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  2. So from what I can spot initially: -Mask is from SWTOR and doesn't look quite the same as his KOTOR mask (I did the same thing on my first attempt) -All the armor pieces aren't made of a rigid material per the CRL -The hood and cape don't quite sit right over the shoulders and does "cap" the shoulders off. -The Hakama looks pretty long as well. -And it's tough to tell because of the lighting but the shirt also needs to have a piping that runs across the chest horizontally.
  3. I'm assuming you're talking about the large o-ring at the center with the sash. They attach around the sides of the armor just above the armor bridge. I can get a picture for you later.
  4. On mine the hood the caplet are attached to the armor harness itself. So I have a front and backplate that are attached to each other just with some nylon, and the hood and caplet are then attached to the front piece, tucked in and trimmed down.
  5. Hi, Requesting detachment access TKID- SL-48027 Alpine Garrison Profile: http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=19114&costumeID=105
  6. That's what I'm concerned about regarding approval, I mounted the ring too high so I need to see if I drop it.
  7. Plus a couple of Glamour shots courtesy of Jackie Cao Photography.
  8. I've also done the same for the rings on the lower armor. The ones that came with the armor were just key rings, so I had to swap those out too. But I realized that I may have made the loops a tad too short so I'm likely going to re-tie them and give them a little bit more hang.
  9. I just barely replaced the clasps on the chest because they looked terrible Top picture is of the new clasps, and bottom one is of the old clasps.
  10. Hello all thank you for your help on my build it's been absolutely invaluable I ended up buying my armor set from Wicked Armor and added a few touches of my own to make it work for me, and I think I'm ready to start the approval process and I was wondering besides the front-back-side views is there any other angle or detail pictures I need to take? I have a picture of the rough test fitting attached here So far what I know needs to happen is: I need to drop the ring down a few inches to line the sash up with the bottom of the hakama, I need to get the capelet and hood to sit evenly and then pin them together under the armor, and I also need to be wearing the boots, other than that is there anything you guys can think of? any criticism would be welcome! I'll also be posting up all of the pieces in my WIP thread to make sure the individual parts are going to be okay.
  11. http://www.501st.com/databank/Costuming:SL_revan From what I saw on the CRL there is no requirement for length (obviously needs to look good) BUT you're in luck. this dude built a pretty good looking Revan saber you can reference http://www.ldmcustomsabers.com/kotor-revan-sabers
  12. So after a bit of modifying and testing at Salt Lake Comic Con, and armed with a host of images for reference I've decided I hate it and I'm re-doing the whole thing. As nice as it was to just be able to modify it, it didn't look accurate, and it also looked too large. Also have a new cape/hood patterns drawn up, just need to be sewed. Not that Salt Lake Comic Con is over I'll be tearing apart my current cuirass using it for a template,. Lastly this is what it looks like currently:
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