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  1. Looks like some good work done here, too. I'll keep my eyes and ears open, I got a bunch of shots from the game too. So for now we will make it as it stands and work our way from there.
  2. Is there anyone in particular who is championing this build in particular or just Babs_79?
  3. Interested to see where this in in acceptance. My wife has finally decided what to do with her lekku. And she stumbled upon Darth Atroxa. This is the first thing I've done for research as I'm on my phone. But I figured I'd make the time to search our forums
  4. Mandalore will be making an appearance at Ottawa(Canada) ComicCon April 11-13th. I cant wait. I've added a few more things to the costume, Small unseen engineering type stuff. snaps for the arm straps, an elastic strap for the right pauldron to keep if more forward leaning. Tonight i will be adding snaps or Velcro for the Hoses to ensure the placement is secure and consistent on the body side.
  5. Posting a picture taken by my brother in Law. ok there I think I have gotten it now. It may have been that the IMG was too Large for Photobucket to handle. I shrunk it to 50% and then reloaded it. Now it seems to be sticking. YAY! Here he is, THE BEAST! OMG why does the photo keep disabling! grrrr, anyway it is the same pic as my new forum avatar photo just bigger.
  6. Excited to see what you come up with, can't wait to have another Flagship member join the ranks!!
  7. Rejean

    Darth Bane

    My personal favorite Darth Bane is the orbalisks bane, however without the as described sleeping mask on from the books, and as T.Spanos depicts him. I should read the comics before I Keep that opinion. Now wondering why I have Not read them yet, and plotting how to get them. Cant wait to see what you come up with!! Cheers, Rejean
  8. Thanks I brought it to Celebration this year, What a blast, Wish I wasn't sick, I would have enjoyed myself a bit more. But it was amazing meeting everyone.
  9. Just Finished weathering the other side of the Axe, I'm loving it. Now if i can find the time The mask and tubes!!!!! I think I will put it on for fun tonight!!!!!
  10. And Here is Stage 3 scorched burn marks, Subtle but necessary. These are the Pturges
  11. OK so I am Now complete the Fire Damage/Weathering Here are stages 2 (fire and smoke damage without the Scorched Damage. Thsi si stage 2 on the ptergus Stage 2 on the cape
  12. Smoke damage continued, As you can see I have about 3-4 feet left to do on the outside of the cape and then I have the whole inside of the cape to do before I move onto the Second stage of the burn weathering. Then Scorched Weathering. More to come soon!
  13. This is my First attempt at painting weathering, the following are pics of the first of three stages the following is the Smoke damage.
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