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  1. Aglarwen

    Mara jade hair

    Best advice I can give you is go to a salon with a picture of Mara and have a professional do it. I started dyeing my hair a year and a half ago for Mara, and do it this way to make sure my hair stays healthy through multiple dyes. It's made it so much easier for trooping and I absolutely LOVE the color, but want to make sure I don't fry my hair in the process!
  2. Aglarwen

    Help for Mara!

    Another thing she'll need to update is her cape. To match the CRL for approval, the hem will need to end at the knees at the longest, have the hood removed, add the cape clasp, and be a couple shades darker. Twilek Pam on Etsy sells a fantastic cape clasp for a few bucks! If she wanted to do the Decipher style shin guards, she can go to her local army navy store and special order a pair if she can't find anything she likes online. The ones you posted above wouldn't be approved as is. The top part would definitely need to be cut off, the holes would need to be filled in, and the red triangle would need to be painted black. Of course, the worbla/foam method would work just as well as long as you follow the advice of these other ladies! I personally prefer not to use foam or worbla because Florida summers will soften it right up!
  3. I'd say you're on the right track, these materials do look pretty close in color to the comic and CRL! And I don't blame you for not wanting to do a full undersuit. It gets super hot here in Florida! I think it should be okay as long as the sleeves and legs are there and visible.
  4. Aglarwen

    Seventh Sister soft good help

    For the Sister I've made in the past, a suiting fabric (similar to what is used for officer uniforms) has worked for the coat and pants. I lined it in a cheap red cotton fabric, since most linings are shiny and I didn't want the lining to have a sheen. I have also seen the pants made out of spandex with great success. I would say it all depends on the material that you would prefer to work with. As for gloves, I had to make them for my customer because I haven't seen a pair of gloves in that color combination. I am currently unaware of any vendors that do any of the soft parts for this character currently, but maybe someone else will know?
  5. Aglarwen

    Suggestion for CRL change

    This belt she's wearing here seems to be a completely different belt. The side strap isn't there, and the buckle is a different shape. Every reference in the gallery with pouches is this style of belt and not the one currently in the written standards. So maybe if they want pouches, make this belt an option as well? Something they can only wear with the cowl and black wristband combo (since she's wearing that combo in every reference of the pouches in the gallery as well)? Unless we find more references of her wearing the pouches with her other belt/accessory combo, I think this would be the only way we could include the pouches in the CRL.
  6. Aglarwen

    My Mara Jade WIP

    The blaster looks great! Excited to see how it looks printed out!
  7. Aglarwen

    Armour Material ?

    There's a lot of great choices for armor materials out there that will give it a nice rigid appearance. Vaccuumformed plastic (like stormtrooper armor), worbla, leather, EVA foam. Depending on what you feel comfortable with in terms of weight, if you're making it yourself, etc. I know there are places that make it to standards with some minor adjustments, but I'm not sure of the names haha.
  8. Aglarwen

    Nihilus COTF update on CRL - what is a natural weave?

    That would be a great example of a natural weave. Linens are great choices for fabrics with a natural weave, and the weight gives them a nice drape. By far my favorite fabric to work with
  9. Aglarwen

    Suggestion for CRL change

    I definitely think grouping up the accessories in one section will be helpful to get the combinations right. It can be easily overlooked. My only worry is the pouches. While having pouches on our costumes would be SO helpful, we would still need to find official references of her wearing pouches for it to be an approvable addition.
  10. Aglarwen

    KOTFE- Lana Beniko

    Good job on that glove, it came out great!! Making gloves is no easy feat, I know from experience!
  11. Angelus leather paints are also phenomenal if you need a paint rather than a dye. My boyfriend has been using it to paint a black pleather trench coat red and it's been working like a charm. It spreads and blends in with itself very well with very little brush strokes.
  12. Aglarwen

    KOTFE- Lana Beniko

    Awww you're too kind!! You're off to a good start! I will say you definitely will need darker bias tape. My friend's Lana has lighter bias tape like that and needs to darken it before she can get approved. I would recommend making your own. Dye a half yard or so of cotton fabric to the right color, cut it out yourself, and iron the folds in. And if you need a lighter wig color to look natural on you, then by all means. Lana's hair in game is a little more on the yellowish side, but not everybody has the skintone to rock that lol. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk
  13. Aglarwen

    KOTFE- Lana Beniko

    I wish you luck on this build, its by no means a simple build, as I've seen my friend stress over this for quite a while now. A cotton canvas would be a good choice for fabric, it'll have the woven texture that her outer tunic has in the game. I would try to find a pattern for the outer tunic without darts, since hers in the game doesn't have any. Even with the chest armor and tabards, I wouldn't want to risk those being seen and getting marked for it! If you feel up to it, sketching your own pattern out for this shouldn't be all that hard to do. As for the armor, worbla would be a great choice for this! I've also seen it made out of EVA foam and come out just as good, if the worbla fails you. The stuff can be pretty tricky to work with, and warps very easily, as I've learned the hard way. For glove patterns, I use Yaya Han's glove pattern and it works like a charm for me. The pattern for the left glove would just need to be altered to flare out at the cuff. Even with that pattern, it usually takes me some adjusting to get perfectly right. Gloves are just so dang tricky! I also approve of the choice of Arda wigs! I love their stuff, always my go to for my wigs! I would say the Magnum would probably work best, maybe in Fairy Blonde, and then sharpie dye the gradient into the ends? As a side note, 3D printing is the greatest thing to ever come about, especially for finer details on costumes! I've been keeping my 3D print artist super busy with my Vaylin details!
  14. Aglarwen

    Question about mara jade side belt piece.

    Eliste put it pretty well here. It needs to be proportionate to the person wearing it. With that piece in particular, one size won't fit everyone. I do think yours is a bit short. If it's real leather, you can also try stretching it while its wet to get a bit more length, and then form it to proper shape while still wet.
  15. YAY! Congratulations!! So happy for you!!