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  1. I have some good shots from my PS4 i can send all of them via email if you need. I know how important the HD quality is. With my worl on the actual Del Meeko CRL update it was necessary to have good references
  2. Now we have the inquisitor Cal as a currently wearable option in the game. So, it's not just a vision anymore ;) what about that now? 501st could create the CRL for it.
  3. Its a point, yes, and i can agree with that. But on the other side its something we could call "screen accurate" and it is, in my opinion, a pretty cool costume. :) so lets see what going on with it
  4. Its something you can see clearly in 360°. And Dark Rey is also just a Vision and it will surely be a Legion Approved costume i think So why shouldn't it become a Legion costume?
  5. I took some photos on my ps4. For those who didn't play Jedi: Fallen Order yet. The Lightsaber hilt is optional i think. As you know, the play can edit his lightsaber to whatever he wants to make it look like https://imgur.com/a/194EBi6
  6. Some photos i took on ps4. Nightsister Merrin (Jedi: Fallen Order) https://imgur.com/gallery/y0O2V2F
  7. Hello there from Germany. I am here to help out my best friend in building a Doctor Aphra: gray jacket costume. So i am requesting full access to the TFE forums. ID: 20113 Garrison: German Garrison Detachment: Spec Ops http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=30612
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