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  1. Since I'm grandfathered in, I want to get my Revan up to snuff with the new CRL. Expecting to make some changes before Celebration Chicago, but I probably won't get to all of them. I'll update this post as I go down the list of things I've updated. - Replace rings with 2" rings and leather strapping: IN PROGRESS - Add red lining to bottom of armor: IN PROGRESS - Additional details on back/kidney armor: IN PROGRESS - New hood: IN PROGRESS - New capelet - attach to cuirass: IN PROGRESS - New boots (my boots are worn out): IN PROGRESS - New split skirt: IN PROGR
  2. I can measure my center ring for you the next time I'm in the same house as my kit (haven't moved the kits to the new place yet!)
  3. That's a nice mask! Looks similar to mine. I also have a resin cast (from Moonbase/Peter White) and I never seem to have an issue with the weight of it. I think that's a good-looking mask, looks close to the references - looks like a clean cast, as well. Never heard of the maker, though. You don't have to get approved with a saber, so that saber should be fine (and it looks dang close to Revans!). Back before everyone made Revan sabers, we used to get ones that were kinda the same style. I have an US Arbiter that functions as my offhand saber. Looks like you linked the same saber twice, t
  4. So one thing I did to my WA set is I made sturdy shoulder straps out of nylon webbing, to attach the chest and back plates together. I also use the straps to anchor my capelet so it doesn't go anywhere. I'm digging these Revan improvement threads. I got approved last November, and I was already going to re-make my hood and stuff, so might as well start doing it now!
  5. What I would do to help secure your front and back armor is to glue something thin (a thin piece of plastic or a thinner bit of leather, maybe) underneath the back armor where it will join the front, and put some snaps or velcro on that thin piece so you can overlap that thin piece and your front armor. The glue I would recommend for this is Barge or some other type of contact cement (idk if you're already using that, but it bonds really well to leather). Also, looking at the pictures you've got, I would suggest shortening the bridge between your chest and ab armor. It's only a few inches
  6. Hello! Newly-approved Darth Revan, SL-59650 reporting and requesting Detachment Access. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=17027&costumeID=105
  7. Ahhhhh okay I getcha. Thanks!
  8. (Also I will note I've been on his website several times and have not seen such a price list, at least not in the FAQ or anywhere that has to do with Revan)
  9. Those prices don't jive with what I've seen on etsy, so I don't google that much since stuff can change. But I haven't so much wanted a price list as a response to a basic inquiry. Now that I've seen this price list, I have more questions. LOL. I wasn't aware he had a "basic" and "deluxe" kit, or what the differences are between them
  10. Okay, thank you so much! I had no idea he had a facebook, so this is a big help. I will try contacting him there and let you know if he doesn't respond.
  11. Hey all! Been a while since I've been in here, but I am still quite set on getting into a Revan kit. I have tried contacting MWA to no avail, as I have long since decided trying to R&D my own was going to try my patience too much. So I figured I'd ask around to see if someone is selling their MWA kit (or perhaps a better way to get into contact with Rob). I'm in no real rush, I just have my heart set on getting my Revan done for Celebration Orlando so that my boyfriend and I can go together as Revan and Carth Onasi. Now that I finally have a stable job, I'm in the market! Any help is a
  12. To update the pinned topics: Saberforge now offers their Fallen model, which is directly inspired by Darth Revan's saber. It even has a covertech knob, which is awesome. They're only making 100 of this first run, though, so get in on it if you want one. (At only $150 for the hilt, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better deal on a custom hilt like this.) I got a notification that mine will ship this week, so turnaround is pretty impressive, especially for Saberforge (they tend to be a bit of a wait, but not bad). You can find the Fallen here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/223291810/
  13. My order should be shipped this week. I'm stupid-excited like you guys can't imagine... (Well, maybe you can. Haha.) A note on Saberforge's services...so long as you pay the difference and shipping, they will upgrade your saber electronics. I just bought the hilt and plan to have them add electronics to it later. Probably one of the most affordable, accurate Revan saber options out there. Cannot. Wait.
  14. You also might have to re-do the hood. Just from looking at it, it won't cowl around the face like the CRL says it should. Whenever possible, use the in-game model from KotOR as a reference, because that is the only interpretation of the costume that is currently approvable. I pretty much use it as my only reference for the major lines of the costume. Granted, it's an OLD game model, and there is some room for interpretation in the fine details (which the CRL allows for), but the basic structure of the costume is all there. It can be confusing with all the crazy and awesome arts out
  15. No shirt that I know of comes with the appropriate collar and piping. Plus, positioning the piping really depends on where your chest armor and the cowl of your hood sits. Most people just take a basic black turtleneck, cut a line across the chest where it needs to be, and sew in some piping (you can get this at JoAnn or any hobby store that sells notions).
  16. ....I have that hoodie. I am using that hoodie when I take pictures of my mask when it's done. (SMALL WORLD, huh??) Love the custom fabrication that's going on here. Will definitely be watching with great interest!
  17. I am quite late to this discussion, but I've read the entire thread, and I'd like to throw this in the ring. If we still need more discussion on Visas in particular, I have several direct connections to Chris Avellone at Obsidian and I can ask what the intention with the character was. Personally, I'm of the idea that the apprentice of a Sith Lord also becomes a Sith Lord (as it appears to be the consensus). That's how it works with the Rule of Two, anyway. Unless a character who is an apprentice is specifically referred to as not an Sith (as Ventress was in the Clone Wars), they should be
  18. Heavy I can handle, I just wonder how it will drape... Looks like you got it to do a fine job. I shall consider it.
  19. Rigid pretty much means plastic/thermoplastic. No foam as the primary method of construction. CosplaySky uses a cheap, pleather-like thing for the cuirass that is just gross. Lol. (Actually, I'm of a mind that if you used the thick, cured leather that leathercraft armor makers use, you could make a case for it. But you'd obviously have to talk to the higher-ups before proceeding.) From my experience patterning the soft parts so far, I can understand why there aren't any standard patterns out there. Things like pleat width and cape width will really depend on your frame. What I've been doin
  20. Beautiful! I was just commenting to one of our Vaders I'd love to have a wool set of robes one day. Mine are raw silk, for convention use only. I'd like to have a more versatile set. Is it heavy at all? The cowl looks much better than the MWA one. Awesome!!
  21. That's AMAZING! This is joyous news. Vode An! I just got back on the wagon, too! My mask ships this week, so that has done a lot to bolster my motivation for this project. Look forward to everything!
  22. You can find them by searching Moonbase Creations on facebook. I am only happy to promote. You guys have an impressive body of work! This mask will re-energize my enthusiasm for the project; it has been several months since I have actively worked on Revan. So, thank you. (I look forward to hawking your Nihilus mask in the future!)
  23. There's kind of a vertical ridge in the center that runs from the slit to the bottom of the mask, and some geometric ridges around it. Kind of like you see in this artist's interpretation (which happens to be my favorite interpretation of the mask): You can also see there's some layering going on there with different parts of the mask.
  24. My two cents: You've got a great outline going on this one, definitely an awesome start. I would personally add some more layers to give the mask some more depth. The ridges around the "nose" are a bit more raised on most artists' interpretations you see. That's the beauty of Revan's mask: there are so many different interpretations of what it looks like IRL. Go nuts!
  25. Awwwww snap! AWESOME! Now we've got Revan in BOTH clubs! One of these days I'll try to get the Revan Star Forge armor approved for RL.
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