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  1. I gave my Nihilus hood mold to a friend who has a vac table, but he isn't interested in selling the hoods so he sends them to me and I post them on my Etsy store for him. I let him know that I was out of stock, and he is planning to order more plastic and make another batch. When I get them, I'll renew the sales page on Etsy. Pam
  2. It's just a tube, really. The front shorter side gets the seam, and make the back a bit longer so that it'll hang down far enough when worn over the head. Hem the edges, and done! Pam
  3. I still haven't had time to work on making a new tutorial website... but I did discover that you can still find the old one on the wayback machine archives! (Yay!) https://web.archive.org/web/20181119005223/http://chucrew.com/Nihilus/Nihilus.html Pam
  4. I agree wholeheartedly. I know of several people who tried wearing black masks under their white mask, and they had to stop wearing it because of discomfort or breathing difficulties. That's why a black mask wasn't required in the original CRL.
  5. New home for the Visas tutorial: https://twilekpam.com/pages/visas-marr Pam
  6. Yes, the link is down. Sorry! When I opened my new Shopify site, I had to pay for their web hosting service. The hosting renewal for my old website (which housed the tutorials) was coming due at the same time, and I couldn't justify/afford to pay for two hosts so I had to cancel the old one. I saved all of the text and images from the tutorials, though, and little by little I am uploading them to the new site whenever I have some free time. I'm really busy with Twi'lek lekku orders right now, but I promise I'll keep working on it! You can find the tutorials in a drop-down menu, here: TwilekPam.com Pam
  7. Thank you, Thomas. That was really nice, and it truly brightened my day. Pam
  8. I didn't want to post for a while so I could focus on getting better, but this needs a reply. The intention of the CRL is to GUIDE people, showing them what details to include in their costumes. There is no rule that says a costume must be identical to every word in the standards in order for it to be approved. As we've said many, many times on the forum, it doesn't matter what method or material you use to make a certain look, as long as you get that look in the end. The intention behind putting that section of the outfit together was to reduce the number of layers worn about the body. Dresses have additional layers sewn to them all the time, ruffles and insets and such... and we still call it one dress. As always, interpretation is fine, so long as you get the correct final look. I would personally sew an inset behind the main dress, a false inner layer sewn just in that one spot. If you don't like the wording, ask someone with the power to change it to do so. I did the best I could, and I made multiple revisions while we were working on those standards as folks pointed out details to improve, but I never know which word or phrase somebody will decide is wrong years and years after the thing was written. Please, everyone be patient and kind to the folks who work on the CRL all throughout the legion. It's frustrating to spend so many countless hours of your free time writing and revising all this stuff and working on the pictures, trying to help other people out, only to be told over and over again that you messed up, or that you didn't do enough. This thread has been calm and not at all demeaning, but that is not always the case. We as a group have been belittled for not doing enough or for being wrong FAR more often than we have been told thank you for trying. The CRL is a spirit sucker, I tell you. Pam
  9. I think your fabric choices look pretty good. It's always a challenge to judge based on pictures since every computer screen shows them a bit differently... but they look spot-on from here! Pam
  10. Hi everyone, I just wanted to let the general membership of the detachment know that I am stepping down as detachment leader. For a while now I've been having some health problems, and my doctor keeps lecturing me that I need to make some pretty big lifestyle changes if I want to get better. He seems to think that the first steps must include reducing stress and spending less time sitting at my computer. Considering that I've been on medication for several months now without seeing the improvement that I really need to see, maybe he actually knows what he's talking about! To that end, I have requested a mid-year election to select a new detachment leader. The nominations are concluded and we are currently in the Q and A phase, which is being held on the 501st Legion forum. We will be moving into the voting period soon, and then we'll let everyone know who the new DL will be. I wish them the best of luck, whoever it turns out to be. Thank you, everyone, for being a part of a truly wonderful group. I'll still be around from time to time after stepping down, I'll just (hopefully) be more relaxed and a bit healthier! Thanks, Pam
  11. I've found myself returning to this thread several times to enjoy the pictures, and even called a couple family members in to show what great stuff has been happening around the costuming world after they were posted. I'm really jealous about your Weta adventures as well. I'm so thoroughly hooked on behind the scenes stuff from LOTR and the Hobbit... I really need to do a Tolkien costume someday! Thank you for sharing, and I'll look forward to seeing more in the future! (And if the staff mysteriously disappears, it wasn't me. Nope, don't know anything about that missing staff....) Pam
  12. I like the way you're taking this costume step-by-step and thinking each part through. (And yes, washable is good!) I'm looking forward to seeing the whole thing come together! Thank you for sharing your progress with us. Pam
  13. Visas is a lot of fun to wear. The overdress is hot, but it's worth a giggle to say "Who said that?" when somebody standing right in front of you asks, "Can you see?" (It's the most frequently asked question when you're in a Visas costume!) I highly recommend making sure that the red fabric has some stretch to it, such as a knit fabric. That will make shaping the veil soooo much easier! Stiff fabric doesn't drape well, and you end up looking like the flying nun! I listed my pattern choices here: viewtopic.php?f=30&t=1506 Pam
  14. Nice work! Some details that might be a concern: The harness piece on your back is too large. It's considerably larger than the reference images. The jumpsuit is well made. It looks sturdy and fits you very well. (I wish I was that skinny!) I can see that the jumpsuit has the piping on the front. Does it also have the quilted panels on the thighs? I think I can see them, but they tend to be difficult to confirm in pictures sometimes. I recommend being sure to submit a picture that shows them clearly when you apply for approval. Even a closeup can help show the LMO that they're present. Your hair has a red tint, but I don't think it's red enough for approval. Do you have a wig to match Mara's hair color? Yup, paint the shin guard designs. You're right for that detail! I have not seen a reference that shows a thigh strap on the holster. However, I would leave it there unless the LMO asks you to remove it. That is a piece that is regularly seen on thigh holsters, so he may be willing to overlook it. If not, it should be easy to remove. If he does tell you to remove it, but you still want something there to keep the holster in place, it may work to put a black elastic strap there. It wouldn't be visible, but would serve the same purpose. I'm glad to see another Mara about to join the Legion.... it's such a fun costume to wear! Pam
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