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  1. en-zozallow

    Knights Of The Fallen Empire

    no one has built and cleared one yet
  2. en-zozallow

    Kylo Ren from Spain.

    Hey buddy Kylo is a costume of the SLD .. might be best for you to make a WIP there. but thanks for sharing
  3. en-zozallow

    CE detachment photo

    Thats me the Kylo without the hood on shame i didnt had any EU costumes for me to join the picture on the weekend. but it was good to meet you guys and good to meet Thomas the Legen he is tall!!!!!
  4. en-zozallow

    Kybo Ren

    Kylo Ren is part of the SLD forum http://forum.501stsithlords.com/index.php?showforum=180 Not TFE
  5. en-zozallow

    WIP Guri

    yep this is looking epic
  6. en-zozallow

    Revan leathers straps help

    you can also use pleather and paint it with silver paint to
  7. en-zozallow

    Kylo ren vendor

    yep not accurate fabric .. good for fancydress party but not for 501st
  8. en-zozallow

    Decided to upgrade my mask

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. en-zozallow

    Decided to upgrade my mask

    New pictures of the last troop Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. en-zozallow

    My Revan

    Bigwater .. hmm never heard of that one. looking forward to see some images
  11. en-zozallow

    Approved SL 11112!

    One has been approved in the Rebel Legion. as per the SWTOR revan is not a sith anymore. But if you want to try and clear Revan from the SWTOR period you will need to do the Revan Reborn
  12. en-zozallow

    Revan Fixing questions.

    Nice one dude.. that will give it a more sturdy structure
  13. en-zozallow

    Sith Acolyte Build

    Nice build bro.. Some how i missed this one. That armour looks very good. fiberglass. is it heavy? did you make that from scratch or is it a kit?