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  1. Hello and thanks for the reply. On the Italian forum where I asked for advice they told me the exact opposite,neither is good! Reading the various posts on forum, I seem to have understood that the most well made ones are those of wicked armor, or similar to these images that I attach(have not been able to put those of the user en-zozallow in his post . If I understand correctly, the important thing is that the mask has "prongs" that point down from the bottom of the mask that is the KOTOR I / II mask; And the two side nose sections, along with the undereyes ("V" section) and the center red strip that goes up from the bottom of the mask to the V must be present,right?.
  2. Hello everyone! I am a new Italian forum member (sorry for my bad bad badEnglish), and I ask you for advice for the original approved mask of Darth Revan. I ordered the mask on the internet,but I have been asked the front and back photos of the original mask, so that he can choose a suitable 3d model. Can you help me in my research? Thank you very much to everyone. P.S. The online shop showed me these 2 models that I attach: So I wanted to know from you, since in any case the ultimate goal is the approval of the costume, which is the right version, thank you very much for everything
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