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  1. Got the shipping notification from Wicked armor today, so hopefully the mask and gloves will arrive in the next few weeks, for the saber i went with a vaders vault rev'n standard in silver, so that should be here hopefully still this year. The last one i ordered from them took 6 months to arrive, but the quality is definitely worth the wait. I expect the boots to be shipping soon as well, with everything on the way I hope to have this finished for the autumn/winter season of trooping. and of course i'll bring it along to Anaheim next year Much easier to transport than revan
  2. i have this one, i ordered it from the german amazon store https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B008OVSMSE/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1&psc=1 Well from what i understood the Nihilist is only an option for the COTF version, not KOTOR 2. Concerning the Mask, if anyone else has issues with wicked armors store and shipping (i guess international is the issue) they were very helpful and arranged everything via etsy. ( given that the KOTOR 2 mask is not listed there)
  3. Greetings, on to my second Sith Lord project. Darth Nihilus Kotor 2 Version. Thanks to the detailed Reference pictures I hope to finish this project in the next 2-3 months with the help of SL-21118. So far i've placed orders or will order those items: Mask: Wicked Armor Kotor 2 Version Gloves: Wicked Armor Darth Nihilus Gloves Main Fabric for outer tunic, cape, cowl, obi and skirt: the same dark opaque fabric that we used for Darth Revan and Traya already Shirt: a longsleeve neck shirt from Amazon (same brand that i use on my revan) Boots: Custom boots from Giovanni Rodriguez For the cowl and cat ears, i think we'll try some worbla structure to make the shape rigid enough and attach it straight to the mask so that i can easily put it on and off. The only part of the costume where i still don't know where to get it from is the Lightsaber. Any recommendations for a good Kotor 2 lightsaber hilt? I have already sabers from Ultrasabers and Vaders Vault for other costumes.
  4. ‘’edit’’ please ignore, i did not see that i already got access”
  5. I can't login as well. Always get a huge error list... Other forums work without issues.
  6. Progress is being made, I plan to have it finished by the end of next week.
  7. Thanks for the info Nina, I intend to work more on the armor, but now that i know that the shape is ok, I can get rid of the bumps in the armor and streamline it more, this was the result of the first ''shaping'' to fit me. Using Worbla and eva foam on such a scale is new to me, these are the first try pieces I might redo the paint job entirely, if i cannot get the surface smoother, might need to use more of a filler primer to smooth the surface and then use spraycans instead of brushes. I'm looking at some spray colors from montana which might do the trick.
  8. Here's an update and a few pictures, feedback is most welcome, i want to go for a level 2 accuracy . One thing i have not yet figured out is, how do you attach the cape? to the armor? the capelet? and how do you strap the armor in general, i was thinking maybe connecting all the pieces with snaps which would make it easy for transport? I'm still waiting for the WA mask to be shipped, gloves are on their way, same as the o-rings and the softparts will get looked at soon, in the meantime worked a lot on the armor and painting. The belt ring and connectors have been 3d printed, i have forgotten to take any pictures, they will follow soon. For the armor I used eva foam and worbla, and a color mix of Antique gold, bronze and copper to get various colors to shine through. Handplates, I might redo one so that they look more similar Vambraces Ab armor, still missing the red fabric and rings Chest armor, still missing the holes for the ring connections Red sash, front and back bridge connections, not yet weathered Boots arrived today, need to remove the straps, color and attach the front strap, quite happy with them. Lucky find on ebay. Now my main question is related to the red-brownish coloring on the back and kidney armor, I want to use a copper color to keep it in line with a metallic shine, is this color suiitable or not strong or dark enough? I have not yet coated any of the armor so i can still change it without any problems. as mentioned above any feedback is welcome
  9. Thanks, I'll see how the first ones will do, good to have more options Now that the main trooping events are done for the moment, I can concentrate into getting this costume done. Concerning my progress on the costume, nearly all softpart components are on order or on the way, production on the armor has started, got the handplates and vambraces done in eva foam and worbla, took the measurents for the front part of the armor today, and 3d printed the big ring yesterday with the files from this link https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:817868. I plan on printing the ring connectors this weekend and the different O-rings with the various sizes are on the way as well. And I purchased a Rev'n elite from Vaders vault. (might add another one later on ) I just fear that it will not be ready for the first troop I envision with Revan, which is set for Fiction meets Reality in Speyer, Germany 29th-30th September. I might 3d print 2 sabers without any Blades and hang them on the O-Rings for the troops.
  10. Thanks, that helped already. I bought these, they look to be quite similar. I will modify them as necessary, removing the straps, painting them silver-grey and putting on the 1,5 strap. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Day-Five-Mens-Evolution-Square-Toe-Motorcycle-Ankle-Boot-Shoes-Black-US-12/232789555651?epid=17001874733&hash=item363356b9c3:g:aj0AAOSwm4NbELh9
  11. I'm looking at the new CRl pictures (many thanks for that) and I wonder what brand of boots were used? I'm going through a lot of websites to find similar ones but so far no luck.
  12. Greetings, I'm Laurent ''Sokar'' from the Luxembourg Outpost, and I'm planning to expand my costume collection with one of my favorite Sith. For the most parts I intend to make the costume at home. I ordered some black fabric which I want to use for all pieces except the red part. I purchased the WA V2 Mask and for boots i want to use my jackboots that I already use with my tie/gunner costumes. For the armor/handplates/vambraces I plan to use Worbla, leather (for the armor bridge) and foam. Or does anyone have any 3DP files? Still need to get and modify the shirt and get the gloves. For the Lightsaber, i'm looking to get something from Ultrasabers as i already have one saber from them. I saw that people recommend the schock LE or the normal schock with a repainted guardian pommel. In some parts I find the CRL confusing. Is the CRL in the process of being updated? For example: Capelet to Cuirass connection. In the main picture I see rings and the crl says rings with different sizes but in the detail chest armor picture i see rings and swivel snaps? What can be used? Another difference I saw is concerning the lower ab/kidney rings. In the detail picture they are connected with a very fine metal line to the armor, whereas in the main picture i see the 1'' leather connection which is mentioned in the crl. Well anyway quite some more research required to kick off this build. My current timeframe is to have the costume ready to go by the end of September.
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