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  1. Requesting access please http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=15135&costumeID=227 Many thanks
  2. Thank you very much nef not far off now
  3. Greetings from oz. This one has been in the works for a while now and is coming close to completion so thought I'd show off a bit off the progress . The only reference I've been working off for this character is the completed one in the 501st reference library! Lol reference pic below: The Jedi style tabard (standing collar) and pants. My cousin did most of the sewing and did a fantastic job. Gave these two items a couple of washes , ripped the tabard up and threw them on the ground outside in the sun for a few days for fading. Here are the robes and neck seal as new: Then dyed (thanks glen for the help) And weathered: Found some great brown leather gloves online but they were gauntlet so had to unpick and hem them shorter. Dragged my knuckles up the brick wall a few times for weathering: The boots I found at target. Zip up knee highs. Women's size 10s lol. Had to wrap them twice. First time I wrapped to tight and could get my foot in :)/>/>/>/> and here weathered: Big thanks to stretch for the face plate and bits and pieces. Riveted to a cricket helmet. Red lens's from a cheap pair of red sunnies dremelled down to fit the eyestalks. The hair was a Cheap wig braided by liz attached to the back. It was a little on the orange side so gave it a darker brown colouring. Added Second layer of dyed wraps and weathered: Arm wraps: Tackled one of the lightsabers a little differently. Here's the start.... PVC pipe for the hilt and with some measurements and design 3D printed the top part and pommel. This isn't the actual LS I want and they're not needed for approval but a good stand in prop until money permits. Will post more progress soon. Very nice Respirator by a friend. Jedi belt and food capsules were an ebay find. And here's the costume to date. All I need is the four belt pouches and a few extra weathering touches :)/>/>