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  1. Dont make them, but i sent you a PM with info where to get it.
  2. Almost done this guy https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/tribune_montoya/sets/72157656430682973/
  3. Yea thats a nice build. I remember one of my homeboys telling me about that armor set-up. They said he used leather i think Your right. the animated/CGI characters do give alot to interpret. Looking at a few screenshots, I can see scrapes/dings so ima have to lean towards hard armor. Now, I sculpted hard armor so im probably talking out my ass. But you made a good point earlier about coating them. 1) A person could seperate the plates. *giving more of a layered look* 2) Assemble the pieces and coat them. *Avoiding perfecting armor and painting* 3) It would make it more maneuverable. *might look better for submission pictures*
  4. Iam curious why would you think to put pleather over it?. Is it suppose to be a leathery type of armor build?. Iam unfamiliar with the CRL. So they might be dumb questions, my bad ahead of time.
  5. If your friend wants to be my test subject to see if it can be approved I'm willing to cut him a deal on a set of armor
  6. So I started these a few years back. Unfortunately the person who wanted me to make them lost interest which made me lose interest as well. They have been sitting in my basement for 2 years now,figure id at least build them so I dont feel like i wasted my time. https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/tribune_montoya/sets/72157656315679140/ Let me know what y'all think.