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  1. Think I may end up doing that Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk
  2. Airbrush failed btw looking into other methods Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk
  3. MWA uses a custom made paint. I would get some silver and make it battle damage. Or tr and match it youself. Liquid leaf ive been told is a nice brand
  4. Little update. Got the Vyinl and in its black state its pretty close to the color MWA used. So im going to hit it with some airbrush silver (gundam paint) very lightly and see if i like that effect! Upgrade start!!!
  5. Another little update. Tire blew.... need new tires.... TT_TT revan upgrade will be delayed. But i still will get those straps longer!
  6. Man those gothic boots. Finally going to get them!
  7. Very nice! while your still able to easily edit it. I would lower the ring. Idk how your membership officer is but mine was iffy on it.
  8. Ooh that would be really nice!
  9. Ah this will help a lot. A friend is into leather and willing to make some real leather ones for me.
  10. What type of silver paint. Dont know what works with pleather. If pleather is even the right word. Last time I asked for pleather I got some neon latex sm stuff. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk
  11. Yup its in the other post but right now i wana get that working first. Its one of the biggest this is wrong with my costume. lol Thinking im getting some vinly from joanns. Dont have an old leather coat lol
  12. Very nice. Guess im going to go buy for that guy to now... Bracers and hand gaurds need replacement. Well the Bracers(gauntlets) do as MWA were to small TT_TT. But that mask as well AH im in love!! hides the sides of the face which is big!
  13. So a little update. (now that i am following my own post TT_TT) My costume all but came apart on a troop. Luckily a fellow member had some super glue. So now i have the best reason to crack down on this. I also plan to be more active on the forums! yay
  14. Very nice. Just found out i had replies to this! (messed up on making it tell me when their are replies! I got the delux version of Revan. I think it was your topic that initally made me want to upgrade. any advice on leather? I have very very little experience and wouldnt know where to start or what to get!
  15. So im trying to figure out where to get some leather to remake the straps holding the Ring to the armor. I have a MWA armor and wanted to see if anyone had some advice on how to REMAKE them. I have this big idea on how to i want to improve my armor but having a hard time finding some leather for it or material like leather. Any help is much loved!
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