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  1. Donated. PP Confirmation number: 87F54306HV993931T
  2. Saberforge has just announced they'll make Revan style sabers, starting at $150 USD. Check out the Etsy listing, as it isn't listed on their website yet. https://www.etsy.com/listing/223291810/ ... e_active_2 https://www.etsy.com/listing/223296021/ ... e_active_2 I have another Saberforge saber and the quality and service is good. Long production time, but I can live with that. Anyways, just wanted to give my fellow Revans a heads up if you have been looking for a Revan-saber.
  3. Here's a photo of the final (approved) result: SL-88561 reporting for duty
  4. The grey eyes was per order of the LML apparently, as the GML was the first local Revan.
  5. The armor came with black eyes (from the guy in the CRL photos) and pretty much all of the approved Darth Revan costumes in the member galleries have black eyes, but when my GML wants them grey, I need to figure out what shade of gray. I haven't been able to find any written requirements describing the eye-color, but the boots have to be dark grey or black, so perhaps the same dark grey as they may have?
  6. Hi, Does anyone know what shade of gray the cuirass "eyes" should be? I'm told the diamond shaped areas ("eyes") in the middle of the armor should not be black, but rather gray. Are we talking dark grey or silvery like the straps holding up the O-ring? Any help and/or reference links to good photos or costume requirements are welcome.
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