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  1. Hi. I have been working on a lightsaber for my COTF Nihilus costume and since it seems hard to find this on the net I gave it a try and made my own. It is only light, no sound at the moment. And i know this is originally the KOTOR-design, this lightsaber is made from the reference pictures for the COTF Nihilus The only thing I am aware of is that my coloring on the blade might be a bit uneven. (The picture with light is bit missleading, it is not as strong as it seems) Want feedback ck on htsaber
  2. henkaa

    Sound problems

    Hi. Now that I have used my Nihilus build a few times I have experienced a small problem. I use a blackout mask to cover eyes and neck and in front of that I wear a worbla mask do create the mouth. With this setup, people seen to have problem to hear me talk. Any suggestions on a solution? A bonus would be if the solution also gives me a voice closer to the one Nihilus have, to make a better experience for those I meet.
  3. henkaa

    SL-34300 Darth Nihilus Kotor 2 WIP

    I use worbla for the cowl and ears. Add some minimal support to make it stay in shape better. I used an ice cream stick for support.
  4. henkaa

    Nihilus from OutcastProps

    I am no expert on the subject yet, but here are some small input from my side. (feel free to correct me if I am wrong on any point) * The hood has no knot, as it should have. * The hood seems a bit to big IMO. * You will have to add a hard blackout mask since Nihilus needs a mouth now. * The quilts seem to be a bit far apart IMO. * The quilted fabric does not seem to differ from the fabric of the rest of the costume, as it should according to CRL. * I think the fabric is a bit to smooth for Nihilus old appearance. * The cape needs to be adjusted to not hang so much over the arms. * The boots on the pictures are not plain black boots and has visible straps, buckles, or laces. (not sure if the boots was included or not, I did not read the instructions). * The belt and gloves could use some weathering, but that is a simple fix. Hope this input helps in the process
  5. Hi. Just wanted to share an early draft of my "slightly damaged" Nihilus hilt.
  6. henkaa

    Early draft on "damaged" hilt

    Take two. Another coloring technique. And simple electrical wiring done.
  7. I have myself noticed the following * the knot is positioned a bit low, so I will try to fix that. * And I now notice there is a small disformation in the front on the head, but I think that is only from excess fabric, so that will be an easy fix. * I also work on making the "horns" a bit rounder. Is the cape to wide perhaps? And yes, these pics where taken before the CRL change to hard blackout mask, so spare the details on that matter :) Tips and hints on making the hard mask is appreciated tho. The white mask is kind of form fit to my head.
  8. Thank you all Looking forward to my trooping's. And a lightsaber is WIP. Experimenting with a led I bought some years ago. Got a glow in all of the blade, but it is not as evenly spread in the blade as I hope. Blade is polycarbonate and i have tried with a layers of cellophane wrap and a reflective tape at the top to make the light "bounce back". Want to give it a try at least to have a first saber, and then maybe look at upgrading in the future
  9. Latest news. It is approved .
  10. Requesting access for Darth Nihilus https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=29970 Complete. ~Satya
  11. I know And I am in no rush, just very excited on the response.
  12. Update FYI. The application is still ongoing (it was some final adjustments on the white mask and trouble finding time to take photos) but I have hopes. Last sent (this friday) was profile and action photos to the GML. ps. Started the wotk on the lightsaber hilt. Will keep you updated. ds
  13. Minor fixes made and better lighting in photos. My gut feeling is that I am ready to send my application. is my gut feeling right?!
  14. First draft of blackout mask (here placed behind the white mask). Eyes not cut yet.
  15. Trial one on making backout mask by myself Formfit to my face.
  16. I have experimented with small buttons and velcro to have the cape stay in its place, so I can try move those holders so there is less excess on each side. I looked at it now and there is about 10 cm on each side that hang loose over the shoulder and that might be a bit to much. And I also experiment with ways to ease the weight on the back.
  17. You are correct on the light there and knot I think maybee the effect can be more visible if i can add a little more gap in where the to tunics cross (the outer tunic will cross maybee a bit lower than now) also? And the cape. Shoulder to shoulder in width? or should I make it a bit (and if so, how much) wider ? atm there is excess width as staed earlier.
  18. Thanks for the quick response and feedback There is two layers, but I can agree on that it is hard to notice. Any advice on how I can strengthen that effect? I think it is since the fabric is not that thick (but thick enough to look good, IMO) My deformation is the bump in the middle between the cat ears. What do you mean with peices cut out? Can you elaborate that so I understand?
  19. Hi all. Here is a shot of my work in progress Darth Nihilus build. Fixes (what I know of right now) is the following: * The actual boots ( need to order a pair) * The "visible" spot between the face mask and the inner tunic. I will patch the face mask with some fabric. * The fabric is yet not tattered (but that is the fun part of this build right ) * The "ears" might need to be a bit bigger. * The knot is in this shot fixed with safety pins. I will fix that. * Gloves needs a little form fitting up at the forearm. (* A lightsaber, even tho it is not needed, I want one) Let me know what you think.
  20. henkaa

    WIP - My Nihilus (COTF) build early picture

    I replied in the NG forum And thanks for the good input. I just measured the skirts, and they meet the required length. The outer may be on the shorter side in the back. I will look into that.
  21. henkaa

    WIP - My Nihilus (COTF) build early picture

    Here is pictures with better details, Bear in mid the head is tilted a bit, so the "ears" are not as much visible as in the first picture.
  22. henkaa

    WIP - My Nihilus (COTF) build early picture

    I know, but I liked my pose in that picture the most, as it shows the ears better, I noticed I tilted my head a bit on the other pics we took today., but can put these up as the have more detail.
  23. Hi all. I have started on a Nihilus build. I have the made a mask (revision 1) and a head peice. I also started looking on some fabrics. I have a hard time finding the right gloves and boots. Do you have any good resources on where to find these items at a tollerable price range? Are there even some resources to look into in Sweeden (it is where I live so). Around the hand is 21 cm (almost 9 inches) and length is 20 cm (8 inches) (this is ofc whithout the gountlet part) Feet is size 45 (mostly) FYI I have posted this same info in Nordic Legions forum. Thanks in advance for any help. /Henrik