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  1. Thanks mate! Yeah the dremmel part was scary not gonna lie... For the weathering, the chipping was all done with liquid mask, i applied after that a couple of acrylic washes to mute the colors a little bit, and the rest is all airbrush (i really like the burn marks). For the smoother, in Spain we have a company named Feroca, they have all kinds of products, (resins, silicones, clays) same results as smooth on but not as expensive. Best regards. Enviado desde mi SM-M205FN mediante Tapatalk
  2. And finally, after painting i realised that most of the deep scratches would not be good without some dremmeling, so, when the paint was done, i decided to dremmel de hell out of the front of the helmet to mimic the game references. A couple touches with my airbrush to simulate the burns and more weathering and here it is. Helmet done. Hope y'all like it. Best regards
  3. Painting time: Finally after all the sanding, the helmet looked smooth: Black primer: 2 layers of silver done, and with the mouth-piece and earcaps with the gun metal version: Navy blue top part of the earcap done with some chipping: (all done with liquid latex) Afer that, the mandibles with again the gunmetal color: Added the dark yellow stripes in the front of the helmet with some more weathering: Aaand this is how it looks while watching the tragedy of Dark Plagueis the wise... Next up, the final touches....
  4. So, as i said, here are some updates!: HELMET: Since my head is too big for most buckets, a friend printed at 110% of the original size: Original print: First coat of 3D Smoother: After sanding, spot putty time: Layers upon layers of spot putty and sanding: When i was happy about how it looked, filler primer: When you think you are finished but after the primer you detect a lot of small irregularities...... more spot putty and more sanding, specially on the back (the original print wasn´t aligned and i had to sculpt part of the back side to make it as smooth as possible). Next step in the update: Painting. I don´t really like how the Wicked armor paintscheme is done, (don´t get me wrong, the helmet is outstanding but i opted for a more game accurate look). So, after some resarch and ingame references, the helmet is beaten a lot with some scorch and laser marks, and i wanted to do something similar for my helmet:
  5. Time has passed but i´ve been working on a lot stuff, (covid doesn´t help) but today i will post more progress ^^
  6. Next i jumped into the Belt Control Panel. I had a 3d finished one but didn´t like it (too big and wide in contrast of the videogame and crl references). So a friend of mine made me a compact pvc one with a metal hook on the back side to attach it to the leather belt (like the officer ones) and both metal buttons and switches. Here it is in all its shining glory (a little weathered because it should not be as pristine as Darth Vader's): CRL says it should be gun metal (like the helmet), but both in the game and othe references, the panel is the same tone as the lighter one in the helmet, so i added a touch of aluminum to make it that way.
  7. Next One: Darth Maul and Starkiller (apprentice version with blue crystal: on my playthrough i used the blue colour until i became psycho at the end of the game) Same paint and method used: XTC on 3d prints, lots of sanding. Montana and Molotow for the base color on the sabers, then acrylic washes and dry brush to simulate the weathering. Finished with clear coat.
  8. Hope everybody is fine an safe in these strange times, So... Quarantine time, got a few updates i made before (including the 2 piece leather suit tailored for me), i will post pictures of it later, but for now: Lightsabers. I`ve been working on the Rahm, Vader and starkiller, al printed in 3d (gonna aim for the level 2 of the crl and i dont like how bulky the plastic lightsaber toys are so...) as i was saying, 3d printed: Here are both the vader and the Kota: and after this the full process of painting the vader one (weathered) 1- Black Primer: 2- Added shiny silver into it: 3- After removing masking tape: 4- Final state weathered and with the metal dring on top (i need to attach another one to wear it on the belt but that will come later with all of them) More posts in a few minutes. Best Regards. Joak
  9. I´m a little nervous about removing the battery pack... the wires seems fragile
  10. And the new toy is at home! I love this thing, the only modification i will do for now is to add the leather strip into the handle, this week i will have some of the trophies so sanding session incoming to erase those printlines......
  11. Lightsaber Ordered, should be around here in a couple weeks: Ultrasaber red with standard pommel and claws (same as the image in the crl) With tri creed blazing red and sound, can´t wait to have it home! Best regards, Joak
  12. So, got my boots, full leather, with rounded toes, no zippers, no logos and they seem pretty comfy!
  13. Thanks for the input mate, i know about wicked armor, and their SK is pretty good, but i have already a plan for the helmet and armor. Got a lot of experience on finishing both 3d and pvc armor and helmets so it shouldn´t be too bad (i will be posting pics about the progress). The main thing i´ve noticed in changes from the game assets are the boots: although i like the crl ones (they are basically like anakins but darker, the game boot look like they follow the same pattern as the gloves and gauntlets). For now i will go with the crl route. Got my boots at home and lightsaber is already ordered so this thing starts moving!. best regards, Joak
  14. The taylor took measurements yesterday, the pants are basically the same as Vader although the upper piece of the suit is different, got 2 questions about details: -The pattern under the leather vest has the same pattern right? i¡m curious because you dont actually see the suit under the vest, the crl only provides the picture as a reference, would it be approvable if i wear mesh underneath to make it more breathable?. -Boots: Nothing is said about the height of the boots (the ones in the crl appear to be half calf but nothing gives more details) i`ve seen the reference and the game boots are higher (just bellow the knee), i wont use the original tactical boots because are too low and to different. I'm thinking about some leather horse riding boots and then make the ribbing and horizontal stripes so they can look the part. Will that be approvable? Best regards. Joak
  15. Thanks kaabous! Yeah ive talked about the pattern with the maker and he told me the same, its similar but not the same (although i appreciate the advice to not spend money mindless, i know that suit is gonna be expensive). I'll have to look into the electronics because both the pannel and the buttons must be lighted and i'm a total newbie in that deparment) Best regards Joak