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  1. And we now sport reference photos! The bracers and belt are going to need lots of finicky details, and NO idea yet how I'm going to do the back of her skirt... but we'll figure it out. now to see what in my fabric stash I can play with without having to venture outdoors...
  2. Because one Sith costume is never enough. Has anyone built a DS Jaesa Willsaam (Sith Warrior companion) from SWTOR, or know someone who has? I don't think there's any approved Jaesas in the Legion yet, although I could be wrong. I'm starting to do some research so I have something to do while in isolation (which may or may not involve rolling up another Sith Warrior so I can get some reference shots of her default gear when she joins the PC. My current SW put her in a custom outfit years ago and her original outfit is lost to the void for that toon.), but if anyone has any tips, I'm open to them! (Pics are not mine, I just yoinked them from Google. Standby while I roll up another DS Warrior.) (Also, I'm excited for a face character where I can just have my own hair and not a wig! \o/ I love my Lana Beniko costume, but gawd that wig can get hot.)
  3. I HATE making pants, so I bought a pair of cheapies at a thrift store. To affix the bias tape straps around her legs, I wound up using a strong iron-on adhesive and doing some reinforcing stitching in places. Eventually I'm going to redo the pants entirely and this time maybe actually *make* some... but that's a "later" thing. Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk
  4. Requesting detachment access. Lana Beniko was approved today! http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=18458&costumeID=350
  5. ... So half a year, a full armour redo, and one or two mental breakdowns later (and my undying love to my garrison XO with his army of 3D printers and apparently limitless patience)... SL 37912 is here to kick ass and pick on Theron and Koth. And I don't see Theron or Koth anywhere. ;)
  6. So, one adventure with moving, one surprise surgery, two rounds of illness, and an ongoing mental health bellyflop paired with "OMG GET THIS DONE FOR MAY THE 4TH!!1!"... I give you status checks! Featuring wig, tunic, tabards, and LIGHTSABER [emoji3] Yes, I got fed up with the first pair of gloves and just modified a pair of biker gloves. No more shoddily-stitched-together vinyl for this Jawa-turned-Sithling! Boots! ^.^ Also, does this proportioning for the knees look anywhere near right? I've been staring at it for so long, I'm practically seeing doubles. :/
  7. Thanks! I'm procrastinating on her other glove still. [emoji14] Progress on her armour! I've since trimmed down the shins so her ankles are now much thinner, and will work on final forming when I have the actual boots to work with. Worbla so far on the shoulder bells, will add to the other bits later when my back stops screaming at me for existing. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  8. I might even have a correct-shade fabric somewhere in my bin from my last Jedi build for the bias tape... I shall have to investigate. In other news, I've finally built the left-hand gauntlet and dear God glove making sucks and after I figure out Lana's right glove I'M NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN. Yaya Han's patterns, while super simple in direction, are not meant for the chubby-fingered. But the good news is, all I should need to do on this is weathering...
  9. You're making a Vaylin?! I think you just joined the ranks of my favourite people. In other news, thanks muchly for the advice, it's highly appreciated. ^^ Wig-wise I've been also been eyeballing the Magnum, but maybe in the pale blonde or dark ash blonde. I don't want to have such light hair that it looks terrible against my natural brunette tones! I've acquired the fabric for the outer tunic/tabards, and vinyl for the gloves and possibly a belt (covering). Sewing shall commence.... soon. [emoji14] I've been told I'll probably need darker bias tape, but what's the worst that could come of trying this one? XD (And bonus Vader fabric. Go me!) Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  10. Okay, I've *actually* got a plan to get my SL designation for real this time. I'm building Lana Beniko from SWTOR: KOTFE for my SL designation, and my third Legion costume (and my excuse for a second lightsaber...). She's a fairly rare costume in the Legion, being only approvable for about a year or so (and to the best of my knowledge, I'd be the first Canadian Lana!), but I LOVE her design and her character. I'll be getting her wig from Arda Wigs, and depending how poorly my eyes react to contacts (I've never worn them, but my eyes tend to react badly to having things in them so idk what my level of success will be there) I've got a few options for where to find those. I'm planning on building her armoured parts out of either Worbla or Sintra- I might just do Worbla since I have it handy at my house. (All else fails, I'll get a friend to 3D print the armour for me. I might also talk to him about the lightsaber hilt...). I've got a fairly good idea of what type of boots I'll need for her as well (I am NOT using my officer boots for this!), and finding her turtleneck tunic and pants shouldn't be hard. I've heard a recommendation for using cotton canvas as the fabric of choice for the soft parts. Given that my computer graphics are osik (I'm happy if I can play on minimum graphics!), I can't really get too many details on my PC of her fabric textures. Is the cotton canvas a sound idea, or should I be looking at other options? Also, I'm eyeballing this for her outer tunic pattern: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vogue-V9062-Sz-14-22-EASY-CustomFit-Misses-Tunic-Dress-Pants-NEW-/252969185084?hash=item3ae6236f3c:g:rvwAAOSwVm5Y-nQc Will this be acceptable (obvs with modified sleeves), or should I look for something that doesn't look like it calls for darts? Or do you think that with her tabards and chest armour, the darts won't matter? Also also, does anyone have a pattern for gloves that I can beg off of you, or tips? I filled up my swear jar already making Atton Rand's gloves and would rather not repeat that experience. Thank you! ^.^
  11. This is a costume I'd love to do as well- I'll be following your progress!
  12. Requesting 501st access! 37912 http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=18458&costumeID=59
  13. Heyo! So, my current costume dark master is Atton Rand from Knights of the Old Republic II. Yes, I am aware that he's a smuggler who follows the Exile when you first meet him in-game, but there are two plausible reasons for his admittance into 501st as well as Rebel Legion: A- When you gain enough influence with him to train him in Force-use, you learn that he used to work as a Jedi hunter for Darth Revan. He only deserted when he realized he was Force-sensitive (at the hands of the last Jedi he murdered) and therefore subject to the same fates as the Jedi he was torturing. B- When you learn this information, you can train Atton in the ways of the Force. Depending on your own orientation in the Force and how much influence you have with him, Atton will either end up as a Jedi Sentinel, or as a Sith Assassin. This ending is teeeechnically non-canon, but it can be an outcome depending on how the player goes about it. Reference picture for dark-sided Atton: Source: starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Atton_Rand Thoughts? (360 turnaround reference for the costume itself available. Build thread on the Rebel Legion boards: http://www.rebellegion.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=53853 )
  14. Femakin


    ... because it's an appropriately Traya-like thing to do. You all know it. Anyway! I'm plotting out the beginning stages of my Darth Traya build (which will be a go.... when I finish my Elf costume and acquire the fabric around, y'know, papers and exams and other such academic nonsense ). And like any n00b who wants to do a good job, I got questions! - The wimple. Can anyone show me a picture of what it looks like under the wig/headdress? Or is it connected to the headdress itself? (The reference pictures don't make that entirely clear, as far as I can tell.) Does anyone have tips as to how to make one, or where to acquire one? - Related- Anyone who can give guidance as to how to make the headpiece gets my cyberlove forever. ^.^ (by that I mean a pattern or something of the sort) - The outer robe/dress/thing. Anyone have a pattern or guidelines as to how to make that correctly? I'm guessing I can just find a black turtleneck or something to use for the inner robe. - Anyone have any tips for the belt, most notably the two little silvery things and fastening it in the back? I was thinking just using Velcro for the back once I actually acquire the leather for said belt. - Any tips for a (cheap) silver wig, or would it be worth it to try a temporary colour on my hair? I've got long brown-dyed-red hair right now that's a pain to try and hide under a wig, and I'm on a student budget. XD (the lightsabre's gonna be a while...) I have black boots I'm using for my Jedi that I can probably re-purpose for Traya. As well, I have an old pleather jacket that I'm planning on cutting up to use for the headpiece. It shouldn't be tooo much of a problem for 501st acceptance if I'm too much of a chicken to put things like lenses in my eyes, right?.... Any other tips from you other Traya costumers would be much 'ppreciated. ^.^
  15. Femakin

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    I don't play as much anymore, and I'm overall fairly low-levelled, buuuut.... Ebon Hawk Xàjà, 55 Jedi Sentinel Sorand, 54 Sith Sorcerer Kòrin, 30 Gunslinger X'alia, 24 Sith Marauder Zay'ne, 16 Commando Elynnai, 16 Jedi Shadow Ra'leh, 11 Operative
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