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  1. Mitthrawnuruodo

    Names Called While Trooping

    My wife usually gets "Laura Croft" in her Aphra
  2. Mitthrawnuruodo

    Names Called While Trooping

    Some of my favorites I've gotten as Darth Nihilus: Darth Maul (no real shock there) Thor (no clue how the kid came up with that one) Mulan (dad was possibly drunk, or raciest, or both...) And today I heard this story from one of my local troopers talking to a little girl dressed as a stormtrooper - "Well, I'm going to go over there and talk to Darth Vader with the skeleton face ...bye!"
  3. Mitthrawnuruodo

    Names Called While Trooping

    Since none of us are Stormtroopers or Darth Vader (even though I know I've been called Vader just as many times as many of you have) we all have been called the wrong name at events by fans. I've started this discussion on many other detachments and it's always fun to see what others get called. Please share your stories!
  4. Mitthrawnuruodo

    Hi from Southern Indiana!

    Hi Chuck!
  5. Mitthrawnuruodo

    Nihilus COTF WIP

    After every troop I upgrade things a little more.
  6. Mitthrawnuruodo

    WIP for Traitor Barriss

    That's awesome you're doing this costume! Barriss was always one of my favorites (my black cat is named after her) Best of luck!
  7. Mitthrawnuruodo

    My Nihilus is Done!

  8. Mitthrawnuruodo

    My Nihilus is Done!

    Wow! Those are some awesome photos!
  9. Mitthrawnuruodo

    My Nihilus is Done!

  10. Mitthrawnuruodo

    Nihilus WIP

    Hi Drew!
  11. Mitthrawnuruodo

    Nihilus COTF WIP

    Thank you They've been trimmed slightly, I have a feeling they (like the cape and skirts) will continually be works in progress.
  12. Mitthrawnuruodo

    Nihilus COTF WIP

    I've been approved!
  13. Mitthrawnuruodo

    Nihilus COTF WIP

    Too tall, too wide, or both? I definitely see them being something I'll be modifying over time.
  14. Mitthrawnuruodo

    Nihilus COTF WIP

  15. Mitthrawnuruodo

    Nihilus COTF WIP

    I think I might have it this time...