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  1. Looking for SLD access to the forum/merch. SL-24445 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=18337 Det XO Edit: Done
  2. I'm slowly working on Savage as well. When I get to the vest, I'll have to have that probably custom made, it'll be tough to make it look real from any other material. And then yes, the other problem is bald cap and the horns. I don't have a solution for those either. But hey, I have a saber so I'm basically done right?
  3. I do think the shoulders are hard armor, not leather same as the gaunts as you see rivets in it. And I think the idea of is the black "undersuit for arms" a separate piecedoes not really matter as long as the look remains faithful to the source image. If they're separate pieces I think it's more comfortable and manageable. I did see your comment about his armor taking the shot but as tight as the vest/armor/top is, I cannot see that hole top piece being hard armor like a TK. It's just not manageable in the real world. And the boot front armor does need to be able to bend so I think leather is really the only option, and if you look closely at the high res image of him stepping the details are actually grooves as shown by the lighting/shadowing and not raised "ridges". If you want to pitch in with the CRL, I'd pm ionicdesign, he's one of the LMOs and the main gatekeeper of the process.
  4. Great progress, me and another guy in Idaho have been working on the CRL with ionicdesign that is posted now on the legion site. It may have few very minor things like the loin cloth length is not described correctly. It has a preliminary blessing from Thomas but I don't think he's given his final blessing to it. I've been waiting on the saber for a very long time and hope to hit this build hard after the new year. I think you do need to upgrade some of your materials from foam and I'd focus on proportions but it's fantastic to see some Savage builds going. Keep up the great work. http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:Savage_Opress But this absolutely is the definitive reference pic you've been using. https://imgur.com/a/8l71K
  5. Any chance for a pm to my direction as well for the armor source? Tyvm!
  6. Congratulations, excited to see Punkers don your art in the future for our Garrison.
  7. mikkonator

    Kylo Ren

    Greetings, you guys are absolutely right that SLD is going through a bit of an identity crisis like perhaps other detachments as well. In the beginning there was only one guy who was really saying that Kylo was not a "sith lord" and wanted to send folks here, like we know anything about the character details really... I pinged the LMO to just let him know that there was conversation and potential confusion about this character. LMO commented unofficially that most likely Kylo should end up there and he does not like the idea of new detachments which makes total sense. I think the new movies and canon make for a confusing landscape for all of us and we need to review what our detachments stand for. I saw Thomas lurking there today as well so I'm sure with LDR, your command staff and the LMO team we can figure out a way for all detachments to move forward and provide great support for the costumers. Kylo - SLD or TFE discussion here with LMO comment http://forum.501stsithlords.com/index.php?showtopic=9115 Our Kylo reference costume discussion http://forum.501stsithlords.com/index.php?showtopic=9082 I'm sorry if we have come across as douches at times. Feel free to push back and call us on our crap, (my previous A'Sharad Hett comments.... ) Feel free to join in on the conversations. And looks like Thomas just made a post there....
  8. Requesting 501st access. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=18337&costumeID=96
  9. Keep up the good work Crixe! I haven't been to that many troops here, but I've never seen an EU sith yet so we need more for sure.
  10. I just read the annual report and that LCO was really clear that no costume will be deleted and all costumes will be approved that are from official sources, even if the new story committee changes something in the post Ep 6 continuity..
  11. I'd recommend the Luxeon conversion rather than doing another strip of LEDs. The look is brighter and more uniform. I'm planning on doing that to my Vader saber.
  12. Wait you're saying Vader SLs are changing too? Does LDR/Matt know this at SLD...?
  13. Very sad. Saw his posts on SLD as well, seemed like a great guy!
  14. You should also check out the krayt clan boards. There's definitely more a'sharad action there than here