsaber/ materials placard: http://cdn.collider.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/star-wars-7-kylo-ren-costume.jpg At the moment, this is the closest material I've found. At first I too thought it was monks cloth, but it didn't sit well with me that most of what I was finding was 4x4 knit and the picture clearly shows a very thick pile 2x2 knit. Now that I found the placard, it says coated cotton basket weave, and I found chenille cotton basket weave that despite the lack of coating, resembles the tattering on the back shawl. I have a swatch ordered, and will update when it arrives. (As chenille it would also match some of the shiny speckling you see on the hood in the lava scene) http://www.fabricempire.com/chenille-solid-basket-weave-black-fabric-59-wide-sold-by-the-yard.aspx This is also the first pic I've seen that actually shows the existence of the mid robe listed on the placard (look under the arm gusset.) I could be mistaken, but it looks pleated if you zoom in enough. I think from the lack of skirting for it in any of the action shots so far, that either its connected to the outer robe or it only comes down to the waist. http://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/op9qruqq6dttih2ybzmh.jpg
  7. well there's a lot of differences between the 2 costumes, and I'm not entirely sure which one you're aiming for. As it stands though, either way it needs a lot of work to match the references. I'm quite fond of using crossover pieces too, but If I were you, I think I would pick one to pin down first, and then see which parts could transfer to the other. Here's the CRL's for both of them: http://www.501st.com/databank/Costuming ... vytraining http://www.501st.com/databank/Costuming ... e_training In answer to your other question, I have no idea who makes or sells parts, so I'm sorry, I can't help you there If you have any more questions, be sure to ask
  8. I thought you had meant "Sith Lords" and "Dark Siders" were becoming "Sith Legends" and "Darkside Adepts" for everyone, same as the previous posters. Admittedly, I'm a little confused as well why the distinction is being made. I thought we were proposing suggestions that all detachments could agree on? I can still appreciate the separation of film SL's from EU SL's into 2 different detachments. I'd imagine it would cause a lot more chaos combining the 2 given the drastic differences in designs, knowledge-bases, and types of research. I would very much like to never see that thought cross anyone's mind again, but that's just me
  9. Ooh! Ooh! I think I found something! The gloves could be a bit greener (or maybe a better pic to compare it to the reference) I'm serious, my friend, that is incredible so far. And this is coming from a guy who loves to nitpick and add his $.02 . I know what you mean though about being too close to the project and feeling like you've missed something. I stared at the Revan chest I'm working on for 2 days trying to get the "eyes" to look right before having a brother look at it tonight.
  10. I... I've got nothing... I don't see a single thing you have to change. You and I both know there's still wraps missing and stuff, but I think this is the first costume I've come across where there was absolutely nothing I could say that would be constructive at all... and I ALWAYS have something to say... I think... I think my head just exploded...
  11. I like "Sith Legends". Are we sticking with "Dark Siders"?
  12. Hmmm, could you do another chest piece so we can see how much of a gap there is between them or would that take too long? Either that or show me where the center line of your chest is so I can figure it out that way
  13. hmmm, some pictures would lead me to believe you need to scale it up some: http://static1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2 ... r_Hoth.jpg Others though make it look fine: http://old.gamegrin.com/game-gallery/al ... th_064.jpg I think the shoulders will definitely need to lie flatter onto your shoulder, but I know they're probably just hanging there for the picture anyway Looks like it should be a good start
  14. I haven't chimed in earlier because I don't have much of a dog in this fight (I lose SL on Starkiller, but I keep SL on Nihilus, so it doesn't affect me too much) I do want to try to put a rumor at ease that cannon changes at Disney will affect registered costumes at the 501st. To be honest, I seriously doubt we'll start cutting out costumes for non-cannon sources when we already have non-cannon costumes being added on a daily basis - these include DLC Starkillers and more recently, McQuarrie Concept Stormtroopers (even Kal Skirata is ambiguously cannon due to the Clone Wars cartoon). I could be wrong - things like this often come down to the whims of the LMO (though he/she does gather outside opinion), but I would be very surprised to see people start loosing their 501st status over the whims of Disney unless they take a great leap in actively controlling the 501st. I have to admit, I was one of the first to suggest a secondary designation for non-sith characters, but that was 3 years ago, before it would have affected so many people as it has now. (This was back when A'sharad Hett was new) My original concept was for DA: Darkside Adept (which I still think is a better designation, but I digress). So for my role in this confusion, I apologize.
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