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  1. thorssoli from therpf makes the helmet and armor pieces. Tried doing the costume before but wasn't happy with how the helmet and the armor came out so I ordered from Shawn (thorssoli) recently. You can also join this FB group dedicated to all TFU costumers https://www.facebook.com/groups/StarkillerCC/
  2. Hey Dawn, I posted this over at https://www.facebook.com/groups/StarkillerCC/. Hope somebody replies!
  3. Do you guys know if Taras is still accepting orders for his sith acolyte armor pieces? I have some of his armor from an earlier run and want to complete the rest but I can't seem to get a hold of him to tell me if he's still doing those or not.
  4. Do you guys have pictures of the tattoo design on the right shoulder of the sith stalker? TIA
  5. Just got the reborn.. feels really unbalanced.. I'm using a 32"
  6. Thanks Heidi! BTW I also saw your comment on the Darth Traya post on the PH Garrison FB page.. figured that was you hehe
  7. Would be nice to see it with the hood and balaclava on Alan
  8. NP. Can you take detailed photos of your headpiece instead?
  9. Anyone working on the SOR version? Posted some reference pics from the game itself here: http://imgur.com/a/zDX5F
  10. Hi guys, we're working on a starkiller-themed Freddy inspired design and we'd like to get your feedback on this very early work in progress We're thinking of removing the starkiller text. What else do you suggest we do?
  11. NA has been MIA lately. I wonder if he still takes commissions. My bad Lori
  12. Welcome Andrew! Aside from the wool upgrade, what parts of the WA costume did you upgrade?
  13. Congrats in advance bro! Where do you plan to purchase your saber/s?
  14. Looks awesome. Where did you get the neck seal if you don't mind?
  15. Welcome Revanite! I see a bunch of masks on eBay and Etsy but I got my mask and everything else from Rob over at Wicked Armor (http://mywickedarmor.com/)
  16. Always nice to see another Sith Acolyte this side of Asia! Hope we can troop together soon!
  17. Got my secondary purple blade from Saberforge (stunt 12W Grand Master, T2 Warrior). Not bad for $160
  18. I have the Mynock kit from Taras but I'm still missing some of the leg, cod, and neck pieces. I have the MystikMerchant robe but I'm thinking of a wool upgrade once I complete everything. I still don't have a Sith Acolyte-specific saber but I do have a couple of Sith ones I can use. I'm just waiting for Taras to finish the rest of the kit before I start with the strap assembly. For now I'm just sanding/buffing the pieces I already have.
  19. Keith, is that wolfgang's kit you have there?
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