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  1. Darth Cody

    Updateing my Revan

    Following this as well, I thought the "reborn" style hilt was correct as Revan's purple saber
  2. Darth Cody

    Revan Updates and Improvements

    Have my rings pulled off, to add the new red lining around the bottom. I think that red accent will really make it all pop though.
  3. Darth Cody

    Updateing my Revan

    Any suggestion on what specific material, or color it came in, you used to add the red to the waist line? Planning on taking my red sash in when I go look, but just curious. Either way thanks
  4. Darth Cody

    Revan Updates and Improvements

    Sadly, due to some heat damage on my Lions Den Revan Mask, I will be switching to the Wicked Armor mask as well. The silver lining is that I have been trying to fix my LD mask, which has gotten to look pretty good again so I will just use as a permanent display. And factoring in the WA mask has an under mask that might help cut back on some of my mask fogging issue hopefully. Anyone with the WA mask feel like the under mask helps much?
  5. Darth Cody

    Darth Revan for sale

    About to PM you, do you still have any of the costume or no? Thanks
  6. Darth Cody

    Names Called While Trooping

    As Darth Revan, I get Darth Vader sometimes (makes no sense) Kylo Ren all the time (makes a bit more sense but still) and then of course I get the random one person per troop or so who knows who Revan is. That last person always makes me happy
  7. Darth Cody

    Dark Side Bastila

    Was there anything else that came of this? My wife is finally getting into this world, and really wants to be in the 501st with me, and not the Rebel Legion. She has really started getting into the idea of Bastila though, and if Dark Side Bastila is an option, we could at least see if we could make it work.
  8. Darth Cody

    Revan Updates and Improvements

    Waiting myself on VV to do the "Reborn" style hilt. They said on Facebook later this year that they were planning on it.
  9. Darth Cody

    Revan Updates and Improvements

    Spent some time tonight doing some emergency surgery on a gauntlet, reattaching a couple of my leather ring holders, and reattaching part of my Cape mount due to it to failing during my last troop. 7 troops in and I have definitely had to work on this again after almost each one, even if they are minor fixes. If anyone has some things they wouldn't mind sharing that have worked with a Wicked Armor Revan and improvements you may have made, especially for durability, please feel free to post.
  10. Darth Cody

    Revan Updates and Improvements

    Also, decided to weather my Rev-n a bit. Figured Revan's saber should look used, not like a shelf queen.
  11. Darth Cody

    Revan Updates and Improvements

  12. Darth Cody

    Revan Updates and Improvements

    Vader's Vault.
  13. Darth Cody

    Revan Updates and Improvements

    Finally also received my Vader's Vault Rev-N as well.
  14. Darth Cody

    Revan Updates and Improvements

    Front and back both
  15. Darth Cody

    Revan Updates and Improvements

    I used hot glue myself. It works well, but be careful on the side rings, makes the fit a bit tighter where the front and back armor come together.