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  1. No joke! >,< I did take the tension up...to 8!!! not sure what the max is, but it hasn't happened since That's how i felt! hehehe (B My next question is about costume pleather: How can i get rounded edges like these thigh pieces? Untitled by ajakadoo, on Flickr I initially made the thigh out of EVA foam, but would like to use pleather instead for more mobility and higher accuracy. Not even sure if that's a sew issue o_o btw, I may be getting a serger soon, so I'll possibly have a ton of new questions lol XD
  2. Noted! that's how I was leaning, thanks for the tip (:
  3. That's why I'm here! thanks for stopping by with encouraging words. woot! I'm going to revisit the biceps next. I feel I can tune them closer to the ref, but my only issue is the top of the bicep piece is hidden. It seems to just end with a straight line horizontally, and the black stripes go all the way to the top. thanks to you both! I hope to have more to share very soon
  4. what about blade length? 36" or 40"? mid grade or heavy? do the 'stunt' blades still light up? I don't care for the sound much anyway. I'm shopping for The Malice since I'm currently building my Malgus, and getting close to buying, so looking for confidence tips lol (:
  5. I stripped the shins down and updated to match the ref better the paint and weathering will help define the lines better Untitled by ajakadoo, on Flickr image by ajakadoo, on Flickr gauntlets are mostly layers at this point, like placeholders. after coating them, ill be able to sand the edges to get rounded corners and angled surfaces. i'd be happy to help out. always need to get better. gotta put the knees back on these shin guards, wish me luck!
  6. hey Gep! thanks for stopping by ^,^ i'll go in order: -the under suit did get washed out in the light, the native camera in iPhone doesn't have a timer ): so i had to use an app WITH a timer and i guess that app doesn't use HDR :/ i do wanna darken it a little with some weathering techniques, maybe some spray paint? fabric dye? I may need to research options. -the biceps have side release buckles that will hook into the bottom of the shoulders and hold them in place. Since I suited myself up, I couldn't reach those, and the cloak should drape more across the back, so the side wont be obstructed. -the codpiece IS riding up a bit in these pics D: and I'm gonna add a strap that will connect to the butt cover through the legs...and my shirt should be tucked in >.< -the shins were the first pieces i made, and I just kinda ad-libbed the details hahah. SO, now that I'm going for an approval on it, I'm re-covering them today with more subtle lines of detail. the straps need work as well, good eye (; Thanks for the input
  7. i think the cloth looks very similar to the bioware pic. i used a gabardine fabric and a 'french hem' for the front of the hood. Untitled by ajakadoo, on Flickr i am planning on full lighting all around. ill have to wait til after the casting though. since this is my daily hair do my gf will be in charge of makeup, and as soon as i get fitted for contacts (i need them to be prescription for hockey anyway), ill order those. im gonna go with the standard sith eyes, the darth maul, Anakin etc. not sclera style. thanks for the kind words! for the empire!!
  8. i got the cape done today and just had to try it all on! minus the thigh covers and a half finished mask, and missing some velcro here and there. i did a quick suit up! Untitled by ajakadoo, on Flickr Untitled by ajakadoo, on Flickr please feel free to give feedback! if anything needs to be changed, i want to address those issues before i cast it in urethane! so ill be waiting a couple weeks to make sure its ready. thanks for looking.
  9. not too much going on. little things here and there. hand sewed zippers on the outside of the boots so they would bunch up a bit and not look so clean. Untitled by ajakadoo, on Flickr got my colors laid down on some samples along with trial battle damage Untitled by ajakadoo, on Flickr mapping out battle damage and cutting holes for LEDs Untitled by ajakadoo, on Flickr goofing around with the mask xD Untitled by ajakadoo, on Flickr trimmed down the cod piece a tad so i can sit down with it on hehe. gonna do the cape tonight i'm also gonna try pleather with some interfacing to replace the waist and ribs for more mobility. if the sample piece looks good, i'll do that too. i may even use it for the thighs. i'm getting in touch with my GML to see if i can move on to the plastic coating process. once i do that, the armor pieces will be basically unchangeable, so i want to get some local feedback (and any advice from this forum will help tremendously) to avoid redesigning the armor. thanks for your interest! (:
  10. this looks awesome! I've been trying to improve my sewing skills lately, structure and layering specifically, and you made it look so easy (: are the skirt layers all connected? and do the upper parts connect to the waist at all? keep up the super work!
  11. here's more!! under shirt done...wel done enough lol Untitled by ajakadoo, on Flickr gotta work the next 2 days, so prolly the weekend before I get back to anything, thanks for the feedback! for the empire!!
  12. thanks vaderjeff, you rock ! and holy crap!! pants are done-ish! gotta put elastic in the waist and hem legs, but phew!!! i went with this very simple pajama style, basic pant from youtube: as yo ucan see, i had baaaarely enough material lol so good thing it stretches! Untitled by ajakadoo, on Flickr and sewed up! with the faux quilting and all, it took an entire spool of thread! thank goodness thats over with, the arms will be slightly less time consuming. these were my first 'from-scratch-pants' so im feeling good about it! Untitled by ajakadoo, on Flickr
  13. thanks for your advice if i may ask for more wisdom, why do i randomly get a stitch that looks like this? Untitled by ajakadoo, on Flickr you can see previous lines that were decently straight, but this bobbin line is wavy wavy! the top stitch is straight tho...anyone ever have this happen? know what causes it, fixes, or prevention? thanks again for the help! aj edit: my top thread tension was too low and bobbin was wound too loose, found a pdf manual and got it straightened out i think (:
  14. worked a bit on my respirator today ^,^ i'm gonna smooth-cast this using XRobots' tutorial Untitled by ajakadoo, on Flickr Depending on how well that goes, ill smooth-cast other parts of the armor as well... ...and sewing is going along...dreadfully slowly this is by far the most tedious thing i've done. I'd think i'd rather build Iron Man hands all day lol Untitled by ajakadoo, on Flickr my paint samples results were somewhat mixed. one color cracked when i applied the clear coat this morning, so that will need to be retested to determine the cause. away i go!
  15. boots came in today, yay! but first i had to de-fur them Untitled by ajakadoo, on Flickr not too shabby Untitled by ajakadoo, on Flickr i also bought some paint today, ill do samples tomorrow. gonna work on 'quilting' some material for the undersuit now using the method here - viewtopic.php?f=14&t=1935&p=18250&hilit=quilted+lines#p18250
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