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  1. My Nihilus is Done!

    Wow! Those are some awesome photos!
  2. My Nihilus is Done!

  3. Nihilus WIP

    Hi Drew!
  4. Nihilus COTF WIP

    Thank you They've been trimmed slightly, I have a feeling they (like the cape and skirts) will continually be works in progress.
  5. Nihilus COTF WIP

    I've been approved!
  6. Nihilus COTF WIP

    Too tall, too wide, or both? I definitely see them being something I'll be modifying over time.
  7. Nihilus COTF WIP

  8. Nihilus COTF WIP

    I think I might have it this time...
  9. Nihilus COTF WIP

    Mask/hood changes happened... too tall and looked like a nun, need to shave a bit off and try again.
  10. Acolyte in SW game

    Unlocked Sion and Marr... Sion is ... eh... but holy crap Marr is awesome!
  11. COTF Work in Progress

    Your last couple posts the photos aren't showing up.
  12. Nihilus COTF WIP

    I'm actually going to use this situation as an example to my home garrison members why people need to get on the detachment forums. I'm the XO for the Gunners, we're not very busy over there, but we have an active group of friendly regulars. Royal Guards is pretty much a ghost town sadly. But more and more people don't want to get on the detachment boards, that's a universal thing. I try and get people to visit theirs as much as I can.
  13. Nihilus COTF WIP

    Goals were pushed back until tomorrow, other parts for another costume showed up so we got that one ready. So hopefully tomorrow we'll get the mask updated.
  14. Nihilus COTF WIP

    Thank you all for chiming in and helping me understand what I was misunderstanding from the CRL. Tonight's goal is to fix the mask, so hopefully I'll post some new photos tonight/tomorrow.
  15. Nihilus COTF WIP

    It is an easy fix, just frustrating to have to do the whole submission photos process again. Oh well.